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  1. Oooh, yeah, the Axiom! My husband played there with Necrotic Void!

    Numbers, hanging out at KPFT during Musical Curfew with Jay Lee, meeting Oingo Boingo in the parking lot at the Tower before Elfman became Danny Hollywood, the Island, dancing on the roof above the marquee at the River Oaks Theater staff party, going to Marfreless and not seeing a baby stroller....

  2. The two Weingarten's from my childhood were the Bellaire location on Bissonnet (now a Randall's) and the Dunlavy/West Alabama one (now a Fiesta). We always bought Christmas trees at the Dunlavy one and I remember the wire-covered table warmed by light bulbs that housed dyed Easter chicks. My mom also got our cards for "Let's Go To The Races" there and Big Bonus stamps. My father (commercial interior designer) also had the pleasure of working with Joe Weingarten and said he was a true gentleman; very civic-minded and cognizant of what the people of Houston thought.

  3. If anyone goes to Yard House, ask for Fred. Took some clients there and thought "Oh great, a college kid" when we got him. Mea Culpa. Very attentive, delivered everything perfectly and warned me about my order to fit my vegetarian tastes.

  4. What's slightly dissapointing too is that a lot of those trees along the freeway are dead. They won't keep growing with more water, will they? Sad times for Houston beautification

  5. I remember my roommate and me in southeast Houston madly preparing for Hurricane Allen - dang, did I feel guilty when it was my grandparents in their early 80's who had to deal with it in Brownsville.... :o

  6. good time for a weak tropical storm perhaps.

    Whah! At least give us the long weekend to finish making the flood gates for our doorways before wishing up any tropical disturbances! :o

  7. Still raining; a nice slow gentle drizzle. I showed my husband the parade of toads hopping across the patio - I counted 22! This is how my grandfather in Brownsville would get me to stick to bedtime on rainy summer evenings - "The toads are coming out to dance, but they won't while you're watching, so you'd better get to bed!" :lol:

  8. 7:39 PM and big old fat raindrops are falling. This is what we need; some rain every other evening or so for the next month. We water with sprinklers, not firehoses - all a huge storm will do is run into the gutters after the first few inches.

  9. I think that dining car restaurant was The Depot. He had several restaurants over the years. My favorite was the Sir-Loin Inn on South Main. Only went there for really special occasions, but we could go eat anywhere near there and I'd behave like an angel to be rewarded with my dad driving by the parking lot so I could see the knight on the white horse riding around - Sonny's weekend evening promotional gimmick during cool weather. :D

    YIKES!! Look what I just found! Wonder if he knew Hulda? :lol:

    Rare and Well Done

  10. How much house do they need? Do they specifically want a townhouse? Some friends looked at a place recently on Mount Vernon about 2100 square feet for around $315K, I think. And I know there are newer townhouses in Midtown about 2500 sq. ft. for less than $400K because an empty-nester client just sold a home and moved to one.

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