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  1. downtownhouston Instagram posted a video of some of the interior/exterior areas of the POST. Link: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CU5XpUggpDs/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link 245404192_1554896471541678_3348613207683309538_n.mp4 Along with posthtx Instagram and a fly threw of the complex. They're a private account so I can't directly post the video into HAIF. Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CUffqfggBlB/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  2. With the recent conference realignment news, and acceptance for that fact, I went dinging around for some of the old TDECU 60k renderings and plans. I'm hopping in the near future there's going to be a need to expand the stadium, although this should be a given if they're competitive in the BIG 12. Also, does anybody have any other renderings of the expanded stadium; or just old renderings in general?
  3. It's the SEC this time around, but I'll give you slightly accurate pre-cog credit. Anyway, it's about damn time
  4. Just wow... Also new Master Plan: https://www.tmc.edu/tmc3/master-plan/ Economic Impact: https://www.tmc.edu/tmc3/economic-impact/ Going to be an insane short and long term impact on the economy, and an absolutely wild amount of permanent jobs created. It also brings an astounding "815k Sf of public parks" in that iconic helix formation or as they call it the "Helix Gardens". At last it seems like phase one is a lot more buildings than I previously thought.
  5. Just to repost and to get a better idea of the progress I'm going to repost the 2020 master plan - Site Plan N (Just the top-upper mid portion of TMC3) So currently they're erecting Parcel I and Parcel C, which can be seen thanks to @Highrise Towerand @hindesky posts above. I'm betting the industry building (Parcel D) will start next, but I'm not too sure about anything after that. Although, going off the 2020 State of the Texas Medical Center video, the hotel might go up a little bit after Parcel D. Now for the Baylor and UT buildings south of the Parcels listed, I have a feeling they will start in tandem with whenever Parcel E and F start going up.
  6. This has to be top 5 worst overreactions to a plastic building model I've ever seen, especially an incomplete one at that. Anyway, that tower does look substantial and should complement the ever growing Allen skyline nicely, the tower does seem to be more striking than the original back in the late 2000's. Also wonder what materials they're going to use for the other mid-high rises in the rest of the project, iirc it's going to be a mix of brick/metal and a few different architectural styles that should complement the street scape well. Overall, glad this project is moving forward.
  7. You know I wonder what the plausibility of using existing freight tracks as commuter rail/local rail lines would be? Lets say you use the freight line going besides I-10 with trains that have a schedule akin to the metro park and ride buses, this line would go from NWTC (Maybe CBD directly or on a transfer) to even Katy; maybe Brookshire. This could even be done for something like the 290 corridor, or go down east I-10 and you can have a Baytown line. It doesn't seem that crazy, well excluding political pressure and maybe even railroad push back. It would definitely help the super commuter problem, and pairing it with the current planned expansions would make most of the Houston Metro's main hubs and spokes easily navigable by train/BRT, while also allowing for lower car use. But how much would that cost, especially connecting it to the local PT network. I would think the CBD -> Cypress line alone would be in the $500 million range (including electrifying the rail, stations, ROW, etc). Would this even be worth it for lets say a potential 15k/day boarding total? All of these LRT extensions and BRT additions are making me wonder how we can use/update existing infrastructure to compliment this massive inner city system we have in the pipeline. It would be a great thing to have, and would help the connectivity of the city even more, but would it be easy to do? Hell no. Do I think it is possible to do and within the next 20 years? Hell yes!
  8. You sure about that? more like $25 for 15 πŸ˜‚
  9. Climbing Back to Normalcy Residential Market Occupancy Rate: 85.6% Note: Up from 84.1% last quarter and 82.2% the quarter before The amount of units built, U/C, and planned are the same rn but I'm gonna post them anyway Residential Units: 6,279 units Under Construction: 1,317 units Planned: 275 units Multifamily Rental Prices Downtown's rent PSFM (Per Square Foot Month) is the highest its been since April 2020, with 136 Class A units absorbed (whatever Class A means) in the second quarter. Downtown's rents are also the strongest in the loop at a healthy $2.12 PSFM, which is higher/outpacing Midtown/Montrose ($1.91 PSFM), the Heights ($1.86 PSFM), and Upper Kirby/Highland Village ($1.83 PSFM). On another note it is said by specialists that Downtown's Multifamily is in comeback mode with the market absorbing more apartments units in the past 90 days than it did in the final six months of 2020. This is also without move-in specials, and with less than a dozen properties offering some type of leasing concessions, in comparison Midtown has 20 properties and the Heights has 23 properties doing concessions. Source: https://www.centralhouston.org/filer/0/1626385503/512/
  10. I'm betting 508' total, so shorter than one park place and taller than Hess tower. Knock on wood, but I'm betting every building in this development will be in the 500'+ range.
  11. Here's some figures (warning might be incorrect since I don't know the metro areas to well) New York: 44 in the city but blank on the metro. Los Angles: says 2 in the city but I don't know the metro. Houston: 24 DFW: 22 Minneapolis-St. Paul: 18 Atlanta: 16 Austin: 2 San Antonio: 2 Some journalist or person on city data might be able to generate a full ranking of the metros in the next couple of weeks, but this is what I got from the few cities/metros I looked at.
  12. Ye, the quote says they plan to open Fall 2022. I was just joking about how fast they were going considering the 38 days ahead part.
  13. Law Center has officially topped off. It's also 38 days ahead of schedule, I guess they're pushing for that fall 2021 opening rather than fall 2022 πŸ˜†. Source: https://www.law.uh.edu/news/summer2021/0604ceremony.asp Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLWn8OJpZVw&t=66s
  14. Dang must be nice to have a $22 billion fund to pull from. Anyway it's definitely moving forward, they're just gonna pull it from the PUF like you said (as we can see from the construction).
  15. UH Sugar Land Updated Master Plan Just like the Katy campus it seems like another substantial buildout. Wonder how big they plan the system to get?
  16. Update UH main campus master plan: Current Plan Goals: - Cullen Boulevard Rebuild - MacGregor Tract Master Plan - Centennial Master Plan Future Initiatives: - Create a strong first impression - Celebrate the heart and life of the University - Build a walkable, welcoming, memorable campus - Connect people, places and disciplines - Design a sustainable, resilient campus Building Updates (added or removed) - The HUB (formerly β€œAuxiliary Retail Center”) - John M. O’Quinn Law Building - College of Medicine - New Room Tower for Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management and Purchases or Boundary Updates (added or removed) - None Landscape, Art or Misc. Updates (added or removed) - Color Field Temporary Art Exhibition Notable Footprints: - College of Medicine district - Moody replacement - 2 Buildings by stadium (garage and athletic center?) - The Hub (replacement for the satellite) - 3 buildings north of the loop road.
  17. Update view the UH Katy Master Plan: Seems like quite the build out. Wonder what colleges/buildings they plan to add to the campus πŸ€”?
  18. Damn, this is almost as bad as the Texan's last season πŸ˜†.
  19. πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ Tie Backs (for reinforcing retaining walls) and Soldier Piers (For load spreading for the foundation I think) Air Rights: List after April 1st
  20. Yap most places are saying they dumped/sold out. one example: https://www.buzzbuzzhome.com/us/fitzroy-residences To bad, this could of been a great development, guess you shouldn't default on a loan when trying to build a mixed-used development. Also does anyone have word on who owns this now, and what plans they have for it.
  21. Your guess is as good as mine. This whole development has been a rollercoaster of mystery.
  22. I'm betting it goes for around $120-$145 million. Also it seems like they're still going foward with the rest of the development
  23. Dang ngl that system they showed is pretty cool, but sheesh you can definitely put something sizeable on top of, and to the side of this deus x brought to life luxury garage. Wonder if they have plans to add something more, I feel like you would with a garage of this size and quality.
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