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  1. For reference it should go from this: To this: If everything goes accordingly. It jumps over Old Spanish trail and goes towards the UT campus from the looks of it. source: starts at around 51:30
  2. It was 390' going off of the massing chart, so it should be pretty substantial in comparison to the surrounding area. It will eventually be dwarfed by the 3 others towers in this development if I got my expectations in check, to bad this part was shrunk due to what I suspect is a horrible period for hotels.
  3. Link: https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2021/01/15/caydon-announces-condo-hotel-project.html This from Houston Business Journal? There's also some more information about the full development in the article. Types of Units and Cost 16 studios with an average size of 567 square feet, starting at $279k 128 one bedroom ranging from 630 to 1099 square feet, starting at $285k 86 two bedroom ranging from 1107 to 2167 square feet, starting at $730k 4 three-bedroom penthouses ranging from 1686 to 2234 square feet, starting at $1.45 million. rest of project
  4. It seems to be slightly shorter or equal to One Park Place (518'), and considering the Embassy Suites is 242', I would say this one has 250'+ on the hotel. I think the tower is going to be 504', so it should have a pretty a huge presence in this part of the skyline. Also a prime retail location, it's almost necessary to have park facing retail.
  5. So much GIIIIIIRRRRRTTHHH. Wow this is great stuff. Now lets see what they have in stock for the other lots.
  6. Unless that 58 story tower (musueo plaza) in the museum district gets under way. Got a feeling that might hit close to 800.
  7. They Just Recently uploaded the yearly Downtown at A Glance report, which can be found here: http://www.downtowndistrict.org/research-reports/ Unit Occupancy: They didn't give an exact figure but going off of their household figures I can estimate it's around 85% (Most likely high 84%). Which is up from 83.1% as reported by @downtownian back in October. Downtown Population and Units Household population: 10,142 people Total Population (still don't know what else it's counting): 11,787 people Number of units: 6,278 units Under Construction: 1,197 units Prop
  8. Hot damn that's a huge update. @Paco Jonescoming in clutch again. I'm counting around 52 floors with a good amount of taller lobby areas, so it's closer to around 56-58 stories in height. Might give Transco/Williams (whatever you want to call it) a run for its money. Hell, it might be our first 800 ft. tower which is surprising considering the amount of big ones Houston has put up. IMO the design is much better than the previous one, personally never liked the jenga tower designs so this is a welcome change.
  9. Ngl the bottom portion does line up damn near exactly with the larger tower. This is definitely setting up to be a multi-phase tower, with the second portion being added when the market gets back to normal. Hopefully, if there is a second phase, it will be sooner than later.
  10. Found the HBJ report on this, it has square footage and a lot of extra data. Link: https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2020/12/17/microsoft-inks-lease-in-the-ion.html Square Footage: Considering this building is 288k Square Foot, this is pretty significant. Outlines the type of employees to work here: Purpose for Lease: Ion's Smart and Resilient Cities Accelerator Other Information and Tenants: Lot of exciting and interesting things happening here.
  11. Found the FAA Determination for the tower crane. Link: https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=455911424&row=14 Determination: No Hazard Structure Type: Crane Structure Name: TMC3 Tower Crane Work Schedule: 04/12/2021 to 10/12/2022 Structure Height: 215ft or 65.53m A total of 18 months for this crane, I'm expecting this part of the construction to be totally complete at best late 2022, but most likely early 2023.
  12. This is just... WOW! The fact that it's going up right by Regent Square is just insane in itself. Man, Allen Parkway is definitely going to need some type of rapid transit after all of this high density development gets finished. Can't wait to see how this part of Houston looks after it's finished, hell this might even be part of the Downtown skyline by the time everything finishes. The park, buildings, street setup, ground floor interaction, everything about this project is just amazing. When Hanover goes big, they go BIG. Edit Also Collage Time (open in new tab for full qu
  13. Damn now we're turning into negative groupthink. SOMEBODY PRESS THE REVERSE BUTTON THIS IS GETTIGN OUT OF HAND. Lol, good thing this forum rarely if ever turns into a hivemind like most forums (looking at you reddit). Personally, I like the design of this tower, it has pretty good interaction with the ground floor through well designed retail openings, and the crown gives a pretty unique rooftop not seen much in Texas. Overall, while it isn't the Neil Esperson Building, it's still better than the vast majority of high rises in Texas going up and existing. I think it's a good looki
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