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  1. Climbing Back to Normalcy Residential Market Occupancy Rate: 85.6% Note: Up from 84.1% last quarter and 82.2% the quarter before The amount of units built, U/C, and planned are the same rn but I'm gonna post them anyway Residential Units: 6,279 units Under Construction: 1,317 units Planned: 275 units Multifamily Rental Prices Downtown's rent PSFM (Per Square Foot Month) is the highest its been since April 2020, with 136 Class A units absorbed (whatever Class A means) in the second quarter. Downtown's rents are also the strongest in the loop at a he
  2. I'm betting 508' total, so shorter than one park place and taller than Hess tower. Knock on wood, but I'm betting every building in this development will be in the 500'+ range.
  3. Here's some figures (warning might be incorrect since I don't know the metro areas to well) New York: 44 in the city but blank on the metro. Los Angles: says 2 in the city but I don't know the metro. Houston: 24 DFW: 22 Minneapolis-St. Paul: 18 Atlanta: 16 Austin: 2 San Antonio: 2 Some journalist or person on city data might be able to generate a full ranking of the metros in the next couple of weeks, but this is what I got from the few cities/metros I looked at.
  4. Ye, the quote says they plan to open Fall 2022. I was just joking about how fast they were going considering the 38 days ahead part.
  5. Law Center has officially topped off. It's also 38 days ahead of schedule, I guess they're pushing for that fall 2021 opening rather than fall 2022 πŸ˜†. Source: https://www.law.uh.edu/news/summer2021/0604ceremony.asp Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLWn8OJpZVw&t=66s
  6. Dang must be nice to have a $22 billion fund to pull from. Anyway it's definitely moving forward, they're just gonna pull it from the PUF like you said (as we can see from the construction).
  7. UH Sugar Land Updated Master Plan Just like the Katy campus it seems like another substantial buildout. Wonder how big they plan the system to get?
  8. Update UH main campus master plan: Current Plan Goals: - Cullen Boulevard Rebuild - MacGregor Tract Master Plan - Centennial Master Plan Future Initiatives: - Create a strong first impression - Celebrate the heart and life of the University - Build a walkable, welcoming, memorable campus - Connect people, places and disciplines - Design a sustainable, resilient campus Building Updates (added or removed) - The HUB (formerly β€œAuxiliary Retail Center”) - John M. O’Quinn Law Building - College of Medicine - New Ro
  9. Update view the UH Katy Master Plan: Seems like quite the build out. Wonder what colleges/buildings they plan to add to the campus πŸ€”?
  10. Damn, this is almost as bad as the Texan's last season πŸ˜†.
  11. πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ Tie Backs (for reinforcing retaining walls) and Soldier Piers (For load spreading for the foundation I think) Air Rights: List after April 1st
  12. Yap most places are saying they dumped/sold out. one example: https://www.buzzbuzzhome.com/us/fitzroy-residences To bad, this could of been a great development, guess you shouldn't default on a loan when trying to build a mixed-used development. Also does anyone have word on who owns this now, and what plans they have for it.
  13. Your guess is as good as mine. This whole development has been a rollercoaster of mystery.
  14. I'm betting it goes for around $120-$145 million. Also it seems like they're still going foward with the rest of the development
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