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  1. Seems we now have the *checks notes*, tallest 6 sided building in the world. This honestly looks great, chase tower always needed some more green around it. Also like the addition of the conference room, and lobby retail. Seems like they're also renovating the sky lobby. Definitely a great remaster of the big boy.
  2. Holy crap this is huge! This should be the phase where the towers start popping out. Hoping we get some new renderings pretty soon, or a model like the ones they've been showing. Going off of phase 1's marketing, it should be soon. Also the pedestrian experience will sky rocket with these utterly massive projects. Anyway, Allen parkway is going to be a huge high rise corridor after these developments are finished. It's gonna be awe-inspiring.
  3. Honestly, this part was only shorten because of the massive strain on the hotel market, due to covid-19. Although it's still a significant improvement over what's there now, I have a feeling the full renderings are going to reflect a shorter version of the first rendering more than the massing diagram. Massing diagrams tend to not be completely reflective of the final design, so i'm still waiting for a more recent 3d rendering (which i'm sure will look amazing either way). Now that I think about it, this tower should be a pair of rental multi-family and Hotel, not condo and hotel (going off the caydon laneways brochure). Meaning they might be showing information for the condominium tower on McGowen street pretty soon, at least going off that website I linked. Anyway, the rest of the project should be fine since it's mostly multi-family/condominiums iirc. Right now is a great time to build residential buildings, especially ones that have the potential to open around the next economic boom. Finally, we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves. Just the fact we're getting such high quality/tall buildings going up in Midtown is a present in itself. While I wish they would of kept it taller (damn you covid!!), this is still an amazing addition to the overall development, and a potential major addition to Houston's pedestrian realm. EDIT: Found some more plat files. One for the mcgowen tower, and one for the drew avenue tower. Mcgowen: Drew:
  4. Nice massing diagram. Also I saw some floor plans for the site on the agenda, might have to clip em from the PDF.
  5. Caydon website: https://caydonproperty.com/us/properties/residential Link given for view property: https://caydonproperty.com/us/properties/fitzroy-residences-houston-condos (pardon me for the low quality snip) Looks like they also updated their listing on the website. It seems to be a condo tower paired with a Kimpton hotel, and has the same street level rendering looking at the garage level as before. The Condominiums will start from $300k, and will range from 1-3 bedrooms (bathrooms are currently unknown but we can assume it's the same as the bedrooms). They'll also range from 560 sqft to 2000 sqft. That's all I can really get from the website listing. For the view property link it ask me to put in my email, name, and phone # if you want to know more about the development (guess they'll send me a link in the future). This in turn puts you on a VIP list that allows you to be one of the first people to visit their sales office.
  6. TMC might have the largest skyline in Texas in the coming years. I could see this paired with 7200 main, TMC^3, Medistar tower push it towards the top. But the pure height/mass of Downtown, and the amount of undeveloped land allows for it to stay on top. Just insane how large these places might be in a few years. I could see a skyline war between TMC and Downtown in the coming years. Although Downtown has a leg up since it has the potential to combine with both the Allen Parkway skyline and Midtown skyline really soon (if not a couple years). TMC has definitely set itself as one of the giants in the Texas skyline debates. But as we all know, I'm waiting for the potentially massive 5.5 mile combo of the Main St skyline.
  7. While y'all are complaining about the base, i'm just thrilled that this beautiful tower is replacing that run down shed they call a parking garage.
  8. Hot damn, Right by eado navigation too. Loving the D E N S I T Y, although the parking lot could be cut though. Overall, the building looks pretty decent, and will be great infill for the area.
  9. found quite a few permits for this development (definitely not all of them), so I had to split them into combined png files files. I did most of the ones with an actual valuation, instead of the usual 0 next to it. I'm assuming these are the permits either for the Allen Parkway block or the W Dallas at Rochow block, because they include apartments sitting above a garage podium. Anyway lets get to the permits Apartments: Sitework: Building Shell: Garage podium: This isn't even close to all the perms for this site, just shows you how massive this is. Perms page 1(quite literally 2 other pages just full of permits): Hopefully this means the rest of the project is in full swing. Guess Hanover forced their hand.
  10. This is the brochure I was talking about. Urb posted it on may 30 2019. It as some pretty niffty information on the retail part of phase 2. https://images1.loopnet.com/d2/HfejZiCczGBuu1yZeTDh7L7gZ0Uz9h0MXiQNohf_wXU/document.pdf
  11. Haven't seen anything on construction, but I did find a new rendering on the 3200 post oak section of the McNair website: https://imgur.com/gallery/ZThocxu
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