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  1. Don't really see Caydon stopping rn. Even if the hotel market takes a huge dip, by the time this is built (2 years?) the market will definitely be back to normal or above average. I agree with you on Herman Place, but in terms of construction cost 5 mil isn't much for a highrise like this. If it doesn't break ground because of that, then it should in the near future. I would say most of the major mixed used developments happening rn will keep going, since a lot of them have been in planning for years and have significant financial backing. In the end i'm hoping things don't go nuclear, and they go back to the norm after this virus leaves.
  2. Transit Plans for west Houston corridor PDF: https://metronext.org/assets/pdfs/METRONext_West_Houston_Corridor_presentation_0917_v9_FINAL.pdf
  3. Website:https://www.undergroundhall.com/ The new food hall, Underground hall, features 5 food vendors and a bar (1 or 2 idk). Hotline Burger: Established in 2019, it's a take on the smash burger way of cooking some patties, and damn does it look good. They started out as a tent with a portable griddle, and decided it was time for a full fledged food stall. Never had a smash burger before, but it looks like a pretty damn good burger. Wokker: An interesting combination of Asian and Texan cooking techniques, one could say Tex-Asian. Wokkin the streets of Houston since 2014, and started by a 2010 UH grad. This Fusion of Asian and Texas cooking looks like a match made in heaven (also it's also in the ballpark of comfort food 😋). Hoping to try this one soon. Don Juan Tacos and Ceviche: A more than just average taco stop, Don Juan provides a large variety of delicious tacos and Ceviche. I haven't seen much on these guys yet, but their food looks pretty good. Their instagram: https://picpanzee.com/donjuan_h Treacherous Leches: A favorite returning from the long beloved conservatory, Treacherous Leches will make even the sweetest of teeth awestruck. If you want some sweets, and are looking for a low price, convenient store this is they place for you. Crisp: An italian favorite from the Heights, with a pizza sauce recipe reaching back generations. Crisp offers a selection of pizza, pasta, salads, and more (hopefully they have their wine and beer at this location too). Overall looks pretty good, and hopefully strays true to the original in the Heights. Pretty good lineup from the looks of it, i'm definitely going to try Wokker and their cowboy katsu. The hole that once was conservatory has now been filled 🥳.
  4. The market is probably gonna rebound by the middle of the year, or later at most. Russia and Saudi aren't going to last long (no matter how much reserves they have) if oil stays below $40. Considering oil is 16% of Russia's GDP (52% federal revenue, and 70% exports), and 42% of Saudi's GDP (87% budget revenue, 90% export earnings) I would find it crazy if it doesn't rebound above the median later this year ($70 maybe even $80+). So I wouldn't worry to much about it, ultimately it might even help Houston in the near future. Going onto COVID-19 and how it effected the market. Overall, it's a general over reaction by the market which usually happens when a supposed big name disease comes around. When the cure is found the market, and oil will rebound like nothing we've ever seen before. it's going to make the previous gains looks like a bust. Now with the Development side of things. I could see the the developers who were skeptical before shelve their developments because they're scared of low demand/bad returns (which really shouldn't be a problem in this area, and isn't). But, the developers who know what they're doing are going to keep on building. During this mini-recession land/construction prices are going to go down, which tends to make it cheaper for big name construction companies to build larger developments.This also means that developers that are afraid of not having immediate returns will shelve their products, while the developers who can wait for a return will keep building. This is a full on recession i'm talking about, this thing we're seeing rn isn't anywhere near a full on recession, just a bs reaction by the market to a disease that has a mortality rate between .1% to 1% (reaching more towards .1%), but I digress. I could see some developments getting put on the back-burner, but the majority of them are staying on pace to start. We have to remember the current boom we're having isn't due to oil, it's do to other parts of the Houston economy. Oil has been in the shiter for the past 2 years, but Houston has been building more and more, while people just keep moving in and the the job market just keeps growing. I could see a slight hiccup in the 1st maybe 2nd quarter, but things are going to stay on track. Hell, they might even get better than pre-corona by the end of the year.
  5. The Preston: The Livable Glass Wave (also under development)
  6. Texas Tower: The Monolithic H (under development of course) It's gonna connect AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA poor camera phone can't fit the monster close up anymore 😢 Terraces looking pretty good
  7. Wonder if they're going to redevelop the downtown part into an almost central station type area. Would be cool since it's going to be the largest convergence of rapid transit in the area.
  8. @hindesky Guess this means the garage is gonna be starting soon, things are finally ramping up in that area. Hoping they can start on 4203 Fannin and Fiesta pretty soon, that laneway is going to be insane.
  9. Holy shit good stuff @BeerNut. So far it's looking to be a pretty good plan, that covers a good amount of Houston. Also I was looking at the total miles added to both the rail and BRT, and saw they didn't include the miles for the line to sugar land. So I went my way to google maps and measured the distance, finding it to be around 17.5 miles of commuter rail. Nearly doubling the proposed inner city rail line extensions. If they're able to get the partnership this would bring the total amount of rail to 49.5 miles. This On top of the new BRT (including Uptown BRT) would bring the total rapid transit mileage to around 129 miles. Increasing the total miles by 6.23 times the original system.
  10. FFA permit : https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=428474356&row=2 Structure Type: Crane Structure Name: Peiner SK-315 Tower Crane (Boone Manor) Work Schedule: 02/10/2020 to 02/08/2021 Structure Height: 285
  11. Major lease transactions 2019-early 2020. http://www.downtowndistrict.org/static/media/uploads/attachments/major_lease_transactions_in_downtown_houston_january_and_ye_2019.pdf
  12. I think it's this one, stuck behind a paywall sadly. https://www.costar.com/article/1261208200
  13. I can't believe how well this serves the inner parts of Houston. When this is all in place it's going to help Houston become many times more walkable. When it's completed you'll be able to go from a rockets game in Downtown, to shopping around uptown, then go get some food/also shop around in chinatown, and then catch a plane ride to any destination. This will also be a huge boost to tourism, and just overall livability in Houston. Personally I would have some rail/brt going from N Shepherd to Durham, and Greenway plaza so you can connect that area a little better. While I do see the issue with suburb commuters from outside the city, the main purpose of metro is to serve the city of Houston. Which, with this plan, it's doing fantastically. Having a strong rapid transit foothold in the west side and airports of Houston will ultimately benefit everybody, LRT or BRT. While it would be nice to have commuter rails in this plan, metro has to focus on expanding rapid transit inside the city of Houston first. We can't go the way of DART and neglect connecting major areas inside the city, it's just a waste of resources at that point. Hopefully the improved park and ride network will mitigate a good amount of the super commuters struggles.
  14. Lets be honest how much is actually gonna come from the community benefits agreements?
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