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  1. Some reason I got confused on which lots they owned. Would be crazy if they built another 2 tower to the right of it though.
  2. Innovation Tower? That's the one being built by Medistar in the medical center. I just used it as a place holder; for the potential larger towers in this development. Also do you think the allen parkway, mixed used development could potentially be seen from this angle? If so I might add it to this picture.
  3. Potential tower placements/size? Also ft. Innovation tower. Edit: The 2 Towers are now to the left. Sorry for the confusion
  4. Saw this building peeking out of midtown while riding the bus from Grandparkway. This and the other high-rises being built, are going to change the skyline. They're going to be a huge catalyst for merging of the Downtown and TMC skylines. With the way things are going, this merging might happen sooner than later. Can't wait for this and Caydon to finish.
  5. Idk, last time I asked one of the profs. They said it would teared down, and turned into a much larger building with GFR. The one at Sugar land is its own college, and should be temporary for main campus COT students.
  6. It's exciting to see the campus, and the area around it grow. While I might graduate by the time most of these projects finish, I'm still looking forward to their completion. Let's hope they come out with a COT renovation, or a whole new building all together soon. Also looking foward to catching a dorm room in the new quads; when they finish.
  7. The Quads are now going back up. Looks like the place is going to be huge.
  8. https://www.click2houston.com/news/h-e-b-holds-groundbreaking-ceremony-for-third-ward-location HEB is finally going up in Third Ward. Hopefully this will spark further development in the neighborhood, and make it more appealing to developers.
  9. Should be going up around the same time as the mixed used development at 7200 main?
  10. Starting to look like a leasing office I can get behind. Wonder how long it will take before they start breaking ground on the towers?
  11. Wouldn't mind if they developed the land between Elgin st and 45 into something akin to a residential, and retail district. Also maybe finish filling in the south part of the campus to brays bayou. With almost 50k students attending the university, and a record of 10k freshman coming in. I'm sure they could easily support a few more dorms/apartments, or even a field of duplex's ( They're prime for colleges). The rundown land laying around Scott street could be useful for UH in the near future.
  12. Looks like they're gonna have to relocate Frontier Fiesta. Since this is the last garage in the recent construction boom on campus, it comes to wonder what they have in store for after 2019/2020.
  13. Looks like 2 cranes are being installed. There's also a plethora of smaller projects and renovations currently happening on campus. Ie. Fixing sidewalks, and the college of natural science building renovation.
  14. New HC coach of UH football Dana Holgorsen plans push for an operations building right by the new indoor practice facility. An early rendering of the facility from the thread in the second tweet. Coach Holgorsen is getting paid a base of 4 million, and has a coaching pool fund of 4.5 million both top 25 in the nation. It seems that there was already a plan to build the facility, given the date of the rendering. I think Coach Holgorsen is planning to configure the building to his liking, so that it best fits the program.
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