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  1. Seems like another renovation is happening downtown. The domino effect is in full force in Downtown Houston, and maybe even Houston in general.
  2. I could see them buying up all of Midtown, and making it a little Australia. 150+ m residential towers, and Vegemite sandwiches as far as the eye can see. A glorious future that brings a tear to my eyes.
  3. Doesn't really look value engineered at all, and overall it looks sleeker. Honestly I like it better than the previous rendering. I'm glad this is being built in the first place, and would of been content with the big tower by itself. The development as a whole is gonna be an anchor for this area, and will greatly expand the ever growing skyline. Looking at the jenga feature of the original render, it really wasn't that noticeable. Hard to tell that there was a jenga feature half the time anyway. Overall, I think the new render is a better choice.
  4. Laura Gillespie of HBJ reported that Lyric market, an upcoming food hall in Downtown Houston, has split ways with its previous vendor (Clark Cooper Concepts). They're now partnered with Colicchio Consulting. Also "Houston-based Capital Reality Group has leased about 70 percent of the square footage of the space to roughly 10 or 12 tenants so far" as stated by the article. HBJ Article: https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/05/10/upcoming-downtown-houston-food-hall-splits-with.html
  5. So going off of @downtownian post about Downtown Density, and how big the actual core is. Coupled with the population ranges. When can assume that the core has a population density (.7 square miles) ranging from 11,428/mile^2 to 18,571/mile^2. With the overall area (1.6 square miles) being 5,000/mile^2 to 8,125/mile^2. This possibly makes the Downtown Core, the most densely populated part of the city.
  6. I always had a problem with people leaving out Fort Worth, when it comes to metro population talks. It's like they forget there's a city of almost 900,000 people right by Dallas. What I'm getting at is, without Fort Worth (taking in consideration what a Fort Worth metro population would be); the now Dallas metro wouldn't even be close to the size of Houston's metro. I mean we're 2x the population of Dallas, aren't we? Anyway, Fort Worth should be given a lot of credit, towards getting the DFW metro population to where it is now. But as we all know, Houston is The Giant City of Texas. Now that the rant is over. Can't wait to spot all the updated parts in google maps!
  7. I got a feeling good ole' Downtown Houston has passed 10,000 residents already. Considering the absorption rate of downtown apartments. Hopefully seeing the demand for living in the core, developers will put downtown residential development into full steam. Considering what Hines is doing, I would say this is just the start.
  8. Potential tallest building in med center !?!??!?!
  9. Some reason I got confused on which lots they owned. Would be crazy if they built another 2 tower to the right of it though.
  10. Innovation Tower? That's the one being built by Medistar in the medical center. I just used it as a place holder; for the potential larger towers in this development. Also do you think the allen parkway, mixed used development could potentially be seen from this angle? If so I might add it to this picture.
  11. Potential tower placements/size? Also ft. Innovation tower. Edit: The 2 Towers are now to the left. Sorry for the confusion
  12. Saw this building peeking out of midtown while riding the bus from Grandparkway. This and the other high-rises being built, are going to change the skyline. They're going to be a huge catalyst for merging of the Downtown and TMC skylines. With the way things are going, this merging might happen sooner than later. Can't wait for this and Caydon to finish.
  13. Idk, last time I asked one of the profs. They said it would teared down, and turned into a much larger building with GFR. The one at Sugar land is its own college, and should be temporary for main campus COT students.
  14. It's exciting to see the campus, and the area around it grow. While I might graduate by the time most of these projects finish, I'm still looking forward to their completion. Let's hope they come out with a COT renovation, or a whole new building all together soon. Also looking foward to catching a dorm room in the new quads; when they finish.
  15. The Quads are now going back up. Looks like the place is going to be huge.
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