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  1. Found the Water/Waste application permit for Block D2 Here's the area of the address This might be a good sign for the giant tower planned behind the Sovereign in the plans/brochure. Since water/waste applications tend to be one of the first things a developers applies for when building a structure, from my observation. I think these specific apps are used by the city to give the developers access to the cities sewer pipelines, so that they can connect the buildings pipes to the cities'. At least that's what I can get from them. Also makes me wonder how
  2. Found some stuff on the planning commission's latest meeting. Same as @southerncrj rendering Building Profile Garage floor plan Site plan
  3. 36 going onto 37? Looks like we have 11-10 more floors to go with this one, also a pretty good sized crown that will add to the imposing factor. Going off of this massing diagram from @blakevirgilio on page 16 of this thread. It looks like we have 180 more feet to go in terms of floors, and the crown adds an additional 35-45 ft to it? Going off this it might as well be a 50 floor skyscraper. I think as a community we should include the crowns as part of the floor count. All we need to do is divide it by the average height of each floor and just like magic add these ext
  4. I don't know how many have been sold, but I can say that there's only 6 units left on HAR. Don't know if that means anything though, it might be a great or a bad sign but i'm leaning towards great. Also all of those units besides 1 are in the 1 mil+ range, with the highest being 2.7 mil. Unit stated: https://www.har.com/homedetail/1711-allen-pkwy-3304-houston-tx-77019/15075870
  5. You know since the walkable places ordinance has passed, and this is technically on a secondary TOD street, wouldn't they be able to apply for the TOD designation? Allowing them to build what they originally wanted to build? I have a good feeling this is what this site has been waiting for, and when the TOD application portal opens they can opt out of the restrictive ordinance they're currently in. idk, this is all just speculation, but it might lay credence to why they haven't broken ground yet. Edit: Going off the 1/4 mile rule it might even be able to
  6. If this renovation is truly underway, then there would be an astounding 1684 units under construction in Downtown during this time. With potential additional population being anywhere in the range of 2021 (1.2/unit) - 2863 (1.7/unit) extra people. Current Downtown residential projects under construction: The Preston: 373 units Fairfield Residential: 291 units Block 98: 309 units Sovereign at the Ballpark: 229 units Potentially This: 482 units Talk about a surprising residential boom. You can honestly take this further and include the 2
  7. Quite a few updates in the last meeting. Law school: Budget: $90M Square Feet 179k SF Floors: 5 Completion: August 2022 Architect/Engineer: Shepley Bulfinch Contractor: Austin Commercial Much darker color scheme, looks pretty good too. Arts Walk: Closing off this street and making it more of a long park/green walkway with the intention to make the campus feel more walkable, welcoming, and memorable. Centennial Plaza: Don't really have much information on this but it looks lik
  8. Found some stuff from the planning commission. Site Plan: sectioning of the two bottom buildings: 2d rendering of the phase 1 mixed use (4 floors) and a building elevation of the phase 2 mixed use (20 floors) Looks to be another big mixed use development. Probably going to be a pretty bustling lot when completely developed. IMO mixed used = best use for 24/7 activity.
  9. Rendering and massing There's an absolute crap ton of information provided by @Houston19514 in that pdf (also includes i-45 redo, and many, many other things). Main takeaways: >> completion sometime 2021!?!?!? >> being redeveloped by Phoenix Development Partners >> includes 482 units with 100 units given the affordable designation >> 345 efficiency (362 sf), 22 efficiency +(467sf), 92 studio (507-585 sf), 22 two bedroom and two bath (1038 sf) >> 482 total parking spaces, also a bike storage are
  10. <BUMP> So anybody see that pdf posted in the I-45 thread?
  11. OMG literally 20+ pages on the Holiday Inn!!! Looks like they're trying to open 2021? Honestly somebody should post all of that info in the Holiday Inn thread, I honestly didn't expect this.
  12. 🤔 Wonder how many high rises would be needed to connect the skyline from The Allen to Downtown? I'm betting about 8-10 more are needed (hell maybe 5 extra thicc ones). Now lets take this a little bit farther, how many are needed to connected Hanover square and Downtown completely? Now we're getting real L E N G T H. Excluding the current developments, maybe 25-30?
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