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  1. Damn, this is almost as bad as the Texan's last season 😆.
  2. 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 Tie Backs (for reinforcing retaining walls) and Soldier Piers (For load spreading for the foundation I think) Air Rights: List after April 1st
  3. Yap most places are saying they dumped/sold out. one example: https://www.buzzbuzzhome.com/us/fitzroy-residences To bad, this could of been a great development, guess you shouldn't default on a loan when trying to build a mixed-used development. Also does anyone have word on who owns this now, and what plans they have for it.
  4. Your guess is as good as mine. This whole development has been a rollercoaster of mystery.
  5. I'm betting it goes for around $120-$145 million. Also it seems like they're still going foward with the rest of the development
  6. Dang ngl that system they showed is pretty cool, but sheesh you can definitely put something sizeable on top of, and to the side of this deus x brought to life luxury garage. Wonder if they have plans to add something more, I feel like you would with a garage of this size and quality.
  7. Looks like things are finally coming back up. Residential Market Occupancy Rate: 84.1% Note: This is up dramatically from the previous quarter low of 82.2%, I'm projecting it be up to 87% by the end of summer. Residential Units: 6,279 units Under Construction: 1,317 units Note: This includes The Brava (373 units), Trammell Crow (309 units), Sovereign (229 units), Fairfield (286 units), and Mckee City Living (120 units). A pretty significant lineup to look forward to. Planned: 275 units Note: don't know what this one is, but I assume it's a low ball con
  9. A lot of speculation coming up. I'm betting the tower behind 1550 is one of the residential towers, just looking at the floor height/count screams residential to me. It looks to be a little taller than 1550, but with about 10+ more floors. I'm counting in the range of 43-46 floors, so it might be around as tall as The Brava. I'm betting in the range of 360-390 units on this tower if it is purely residential, although it might be mixed-used, condos, or a mix of condos/rentals. Overall imo, I like the tower and its stairway to heaven ground floor, definitely gonna be a great addition if
  10. Updated Centennial plan: https://meetings.boardbook.org/Documents/WebViewer/685?file=49232765-4fe5-4cca-8ea7-97b4d2f3a4f9 Imgur link: https://imgur.com/a/xQrsu7H There's a lot but I'm gonna post the majority of it (32 pages). Also it seems there's a very heavy focus on making the campus more walkable/pleasant, and giving better first impressions with an added plaza heavy feel. Going to start with the maps. Huge focus on new pathways/greenspaces and creating gateways. There's a number of new buildings footprints included. Also shows that they plan on greatly expanding the area ar
  11. Anybody looked at the location tab of their website?: https://www.themkt.com/location Has a 360 degree interactive panorama of the development and the areas around it. It's honestly cool as hell. Also looks like there's still more phases to this development
  12. Just saying it's impressive what's being done within Hanover's, Regent's, and The Allen's blocks, the amount of density and ground floor interaction is insane too. When all of this gets built out, Allen Parkway is going to have a pretty impressive skyline of its own, with a pedestrian landscape leagues above most. Might even create one continuous corridor between here and downtown in the future 🤔. Hell when this is finished Allen Parkway is going to have a better skyline than Downtown Dallas... not like that's hard to beat or anything 😎.
  13. PDF link: https://ridemetro.granicus.com/AgendaViewer.php?view_id=5&clip_id=2096 Plans to make Capitol and Rusk lines dedicated? This is from the January 21, 2021 metro meeting Starting Slide: Metrorail Collisions Pie Chart Data: Potential Traffic improvement for the rail and vehicles around it: Preliminary Concept: Probably should of been the way it was built in the first place, but I'll take it now than never. This should make it 100% dedicated lanes too? Also I'm thinking they're going to add the light switch feature that's being r
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