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  1. there's a model of the building located in the Galleria in front of Dior & Houston Trunk Co... so you kinda can critique how boring it is...
  2. i cant help but HATE that building. Bland & unoriginal. The lighting comes across really cheap & lame IMO. Like they had a good idea and cut corners at the end to save $$$.
  3. yuk! keep those faux "centers" in the burbs (midtown is a burb). While I love the idea they usually always come across as plastic, fake, too DisneyLand-ish... Like the Woodlands "town center" or Post Midtown.
  4. i just need to say that dedicating that sculpture to MLK was a joke! Could we commision a sculpture specifically for him & not just rename an old one. Seems kinda disrespectful 2 me.
  5. interesting that they left out Texas' tallest skyscraper...
  6. Can we all just get over the THUG comment?! No one is going to change anyone elses opinions of what exactly constitutes a "thug". Some of us are Republican. Some of us are Democrats. Some of us are racists. Some of us are not. Some of us are conservative. Some of us are liberal. Some of us are homophobic. Some of us are not. What does it matter at the end of the day? We're here to talk architecture. If u feel threatened or offended by someones comments debate it in PM.
  7. I don't go to the Marquee frequently b/c there's not much there. Besides Edwards and Jillians what's at the Marquee that you can't find anywhere else? The times I have been there are often weekend nights and it's become just a "hang-out". You'd think the large security force they use would more actively enforce the curfew and attempt to maintain the rowdiness. Businesses close b/c no one is shopping, no one is shopping b/c it's got nothing unique that's worth the hassle of parking and the construction on the Katy Fwy. I would say that it's deffinately not family friendly weekend nights, unfortunately. I second the hope that Pavilions does not turn the way of the Marquee. So are the Pavilions open yet?
  8. I hope this "new concept" Books-A-Million actually organizes and straightens their book where you can actually find what you're looking for. The Books-A-Million at Katy Mills is an absolute nightmare to actually find a book you're looking for. Children books in the sports section, sex books in the Religious section, Music books in the gardening section, fiction books in the true crime section... The ones I've been to in Louisiana aren't much better either... <fingers crossed>
  9. i never said they were the same. my point was that in mid-town (at places with dress codes) everyone dresses the same. as in the way everyone in the suburbs dresses like each other.The suburbs have an "unwritten" dress code. The whole reason for any kind of dress code comes out of fear of losing control over their clientele which shows insecurity in a product. Thats only my opinion, i hate places with dress codes. I'm not a sheep and don't need to be "herded".
  10. its got a fricking dress code?! lol! move that crap to pretentious mid-town or the suburbs where everyone dresses the same anyway. it's a BOWLING ALLEY no matter how you dress it up.
  11. dont remember the exact date... late jan - early feb. I thought it was really awesome that the galleria just plastered their business on the inside of a glass door for the whole mall to see. lol How exactly do you miss 80,000 in rent?? Im sure they were sent noticed beforehand. anyway. this has gotten off topic.
  12. So DUO just moved or maybe it was a second location already opened before the Galleria location shut down? I work at the Galleria and saw the notice posted on DUO glass door stating that the locks had been changed and they had 10 working days to pay $80,000 in back rent or the merch would be seized. I find it hard to believe they'd just open up a new store if they got kicked out of the Galleria. Seems like there'd be some sort of legal repercussion going on... <shrug>
  13. The heard that the company that owns WISH also owns American Apparel and used to own DUO at the Galleria. Is that company doing ok?? The store at the Galleria closed b/c of back rent in excess of $80,000 was not paid. The galleria changed the locks and seized all the merch inside.
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