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  1. No, we went to school with the Garza girls whose parents owned Monterrey House. It will still in business for a brief time in the 80s until the owner, Mr. Garza, walked into the propeller of the plane that he was leaving on and was tragically killed. Mr. Garza's mother made all the candy for the restaurants. Someone bought the locations but the Garza family retained the Monterrey House name and they refused to sell the recipe for the candy. Every function that we had at Mount Carmel High School was catered by Monterrey House. Another favorite was Bertha's Mexican Restaurant in an old Greek Revival house in downtown Houston owned by Bertha Robinson. I went to school with her daughter, Dora. We would hit that place after school. Great Mexican food.
  2. Our old phone number on Cedar Lane (now Blalock) was HO5----- My aunts house on Key St. in the Heights as UN2----
  3. The plant was on the SE side of Houston off or on OST I think. I can remember my mom going there and buying "marked down" goodies.
  4. Could it be the now defunct Emporium that you remember? It sold antique and vintage architectural finds.
  5. Peppermint Park was another one on South Main in the 40s to 70s.
  6. The was one on the SE side off of OST as well. We would go there as a kid.
  7. I loved Valian's 7 Seas Villa. Best pizza and Italian food. However, Oggero's on Bellfort at Mykawa was a close second on pizza.
  8. I worked at Gulfgate in the mid to late 60s at Joske's as secretary to the store manager. I would hear the store managers talk about the club when they would meet at our store for mall meetings. I never went there but according to them, it was a great hangout.
  9. For a short period of time, my late Uncle and his wife owned the Jim West Mansion. One of the most exciting things was a safe in the house. They just knew it would be loaded with money....wrong, it was vacant. It was a lovely mansion regardless.
  10. I can remember living off of Cedar Lane, now Blalock in the 50s and the Salt Grass Trail would come up Campbell Road (the original SGT). We saw Gene Autry, Hugh O'Brien, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and a host of stars ride up to the Rodeo. Have many wonderful pictures with these stars along with my sisters and best friend.
  11. The house at 5151 (originally South Park Dr.) MLK belonged to my late grandmother and her first husband, Herbert Tartt and Bernice Tartt. When she married my grandfather in the 50s, he moved into the big white house along with my step-grandmother's mother-in-law Tartt. We had such wonderful memories of that house. It had two living rooms, two dining rooms, two kitchens and baths downstairs, a large den that my grandfather added along the back of the house. Upstairs it had 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms on each side of the house separated by attic space. There was a replica play house in the back and the yardman, Sam, had living quarters in the backyard as well. It also had a 6 car garage. The house was original white washed brick. It has since been restored to it's original brick and home to the Church of the Black Madonna I believe. It was Frank Ingrando Orphanage after my grandparents moved to Piney Point off of Memorial on Tynebridge Lane. https://www.google.com/maps/place/5151+mlk/@29.7042898,-95.3341356,3a,75y,103.1h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s3YbKEuXlRciNjYAm-b8k7Q!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x8640be3f9d36894d:0x7a3983724aa678d0?sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjyjv_DnKXWAhVM5WMKHalFCw0QxB0IKDAA
  12. Sakowitz was in Gulfgate Mall. When you look at the mall, it was at the very far, right side, by Joske's. I worked there in the 60s at Joske's and knew the manager of Sakowitz.
  13. Best pizza pies as George Valian called them, in Houston. If he liked you, he would prepare a special dish for your table. He was a good friend of my parents.
  14. I went to school with the Garza sisters whose father owned Monterey House. When Mr. Garza died, the restaurant was sold. The candy recipe was not included in the sale of the restaurant and was made by the Garza's grandmother.
  15. I was secretary to the Manager of Joske's, Warren Benedict, at Gulfgate Mall in the late 60s and the old underground establishment that I remember was a bowling alley. Mack Newberry was the Mall General Manager. Tim Collins was the PR Manager of Gulfgate.
  16. There was the old Sam Montgomery Oldsmobile dealership on Gessner at 59.
  17. Had more fun at Van's Ballroom. Memories.
  18. What about Albritton's Cafeteria that was by West University?
  19. Who remembers the old Oggero's Pizzaria on Belfort & Mykaya. Best Pizza around.
  20. Who remembers the old Oggero's Restaurant in Houston on Bellfort Blvd. at Mykawa. We loved to go there for pizza in the 60s. The blue station wagon to the left was my parents.
  21. Who remembers the old Oggero's Restaurant in Houston on Bellfort Blvd. at Mykawa. We loved to go there for pizza in the 60s. The blue station wagon to the left was my parents.
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