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  1. The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    Not a luxury everyone can afford unfortunately.
  2. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    I’m happy to take the Pepsi challenge on that one Lum
  3. UT Research Campus

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s absolutely second rate compared to UT. Being a part of a list of 115 schools doesn’t impress.
  4. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    Sorry to hurt your feelings bro. I won’t mock the overpriced, underwhelming tacos at the glorified mall food court. You clearly need this so go ahead and die on that hill.
  5. UT Research Campus

    Beyond stupid tribalism going on here. Not wanting one of the largest university systems in the country to expand its footprint in the city so that a second-rate but local institution can benefit? All while saying that the use of public funds are anti-competitive? Education is about the students and the ancillary benefits that come from having educational institutions nearby. If UH suffered because a better educational product was offered, then that's a good overall result. Sentiments to the otherwise are aggressively pursuing mediocrity.
  6. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    You may very well be right on the reason fro $28 pho (which is absurd), but the space/vibe/etc... doesn't come close to justifying the price tag. Hopefully Lyric market pans out better.
  7. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    $14 for two tacos from Goode Company is outrageous. $7 for a slice of pepperoni from Mr. Nice Pie is outrageous. I had the tacos but not the pizza since the pizza oven was down. Compared to the Tacos a Go Go location downtown, Goode Co.'s prices were nearly double for an inferior product. It's not just those two stands either. $14 for a falafel sandwich during brunch (Oddball) or $13 for a grilled tofu bowl are also ridiculous. It's a couple of bucks and ultimately not a big deal if the food were good. But the food was average and the servings were far from abundant. It's comical that whenever someone airs some criticism, the immediate reaction is to flay them as though they were some pariah. I hate to break it to the posters here, but, predictably, the experience at a glorified mall food court really is just below-average.
  8. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    I'm a troll because I'm not rah thousand dollarsing rah about a glorified food court? I'm sorry my honesty offends you so much Cap.
  9. 708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    Overrated and Overpriced.
  10. The Boulevard Project

    The trees and giant silver arches look horrible together. Like some 60s sci-fi comic.
  11. Regent Square: Allen Parkway at Dunlavy

    Re: naviguessors post - Yeah that seems like highest/best use
  12. Regent Square: Allen Parkway at Dunlavy

    what about that public housing right next to downtown?
  13. The Boulevard Project

    I was reading a thread about a high-rise being planned near the Houstonian, and someone commented that the project was "another example of Houston having all the density with none of the benefits." I think your post is a good explanation of why that's the case.