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  1. Looks like there is a new bar or restaurant opening up next to Café TH. Got the info off a post on Nextdoor, so credit goes to someone else for finding it.
  2. Phase I has been moving at a snails pace since Harvey. Specifically, Rodeo Goat and the Truck yard. I don't understand how portions of phase II like Sorek could have plans to be open by March.
  3. Spoke with one of the brewers last week, and he said that this project is way ahead of schedule because of the recent dry weather.
  4. This sign is now gone and they will be painting a mural here. Seems like the original sign was for marketing purposes until they were ready to move in. The clinic will be opening up January 2nd.
  5. Had dinner at Nancy's Hustle last night. Really good food. This area was really lacking a restaurant like this. It was a little pricey (compared to everything else in the area) but worth it.
  6. Someone on Nextdoor spoke with Liz Jacobs of Lovett Commercial and they were told that the Sprouts and CVS deal fell through. Looks like this side of town will continue to be a food desert.
  7. There has been a lot of progress made on the vet clinic and Nancy's Hustle. It looks like the 1,300 Sqft space has also been leased because workers have been in there for the last few weeks as well. I will get more pictures of the entire structure, it really is an amazing transformation when you look at the first post on this topic.
  8. Seems like Liu and Lovett Commercial have purchased a lot of property here on the eastside. There's the Post Building (proposed Spouts, CVS, and Offices), Lockwood and Harrisburg, and I-45 and Cullen. I know there has been some progress on Lockwood and Harrisburg but I wonder how long its going to take for anything else to actually materialize.
  9. http://www.chron.com/business/article/This-will-be-the-last-Halloween-for-Houston-s-12258832.php It will be open until the end of the year. Looks like its been sold to developers. Wonder what's on the horizon.
  10. What is the benefit of multi family units in the area? Just curious.
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