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  1. Can someone point me to flood mitigation plans for Brays Bayou? Did the plans change after the flooding in the last five years? I know there are a lot of folks much more knowledgeable than me on here. Are the upgraded bridges, re-shaping of the contours, and widths of the bayou going to protect residents from frequent flooding? https://abc13.com/braeswood-place-flooding-houston-projects-brays-bayou-white-oak/11061757/
  2. I hope you both are right. I just havent seen anything concrete that supports your claim.
  3. I have been following it as best as I can. Could you provide some support that "there is a near-zero chance the platform park on the side of the Convention Center won't be built"? I am genuinely curious.
  4. Though I don't disagree with you completely, the plan as currently constructed fixes the disconnection on the west side of downtown and will create a larger disconnection on the east side. The key words are "potential park." Without funding for the park on the east side over the underground freeway this plan in incomplete. TXDOT expects the park to be privately funded. Furthermore, the purpose of this highway reconstruction I thought was to reduce traffic. Does anyone believe that will actually happen?
  5. Are there any other buildings in downtown that are on a almost curved strip of land like this?
  6. Just FYI. The Lofts at the Ballpark at 610 St. Emmanuel Street has already been obtained by TXDOT in condemnation proceedings. I would assume that other buildings and lots on the NW side of St. Emmanuel have also been obtained by TXDOT. I wonder what that means for - True Anomaly, Little Woodrows, Huynh, and COBOS (who just finished renovating). Apologies if this has already been mentioned previously.
  7. The crew was out there this weekend and start work early every morning during the week. Hope the construction portion will be just as quick. My concern is that they breach the building down and then it just sits there.
  8. I'm also disappointed that they decided to make it only slightly more inviting than the current jailhouse design. But also agree it is better than nothing.
  9. To our valued tenants: Following the successful redevelopment of downtown Houston’s largest office complex, Houston Center, earlier this year, Brookfield Properties today announced new plans to renovate and rebrand The Shops at Houston Center. Fulsome upgrades to the existing retail center – which will be renamed The Highlight – will create a fresh, modern destination in the heart of downtown Houston, and provide a thoughtful amenity mix for tenants and visitors alike. Located at 1200 McKinney Street, The Highlight at Houston Center will offer 196,000 square feet of premium dining, retail and lifestyle services and will feature Puttshack, an upscale, tech-infused mini golf experience with global food and drink. The 26,000-square-foot venue is expected to open in late 2022 and helps establish this milestone project as an energetic downtown destination, with an authentic Houston flair. Brookfield Properties has enlisted global architecture and design firm Gensler as the project architect to bring Houston Center’s retail space to life. Gensler’s comprehensive design aims to elevate the street presence through the addition of a dramatic multi-story entrance facing Discovery Green, which encourages visitors to enter into the reimagined food hall, and includes upgrades to the shell, public spaces, and an additional glass curtainwall. Construction for this project is expected to commence before the 2021 year ends and will be led by Harvey Builders. Renderings of The Highlight at Houston Center can be found below. For more information, please visit www.HoustonCenter.com.
  10. This group did something similar in 2016. The townhomes are slightly nicer than the ones in the surrounding area but way for expensive. https://www.har.com/homedetail/2518-pease-st-houston-tx-77003/13362800 If I'm not mistaken, the three town homes sold for 500K
  11. Workers were out there this morning. I will see if I can snap a pic on my way home.
  12. "Mango pickle is a traditional Indian condiment made with raw mangoes, spices and oil. In India, pickles are relished as a side in every meal." For those wondering about the name lol. Context clues:
  13. Did some digging to find out what all the construction is in east downtown. Found the website below. Not sure if it that has been posted elsewhere. Really interesting. https://gis.ehrainc.com/portal/apps/storymaps/stories/b8499817945e4c158cd81e4b172ca789
  14. There is a lot of work going being done on Dallas Street and and Lamar between St. Emanuel and Emancipation. Does anyone know what is going on? I was thinking new light poles but I am not sure.
  15. Looks like luxury townhomes are going up here.
  16. I saw one of my friends post a picture from inside the club on Halloween weekend. So, yes.
  17. A crew was demoing the road on the St. Charles side of the building this morning. I am assuming it has something to do with the drive-through but not sure.
  18. I tried to fix it on my end and just gave up. I figured I should probably get back to work lol
  19. Is it a normal step to remove the entire roof of the building when renovating? From the looks of it, Lovett did the exact same thing for 2901 Polk St.
  20. This is from late last week. There were a few trucks out front and heavy equipment inside working.
  21. I hope they can open their doors for the next two days for the Astros games.
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