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  1. Though I think affordable house is greatly needed. It is unbelievable how much of the affordable housing the city needs is getting stuffed into east downtown and the east end.
  2. I have seen a few people in the store at the same time. But still nothing like it is at other CVS stores. Hopefully it can maintain until at least the apartments are complete and other tenants start to move into the building. That should help a lot.
  3. We moved out prescriptions to this CVS and it was the most relaxed experience I have ever had a retail pharmacy. Most pharmacies are so busy after leaving work and the lines are so long. Many retail pharmacists complain about not having time to eat or use the bathroom because of how busy they are. There was no line and I spoke with the pharmacist and he said he always looks forward to being scheduled at this CVS. So if anyone in the area was deciding whether to move their prescriptions, do it. Trust me. Heck, if you work downtown you can easily pick up things here too. And they have a drive through window.
  4. But they got a Whole Foods. In addition to the Randalls. I would assume the highway reconstruction would put any decision by HEB to move to East Downtown on hold.
  5. I tried to do this myself when I moved to Eado in 2017. I hit the same brick wall. All I know is that Shahin Naghavi was on the board when I looked it up last, he is a real estate agent/developer for several lots in Eado. https://www.har.com/homedetail/3005-markel-dr-houston-tx-77003/13591910 https://www.har.com/homedetail/0-nagle-st-houston-tx-77003/13783858 SHAHIN NAGHAVI
  6. On Lamar and Dallas they have installed new light poles and ripped out all the grass and dug holes for trees. All around the east village development. But, the work has been dormant for at least 3 months. They did not replace any of the grass they removed, they haven't planted any trees, and the light poles aren't functional yet. It really looks bad. And to top it off, they put a light pole right in front of the Houston sign next to 8th Wonder. I thought maybe they were waiting out the colder months to plant in the spring but that has passed and now we are into summer and the hottest months of the year.
  7. https://www.scottstreetlofts.com/ Looks like the website was created in March. Anyone have details on when this is supposed to be complete and available for rent?
  8. Nice to learn the building will be mixed use. Wonder if they already have the other tenants under contract.
  9. I walked through the Shops yesterday and they are full steam ahead on all the renovations inside. I will try and snap a picture the next time I am there. Wanted to let the folks know that regularly update the forum.
  10. Maybe it is something with the buildings that aren't Befit Gym?
  11. I thought the goal of the city and the ION was to diversify Houston's economy? Seems to me that most of the partners are O&G companies.
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