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  1. Based on the images in the link, wouldn't half of the building need to be torn down? How else could you fit in that much parking? I thought there are no parking minimums in Eado. Seems excessive.
  2. Looks like I should get my eyes checked....
  3. I saw workers out there this week working on this location. It looked like they had rolls of artificial turn. Maybe they are going to use part of the parking lot as outdoor space.
  4. There are signs on the windows that "Gotham" is moving into this space. I saw it while I was driving by. I will try and get a picture the next time I drive by.
  5. This is really interesting!! I live somewhat close to a substation and it is such an eyesore. I wish Houston would do this! How do I make that happen?? lol
  6. They were still working on the windows this morning. Still moving at a snails pace. The Tower next to the Hess building is going to be done before this and it started years earlier.
  7. This building is really going to add to the view of downtown from the east. It will really fill in a big gap. Specifically, from the back patio of Around the Corner and Leeland House. I was driving north on Emancipation toward Polk and you can see this building popping up.
  8. When I drove by today there were workers on the patio of Lucky's Lodge. There was also a plumbing van out front. This is across the street from Lucky's pub. Not sure if this is the proper place to post this but couldn't find a post on Lucky's Lodge.
  9. Replacing it with a parking garage seems like the logical transition. Students use it while the new school is being built, and then tear it down when the new building is complete.
  10. I agree with this. I was looking forward to trying this place out. After seeing the posts, I am less inclined.
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