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  1. Replacing it with a parking garage seems like the logical transition. Students use it while the new school is being built, and then tear it down when the new building is complete.
  2. I agree with this. I was looking forward to trying this place out. After seeing the posts, I am less inclined.
  3. Photo taken on 11/10/2020. They reduced Mckinney to three lanes and expanded the sidewalk! So from Fannin to Austin its 3 lanes instead of 4.
  4. When I was looking for a home back in 2017 I looked into this. I remember reading in the documentation that you couldn't sell the home at a market rate for 10 years.
  5. Damn it. I swear Lovett cant keep a plan together for more than 15 minutes before something falls through. So disappointing.
  6. Why is midtown a part of the funding? Is the midtown management district trying to keep affordable housing out of midtown? Just curious.
  7. That is true since the pandemic started. But previously, Polk was pretty busy in the mornings with people using it as a way to get into downtown.
  8. So does that mean the buses will just stop in the traffic lane? I was under the impression that the floating bus stops would allow both car traffic and bikes to pass while the bus is picking up and dropping off passengers.
  9. When I was walking my dogs this morning, I moved that sole black trash can into the grass lol
  10. Seems really strange to me that they are doing all this work on Polk and then access to downtown via Polk is going to be cut off with the 45 expansion plan.
  11. I drove by a week ago and there were some workers around the building. I just assumed they were boarding everything up to make sure that homeless people couldn't get in. This is such an eyesore and whenever someone comes to visit they always ask about "that gross building with the windows missing."
  12. Not gona lie. When I drove down polk yesterday, I was super pumped to see those armadillos lol How is the city going to solve the garbage can issue on Monday and Tuesdays? Residents along polk put trashcans right where the bike lane is being placed. On both sides of Polk.
  13. Milestones to come at LyondellBasell Tower: End of August Skybridge from Fulbright Tower to 4 Houston Center opens September Terrace area on P1 completed with new outdoor furnishings October New glass entryway located on the northeast corner of LyondellBasell Tower opens P1 south lobby finishes to be complete December Plaza, mezzanine, and amenity spaces, including the fitness center and conferencing venue to be complete The redevelopment of Houston Center aligns
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