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  1. Why is midtown a part of the funding? Is the midtown management district trying to keep affordable housing out of midtown? Just curious.
  2. The new renderings are way different than these. Interesting.
  3. That is true since the pandemic started. But previously, Polk was pretty busy in the mornings with people using it as a way to get into downtown.
  4. So does that mean the buses will just stop in the traffic lane? I was under the impression that the floating bus stops would allow both car traffic and bikes to pass while the bus is picking up and dropping off passengers.
  5. When I was walking my dogs this morning, I moved that sole black trash can into the grass lol
  6. Seems really strange to me that they are doing all this work on Polk and then access to downtown via Polk is going to be cut off with the 45 expansion plan.
  7. I drove by a week ago and there were some workers around the building. I just assumed they were boarding everything up to make sure that homeless people couldn't get in. This is such an eyesore and whenever someone comes to visit they always ask about "that gross building with the windows missing."
  8. Not gona lie. When I drove down polk yesterday, I was super pumped to see those armadillos lol How is the city going to solve the garbage can issue on Monday and Tuesdays? Residents along polk put trashcans right where the bike lane is being placed. On both sides of Polk.
  9. Milestones to come at LyondellBasell Tower: End of August Skybridge from Fulbright Tower to 4 Houston Center opens September Terrace area on P1 completed with new outdoor furnishings October New glass entryway located on the northeast corner of LyondellBasell Tower opens P1 south lobby finishes to be complete December Plaza, mezzanine, and amenity spaces, including the fitness center and conferencing venue to be complete The redevelopment of Houston Center aligns with our approach to creating and operating iconic mixed-use projects and focusing on the central theme of placemaking. Upon completion, Houston Center will be a modern and dynamic mixed-use office campus with amenities specially designed for you, our tenants. We look forward to unveiling the entire redevelopment once complete. Please note that there is still the possibility of delays for delivery of items that may be impacted by the pandemic, weather events or other unknowns. As construction continues, we will provide project news and updates through email and via www.HoustonCenter.com.
  10. I think the entire portion of the floating bus stop is going to be concrete. Are they working on the bike lanes on Polk already?
  11. The were still working when I got home at 8:00 p.m. last night and were working early this morning. There is a huge crew working on this project, and they are working from Scott to Emancipation. Hopefully they get done before the storm rolls in this afternoon.
  12. They are back working on Polk. This morning they were working between Delano and Scott. I wish I knew the terminology to describe what they are doing. They are ripping up the road to repave it.
  13. Update from today. You can see they are working on the spiral staircase that is included in the renderings.
  14. I live on Polk and have not seen any workers for a few week between Emancipation and Scott. I assume they are just working on a different portion and will come back and finish what they started. Currently, it is a mess.
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