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  1. You found a Walgreens with hand sanitizer?! And Whole Foods on Post Oak was crazy yesterday, too. Maybe not CostCo crazy but still pretty bananas. I've also seen suggestions to go to Asian markets as they are still well-stocked.
  2. I like ROD. I could see it becoming to the Galleria something like what Rodeo Drive/Little Santa Monica Blvd. is to the Century City mall in LA. I suppose Highland Village fulfills some of that function as well but it doesn't have a layout that is very pedestrian-friendly. What I miss in Houston from more obviously tourist-oriented cities like LA and Miami (with Lincoln Road, Brickell, Wynwood, etc.), are the number of walkable, outdoor shopping/eating/people-watching areas. ROD, along with CityCentre, goes some way to rectifying though it's small by comparison and it's more high-end. As a pedestrian, though, I just wish there were more of it to explore.
  3. The forums I have popped into are Oklahoma City (OKCTalk), Detroit (DetroitYes), Dallas (DallasMetropolis), and Fort Worth (FortWorthArchitecture). Then there are the Curbed.com sites for Atlanta, Boston, Austin, Chicago, Detroit, LA, New York and San Francisco. I didn't know about the Nashville one but I'll have to check it out. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...
  4. Does anyone know when the big circular street signs hanging in the middle of the major intersections along Post Oak will make their reappearance? Or are they not coming back?
  5. Interesting. I didn't know the Galleria ever had movie theaters. I had assumed the operators thought it might lure "the wrong crowd." When I lived in Miami in the early 2000s, the upscale Shops at Merrick Park opened in Coral Gables anchored by a Nordstorm and Neiman-Marcus and they were defiant about not having a movie theater. A few years later, they came in out of the rain and got Landmark to open a really nice multiplex showing both mainstream and indie fare. Something like that would do well in the Galleria area or Rice Village (which I'm surprised doesn't have a movie theater either).
  6. A skybridge would be nice but I wonder how much longer Dillards will be part of the retail landscape anywhere if the story linked below from last year about the company is correct. I think it may be going the way of Zone d'Erotica. When I first moved here, I assumed that Dillards was closed because it looks so abandoned and forlorn. https://www.chainstoreage.com/finance-0/analysis-dillards-long-term-picture-not-rosy/
  7. Especially since they just got an Alamo in downtown LA! https://www.latimes.com/entertainment/movies/la-ca-mn-alamo-drafthouse-los-angeles-20190715-story.html It's like they're just trying to play with us. 😧 Seriously, the Heights project seems to be the kind of project Alamo would be interested in. If you look at all the new Alamos in DFW, they're all in newly built, mixed-use developments like the The Irving/Las Colinas one whichis in the same development with the Toyota Music Factory, a major concert venue, and a ton of restaurants/bars. The LA one is in something called The Bloc. I can't imagine a more perfect scenario for Alamo to set up shop inside the Loop.
  8. Interesting angle among many: the developers are using art as one of the enticements to lure renters. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Apartment-developers-are-using-art-to-entice-14065004.php
  9. Even the burbs of Dallas have Alamo Drafthouses everywhere! I don't understand why Houston seems to be behind in this area. Heck, downtown L.A. is getting an Alamo Drafthouse before inner Loop Houston. But I doubt this new theater near the Heights will be an iPic. They tend not to be build too many in one market. I believe they only have two in the much more populous L.A. area, for example, and those are located in Westwood and Pasadena, roughly 30 miles apart.
  10. Velvet Taco already has two locations in Houston -- Montrose and the Washington corridor -- so planting one on the west side of town makes sense. They're not bad and, even if they aren't the greatest tacos ever, it's a heck of a lot better than an abandoned porn store. ETA: I guess they're going to be opening one on North Shepherd as well, according to the Chronicle.
  11. This got delayed a week on the Houston PBS station and is airing this Saturday, Jan. 13.
  12. Have any of your opinions about Houston changed in the intervening years? Do you think things have gotten better, worse or stayed the same? I'm moving to Houston in a few weeks (from Dallas!) and have been browsing through topics here.
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