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  1. Are all of the trees in memorial park marked with a orange spray painted X scheduled for removal? What's going on?
  2. Where can I find listings of new commercial development projects in Texas?
  3. Is there any truth to the talk of a new park and water park under the T.C. jester bridge between I-10 and 11th? I have heard the developer is planning on adding on to the existing hike and bike trail and finishing a water park at the old railroad site.
  4. Is a map of the proposed cmpleted route available anywhere? Does anyone know where this is going? What is connects to?
  5. Anyone know what is planned for the Jake's Foods site on 18th. I heard it recently sold. That is a lot of land.
  6. Anyone care to weigh in on plans for near the old Astroworld site? There is a smattering of new contruction. The area seems large enough for something close to master planned. Anyone have insight?
  7. Can anyone weigh in on the quality of Waterhill homes? They have several new townhome projects in the second ward.
  8. One time I saw Jesus sucker punch a bum after coming out of BW3. the bum was aking for it, though.
  9. I'm looking to build from scratch. 800-1000 build out for living with a low trim level. I imagine I'll have a hard time finding a contractor to work on something so small. Any contractor reccomendations or tales of experience?
  10. I am building a garage apartment and am looking for suggestions of contractors. Any memebers care to share their experiences? PSF? Construction time? Lessons learned?
  11. Where can I find a map of what METRO has planned for Main St.?
  12. With a group of 20 or more you can call a place and get freebie appetizers, etc. should a bunch of cocktails be sold. I'm just sayin'.
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