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  1. i agree it should be somewhere north of San Felipe.
  2. Oh my! That is right down the street from where I live. Williams tower gets some competition!
  3. Houston needs more talller towers to fill in all those gaps in the skyline.
  4. For 2000 plus in rent a month for 600+ sq ft, those floors better be concrete.
  5. I take it that Hell On Earth is the old Days Inn hotel sitting vacant for ages.
  6. I hope this gets developed sooner or later...more than likely later.
  7. Awesome. Heights forum please.
  8. Wow! Kingwood is just a boring neverending suburb and this would definitely make this area exciting. I can see it happening...probably 10 years from now.
  9. I actually searched HAR.com and saw some listings for condos for sale in 2016 Main and some have spectacular views and were upgraded pretty well.
  10. The way that HEB looks inside is more of a management issue. If managers don't care then why should the employees. I'm sure this store will close once the new store opens.
  11. The one on OST is more like a small neighborhood food market. This new HEB will probably have all the amenities.
  12. Wow! So Memorial Park is will be the premier park in the nation! Exciting news!
  13. Then whats the solution? It is only going to get worse as more and more people move here...with cars.
  14. The gentrification of 5th ward is in full effect. Looks good!
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