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  1. Now if the McNair development at Post Oak and Richmond can get started...
  2. Yes you mean the McNair development. I'm patiently awaiting when they start and it supposed to be sometime this year.
  3. Drove by yesterday and they have orange barrels blocking off right lane on beltway feeder in front of this development going north and dirt is being moved. Looks like the high rises will be coming up.
  4. isn't one of the hotels McNair's Rosewood scheduled to begin construction sometime this year?
  5. Let's make it happen. Another skyline developing in the Houston area!
  6. Yea I saw that banner with the high rises. No tenants in the first phase yet.
  7. I love all the high rises along Post Oak Blvd! Can't wait for McNair mixed used to get started next year!
  8. Will probably be developed in conjunction with the high speed rail station at NW mall
  9. Not to get off topic but Travis Scott's Astroworld Music Festival can be Houston's signature music festival. Now back to the topic at hand.
  10. So Austin is getting a tower over 60 stories! Wow! Can't wait to see what their skyline looks like in 10 years!
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