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  1. Epic photo. No wonder visitors get confused thinking this is downtown. Now it's time to fill in the southern end.
  2. Even their Facebook page is up to date so I suspect this project to be picking up more steam in the near future. If they can solve the flooding problem then let them build.
  3. The website is still up. This project still has life. https://theheronskingwood.com/
  4. Looks like this project is a go according to Gabriel Haddad. https://communityimpact.com/houston/lake-houston-humble-kingwood/environment/2019/04/05/army-corps-received-700-comments-for-proposed-development-the-herons-in-kingwood/
  5. Parcel A is available for leasing. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/8205-W-Beltway-8-Pky-S-Houston-TX/13339600/
  6. I think Chinatown is moving further SW with the KP plaza development @Beechnut and Beltway. That area is considered the international district if I'm not mistaken but is too far to spill over to Stafford as previously stated.
  7. This should spur more development along 288 south of 610
  8. This is my hometown (Houstonian now)and this would be a boost to the community as many people travel to College Station and Houston area for shopping and going out to eat because of limited selections in Brenham. Glad to see growth in this college town. https://kwhi.com/city-of-brenham-agrees-with-developer-to-plan-new-shopping-center/
  9. https://www.chron.com/news/investigations/article/For-Texas-children-Sugar-Land-development-is-13643286.php
  10. Alot of new people to Houston think Galleria is downtown and I politely tell them to look further east.
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