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  1. And this is near the new Hard Rock hotel development as well. Wish that Walmart wasn't there on S Rice and Westpark.
  2. That area is walkable as I live in this area and usually walk to 24 Hr Fitness and eateries in the area on Richmond and Sage and even to the Galleria on a cool day. 😁 Also there are other developments that will be coming up on the other side of Sage and along McCue plus the 59/610 project will make it easy access to get there.
  3. They can build residential towers with garage on the bottom floors and apts above which won't be right at freeway level but above it.
  4. by the time final four gets here in 2023 there will be about 10 high rises in midtown
  5. I would like to think residential may come after this is completed. I hope...
  6. I have mixed feelings about it. Can they have this completed by 2023 for Final Four which comes back here.
  7. Ahhh the ultra rich people and low income people at APV living together in harmony.
  8. With all the new development, it will only be a matter of time before this goes.
  9. Oh my! Look what Amazon missed out on. Will this be completed by the time we get another Superbowl?
  10. Now if KP Plaza at Beechnut and Beltway can get their 2 towers up.
  11. They are still saying ground breaking to begin this year. https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/office/8-projects-shaping-uptown-houston-98467
  12. I wonder how long the Garden Oaks Apts on Richmond and McCue across from the shopping center will last.
  13. It will be sooner than later as the MCNair mixed used development will probably spur development on that empty lot.
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