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  1. 5 hours ago, astrohip said:

    How close will this be to the Cosmo? I can't tell from this pic. Are they butt-cheek neighbors, or is there a small gap in-between?


    We sold our home last year, and decided to go condo. In looking at all the choices, we were scared away from the Galleria area by the relative closeness of the buildings. We knew if a building didn't already have a next-door neighbor, it would in the next few years.


    For example, we looked at the Wilshire, but knew something would be going up before long on the property due south. We looked at Astoria, same thing. It was challenging to find a mid-to-high-rise condo, in an area we liked, that wouldn't soon be smothered.


    Try southern end of Galleria area.  The Bristol, 3525 Sage, The Mark or that ugly building where I can't recall the name that is between Rice Ave and Sage  by the CVS. 

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  2. 4 hours ago, Toopicky said:

    Wow, what a terrible location .... noise, maximum auto exhaust and limited shopping nearby . What more could one want in senior housing?

    At least it is close to the Texas Medical Center.


    It doesn't indicate senior housing though.  But with units only being 1 and 2 bedrooms then most will probably be senior citizens anyway and working class people who don't make much for luxury apt rents.

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  3. On 10/5/2019 at 3:25 PM, BeerNut said:


    What is Houston lacking to make it a tourist destination?  From my perspective the things that are the biggest draw for tourist areas Houston will never have.  We don't have the right geography, historical pedigree, or cultural significance that other tourist dominated destinations have.  Houston should focus on it's strengths which are food, museum district, and performing arts.  I did see Mayor Turner mention bringing an amusement park to Houston on Twitter.

    Astroworld 2.0!!  He said announcement in 6-8 weeks!  Back to Caydon.  So are there renderings of other phases yet?

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  4. 16 hours ago, texas911 said:

    That's a dumb place to put a medical school. Separated from the main campus AND the TMC. Turning its back on resources that is existing already and could attract great students!



    Don't forget HBU!

    Not really.  It the perfect location for the Med School due to proximity from TMC and it will serve the 3rd Ward community so that location is easily accessible.  

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