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  1. I thought the Rustic was going to be on Richmond Ave in Galleria area. I saw it yesterday.
  2. Everytime I go home to visit my parents in Brenham, I marvel at how fast that area has grown. I see many bars and pubs, restaurants and retail stores out there that are in the inner loop. I reckon development will occur along the entire 99 loop.
  3. Does anyone know if there will be any high rises in this area? There is tremendous growth along the grand pkwy not to mention more homes being built. Please merge if this has already been mentioned. Thanks. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2017/07/21/developer-to-unveil-second-phase-of-massive-master.html
  4. Here's a rendering of what the tower would look like. 27 stories https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2017/01/25/more-details-revealed-about-proposed-luxury.html#i1
  5. if at Hermann park, it would cause havoc for the Med Ctr. with regards to traffic flow and shutting down roads. they just need to tweak the dates a little bit, maybe even make it a fall festival.
  6. yes you are correct but usually in late summer around this time, it doesn't rain as much. just brief afternoon downpours which wouldn't cause flooding issues if that.
  7. They may need to think about making changing the dates of this festival into late summer when it doesn't rain as much.
  8. LyondellBasell's Ship Channel plant to be largest of its kind in the world http://www.chron.com/business/energy/article/LyondellBasell-to-move-ahead-on-2-4-billion-11304010.php?ipid=ntk
  9. I always get Dunvale and Dunlavy confused. Sorry. Lol
  10. Coming soon to Montrose area. The Burger joint and others will have competition. https://www.click2houston.com/food/let-the-burger-wars-begin-in-n-out-makes-first-property-purchase-in-houston
  11. Oh cool Williams tower is getting a twin and won't be so lonely sticking out from all those mid rises. lol
  12. For visitors and people moving to Houston, the downtown area is the large cluster of buildings at the center of the city. Lol. This article may shed some light on the multiple skylines here and continuing to grow. Enjoy. http://www.khou.com/news/local/where-is-downtown-houston-anyway/402453994
  13. If this happens, this building would be taller than the Williams tower, right? I live in that area.
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