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  1. Yes build a 40 plus floor housing high rise with units for singles, couples and families on different floors. Family units occupy lower floors, singles and couples occupy higher floors.
  2. Make them condos where people can buy or investors can buy units and rent them out like 2016 Main.
  3. I don't mean government housing when I say affordable housing. I mean for working people or middle class who can afford to buy a home but want to live downtown instead of out in the burbs. It's more affordable to buy homes further out as opposed to downtown. There are single people and couples who dont have children but want to live downtown...or even empty nesters. People whose income is probably less than 100k annually.
  4. Yes I agree . Affordable condos for sale or apartments for rent. Everything downtown doesn't have to be for the uber rich.
  5. Someone may have already asked this but what will become of this building?
  6. This garage makes a nice conversation piece. Very artsy looking.
  7. How things quickly change. https://www.thrillist.com/entertainment/houston/things-houston-is-number-one-at-best-city-in-america-best-for-young-love-best-for-space-exploration
  8. Alot of downtown development in SA will change their skyline even though there is no supertall towers which probably wouldn't work in SA. https://www.expressnews.com/real-estate/article/The-latest-on-San-Antonio-s-biggest-12259446.php#photo-14301513
  9. It's awesome that they are adding more of these affordable housing communities throughout the city. Even the struggling working class people deserve nice facilities.
  10. I heard construction of first phase will be complete by early 2020 That's fast!
  11. I'm glad the SW is getting in on the redevelopment. It has been long overdue.
  12. I drove past this yesterday and the rendering does look like the same as the building being built.
  13. This is in my area of Houston near the 2 residential highrises on Sage near Univision. They are squeezin them in over here.
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