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  1. 19 hours ago, Amlaham said:

    Well I beg to differ even more¬†ūüėƬ†and you can see my response above as well which lists multiple properties within the immediate vicinity of 3505 Sage. Also, listed in my response is how the land value in and around Houston has only gone up (the property that your building sits on is included). Just because your unit or your neighbors unit is selling for less, it doesn't mean property value is going down (again I provided multiple sources above). The sell price of a condo unit has more to do with the unit/building itself vs the property. For example, if the building is falling apart and is outdated, its not going to sell at the same price it did when it was new, HOWEVER, its not going to be dirt cheap either because of the property value itself, thats that buffer. ANOTHER example, if I bought a lot for 100K, and I build a shed that costs me 50K, then I sold it for 150K, but now that shed is getting kind of wonky, and I only manage to sell it for 140K. Its not because the property lost value but rather the shed on the property itself lost value.¬†

    Again, I listed multiple resources above, you suggest HCAD which only mentions the units and not the property itself. 

    So once again, your unit isn't losing value because of the area, it losing value because of your unit/ building itself :) 


    Also...saying the area looks worse than it did 15 years ago is hilarious considering a lot of those new nice buildings weren't there, there were a lot of empty lots, the streets were in worse quality, there was hardly any beatification efforts.

    So tired of the "times were much better back then" narrative 

    I think once construction of 610/59 interchange is completed, we will start to see development south of the Galleria move forward.  

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  2. 15 hours ago, citykid09 said:

    Coming into the city from the Bryan-College Station area (29 to the west loop), it never fails, someone in my family or a friend that I'm riding with will always say  "Wow look at downtown (referring to Uptown). It never fails. I would prefer them call it the Galleria instead of Downtown. I always point over to the East (direction of downtown) while its still visible from the freeway and tell them "That is downtown."

    I think alot of visitors to Houston are confused about which skyline is downtown.  As the developments continue, it will get even more confusing for them. 

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