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  1. Now if KP Plaza at Beechnut and Beltway can get their 2 towers up.
  2. They are still saying ground breaking to begin this year. https://www.bisnow.com/houston/news/office/8-projects-shaping-uptown-houston-98467
  3. My vote is for Upper Kirby area.
  4. It appears the lobby and garages would get flooded and not the residents above
  5. I wonder how long the Garden Oaks Apts on Richmond and McCue across from the shopping center will last.
  6. It will be sooner than later as the MCNair mixed used development will probably spur development on that empty lot.
  7. Another emerging skyline in Houston?
  8. Epic photo. No wonder visitors get confused thinking this is downtown. Now it's time to fill in the southern end.
  9. nice shot. too bad this construction site is not another high rise residential tower.
  10. true but hopefully they will change the design
  11. Looks like a building that would be built in a city in Asia.
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