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  1. They act like they are going to build low income apartments here. I'm sure the rent for the apartment development will be priced accordingly. 1400.00 and up for one bedroom, 2300.00 and up for 2 bedroom. This is a good location if you don't want to live in the congested Galleria area and not too far from all the entertainment inside the loop.
  2. Correct. I work in the 6330 W Loop S building. This will be about a block from Charlies BBQ. More restaurant options for this area hopefully.
  3. This would be great for residential tower or mid rise apts with GFR since its right on the rail line.
  4. Ahh so the way to fight gentrification is develop the land before the prices skyrocket. Good idea.
  5. I don't know. Many people prefer the lock it and leave it lifestyle and very little maintenance as opposed to a house in the burbs.
  6. I'm just excited the southern end of the Galleria area is starting to get in on the development! 😁
  7. If built, the Med Center skyline could rival that of downtown and several other major city skylines!
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