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  1. The Bristol, 3525 Sage or The Mark? 😁
  2. But this website hasn't. Rosewood 2023! https://www.rosewoodhotels.com/en/houston
  3. Complete. Looks like Cadence Bank is the only retailer on the ground floor so far. I had a picture but can't upload because of size. Very nice!
  4. US Consulate to Nigeria is relocating to Eko Atlantic city. https://alternativeafrica.com/2019/05/16/us-consulate-in-nigeria-to-relocate-to-multi-billion-dollar-eko-atlantic-city/
  5. Not really. It the perfect location for the Med School due to proximity from TMC and it will serve the 3rd Ward community so that location is easily accessible.
  6. It states estimated opening is 2021. So construction should start soon perhaps.
  7. When is the start date? Imagine if TAMU proceeds with their proposed towers. Visitors will be more confused about where downtown is located. 😁
  8. If TAMU is involved then I'm sure it will come to fruition.
  9. Houston has so many pockets of entertainment with more coming. Now if they can get some mixed used development near NRG...sorry about going off topic. 😁
  10. Texans co-founder and senior chairperson Janice McNair is making one of the largest donations ever by an NFL owner to a community project. McNair is donating $5.45 million to Pro-Vision Inc in the Sunnyside community. The funds will be utilized to build housing for low-income community members, a football field on the campus and a track facility to be named after the McNair family as well as a multi-purpose building. An urban farm and aquaponics initiative in the community will be tripled in size and is intended to provide healthy food for the campus along with vocational jobs for the community and income selling produce to local businesses. This is great for this community south of Loop 610 and East of 288. https://www.chron.com/sports/texans/article/Texans-Janice-McNair-donating-5-million-Pro-Vision-14299100.php#photo-18065311
  11. I heard the Party Boy store is closing and selling their building.
  12. Yes, as this location is considered an opportunity zone by the govt.
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