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  1. I think alot of visitors to Houston are confused about which skyline is downtown. As the developments continue, it will get even more confusing for them.
  2. It will take more than 2 years to build. My guess is next year. Post Oak blvd improvement is winding down.
  3. So construction should be starting very soon. Right?
  4. https://www.standard.co.uk/insider/alist/akon-has-started-building-akon-city-in-senegal-with-focus-on-cryptocurrency-and-renewable-energy-a4297966.html
  5. Houston should have the tallest residential tower in Texas and not Austin? Can we got a 60 story residential tower?
  6. They must be really confident they will get 50% sold by the end of next year.
  7. Try southern end of Galleria area. The Bristol, 3525 Sage, The Mark or that ugly building where I can't recall the name that is between Rice Ave and Sage by the CVS.
  8. I think this will better serve those people who work downtown but can't afford to live downtown.
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