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  1. They must be really confident they will get 50% sold by the end of next year.
  2. Try southern end of Galleria area. The Bristol, 3525 Sage, The Mark or that ugly building where I can't recall the name that is between Rice Ave and Sage by the CVS.
  3. I think this will better serve those people who work downtown but can't afford to live downtown.
  4. It doesn't indicate senior housing though. But with units only being 1 and 2 bedrooms then most will probably be senior citizens anyway and working class people who don't make much for luxury apt rents.
  5. Astroworld 2.0!! He said announcement in 6-8 weeks! Back to Caydon. So are there renderings of other phases yet?
  6. The Bristol, 3525 Sage or The Mark? 😁
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