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  1. they have more than 1 group for touring,vegas etc..... i have their dvd and it rocks!
  2. has anyone tried this place chris baker advertises on 740am?
  3. check out this short judy's documentary http://youtube.com/watch?v=rf0UQz8g0HA
  4. a t-mobile is going up right next to a fast food restaurant i own....i wasn't aware until the protest period was over. does anyone have any experience with this? i need some help.
  5. goode is pronounced "good"..jim goode the founder is an old friend of mine
  6. 1...GOODE COMPANY 2...BAKER'S RIBS on Voss 3...LULING CITY MARKET on Richmond
  7. it is a small move to help balance the liberal/left wing tv networks....welcome to houston radio dennis.......
  8. if you read the above post you would have learned that i am a builder that has used robert on several projects...if he wasn't any good at his craft he wouldn't be one of the most successful designers in the state......
  9. no, i am telling you that people should do their due diligence which i recommend includes an interview with robert dame as part of it.he is not any designer... many people far smarter than me have used him with great success....a list of references longer than my arm would be provided to any potential clients of his...ask them if they made the right decision... did i mention that he has BUILT many high end homes....not a lot of architects can make that claim. are you an architect? i beleive so...published any books ??? robert dame has!
  10. http://www.buildingonline.com/news/viewnews.pl?id=2756 http://www.designbasics.com/Home/planbooks-cd.asp 1996 all american home: http://www.buildersshow.com/Events/NewAmer...x?selected=News horseshoe bay house: http://www.statesman.com/business/content/...1spotlight.html there are too many to list here..i recommend contacting his firm if you want more info.........
  11. get a life! read my statements above...for several reasons stated above i highly recommend robert OVER any architects i have worked with in houston.... i really don't care if the poster follows my advice...although if i were him/her i would research all my options prior to making one of the biggest investments one can make... do you have some kinda of axe to grinde with designers? have you lost work to them? many people building homes find that they are better and more creative than many architects? perhaps you should check out the numerious awards robert has won throught the homebuilding industry nationwide... sounds like sour grapes to me...
  12. i never said he was an architect.....he has designed several mediterranean homes for my firm as well as others in the river oaks area, memorial villages as well as several other fine neighborhoods at a fraction of the price of most architects.. the proof is in his designs..i recommend checking his references and design books..........GO SEE SOME OF HIS HOUSES.. i have worked with several architects and have had (in most cases) much better communication and results with robert dame...
  13. barbeque...baker's ribs on voss tex-mex...ninfa's on navigation seafood....goode co. seafood ..2 locations italian...crapito's...midlane high end fare..the lodge at bayou bend...great atmosphere city views and great food... skyline bar & grille...hilton of the america's
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