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  1. Could be Plumber, I think the original Simms tract was much larger than what this house sat on in 1980. Probably stretched down to Lawndale and farther east and north. This house was actually in fairly decent shape...decent enough for a bunch of frat boys anyway. But it was livable. A little research on Edward Simms revealed he became very wealthy at Spindletop Field near Beaumont and Goose Creek Field near Baytown. Had a few monster gusher oil wells come in. He went back to his home in Kentucky and raised race horses. Interesting fellow.
  2. Messing around the other day and wondering whatever happened to the old fraternity house I lived in when I was attending UH back in the early '80's and ran across this site. I lived in the old Simms Estate house for a couple of years. Absolutely beautiful house, thick stucco walls, big spiral staircase, hardwood floors, big front yard with lots of big trees. My room was on the second floor to the left side in front above the great room. I remember the "pool" in the back. It had gone pretty feral by the time I was there. I think there were turtles and frogs swimming around in it. I also
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