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  1. Montgomery County plans

    I am particularly happy about this tri-purpose facility, especially the nature center. I have not been over to Riley Fuzzel Rd park area lately, but it seems about time to give it another visit. I have set out on the creek before in a Kayak and it can be pretty tough going in the summer for lack of navigatable water. Now the water is high but cold to go out there. Much of the creek area is really wild, especially near The Woodlands.

  2. I have heard recently that the incidents are believed to be tied to local business owners. Someone follows them home, cases it out and then attacks them. This information does not seem to correspond to the news articles however. but I guess identifying the home, casing it and then at some time later attacking, could fit with the rest of the information.

  3. "Near" may be a poor choice of words if a decade is considered not near, but this article on the conroe website talks about the rapidly gaining support momentum in Montgomery County for a change in mass transportation inter-city and regional. In considering mobility, we would hope that a rail system would play a role, especially high speed rail to move us to Dallas, to New Orleans and to Houston, among further destinations in Texas and beyond. 20 minutes to downtown Houston? This could have significant impact on regional housing, design of highway systems, work commutes, security, and the economy in general. Maglev would even further reduce the time element and provide a very comfortable ride. About time to start this initative!

    Conroe Courier article

    Another reference is in the Haif. So far, not much discussion, but it might start taking off soon.

    HAIF Transportation folder - Maglev technology

    A good reference is the Texas High Speed Rail and Transportation site which has the proposed backbone on the home page.

  4. This article talks about a park-and-ride bus route to Huntsville from The Woodlands. I didn't know that many people commuted in that direction.


    A surprise to me too. Since the incoming Woodlands job commuting is growing significantly, that is probably the general area where some employees live. The stats were not given, but now I am wondering how many vans park here all day and return back to Houston in the evening.

  5. There I was on a highway in Italy, minding my own business with the pedal to the metal in my "my mid size" car rental, doing about 120 KMs/Hr. I looked back and there was no traffic behind me. Looked in front then back again and this Ferrari WAS ON MY BUMPER! Swishhhhhhh.... and he was gone. To this day I wonder how fast he was going! Scared the living ... out of me.

  6. I guess it depends on expected use of the system, but when I go around to the big neighborhood parks, I see as many as 20-30 spaces just sitting there waiting to be occupied. Lots of pavement for little use. That may be different during prime park time on weekends.

  7. I'm not sure public transportation is really doable in The Woodlands. I mean, are buses gonna go pick people up at the front of their house or neigborhood?

    My thinking is that pickup and dropoff are doable if we use neighborhood parks. Only to and from Town Center and/or other high density commercial areas, perhaps including Montgomery College which has a huge parking problem.

  8. Toll roads add to the problem of after-traffic planning and development. Funding is always an issue. But then when the traffic gets unbearable, somehow the funds just seem to be there. Maybe, just maybe the Grand Pkwy is ahead of the after-traffic development syndrome. But I can see how toll road funding could throw it back in time.

  9. yeah they are really stinking up the western fringes. Glad we moved, all it meant was decreased property value. I was also very shocked at the mini-storage. The custom home sales office failed to tell us about the coming Walmart, etc etc.

    Thne basic problem is that the stuff on 2978 is mostly not part of The Wodolands and the development company had no input on its design or anything. Most of the properties were not sold to the development company. There remain many properties that will eventually be sold but only because the taxes will be exhorbitant. I looked up the property initally posted in this thread and saw where it had doubled in value over about 4 years, mostly because it is located in a prime property area. I do not know if the properties on 2978 will explode like that or not, but intuitively one would have to say that they probably will. If that is a given, then I see the future as tear it down and rebuild it, but the rebuilding might not be part of the master community plan. Other developers can buy it also and build to their standards unless of course the Township annexes it, which is not out of the question.

  10. wxman, you and woody are talking about 2 different things. He is talking about mass transit within the Woodlands, while you are talking about commuter transit to and from the Woodlands. Woodlands Express currently seves the commuter crowd. Montgomery County has indicated an interest in someday funding an extension of a commuter rail line to Conroe (though the South Montgomery station would likely be east of I-45), but no one is discussing transit within the Woodlands...and probably never will.

    Hope that clears up my posts.

    Actually the thread topic is parking space. That forms a basis for either inter-commute to work or play and intra-commute to work or play. Sometimes we use the transit system (and rtelated parking areas) to simply go to downtown Houston or the medical center. It is used by some to go to school. The Woodlands is very conscious of the footprint for every parking area whether it is used for work or play (including shopping). Land is very expensive. Personally, I do not like to go to Market Street or the mall at this time of the year because of parking constraints. Right now, the work force at the mall and Market Street are being transported to parking places not very convenient to them in order to open additional parking for shoppers. At this time of the year, the amount of concrete dedicated to parking is of high concern by residents and visitors alike. I just wanted to clear up where I am coming from in my posts on this subject.

  11. Yeah, it does get confusing, doesn't it?

    Like in the Woodlands' newest neighborhood, Creekside Park.

    Located in Harris County, not Montgomery County.

    Zoned to Tomball schools, not Conroe schools (like all the Woodlands schools are).

    Tell me those people moving in there aren't going to have some headaches there!:)

    Logically, one would have thought that village would have been tied to Klein, but guess it is right on the northern border of that district. I think I heard it is going to have its own high school, in time.

  12. i can think of eight multi-story parking garages in town center. i think the largest is between the pavilion and the marriott (the gold lot) or the anadarko parking garage. the anadarko garage was built to facilitate a second building i believe.

    I was thinking about this yesterday. How many parks are there in The Woodlands? A bunch! They have lots of parking spaces - paved and mostly unused. If there was a transportation system which picked up and dropped off people at those parks, especially in peak shopping or event times, we might see improvements. Just an idea not fully thought out, but on the surface it sounds good. Hmmm ... park and ride would take on a completely different meaning.

  13. If a trolley passed by on the hour picking up passengers on The Woodlands Parkway, I would use it. Unfortunately, there has not been much of an effort to put together a mass transportation plan here, probably because of assumptions. If we had a scheduled transportation system, I believe it could work. Just once an hour would be fine. Right now, a person must own a car or have one available to be able to conveniently move about here.

  14. This huge project has been in the making since 2004. Now the state is getting serious and will begin hearings in Feb 2008. Highway 59 will be used as the backbone corridor to provide transportation across Texas all the way to the border. It will give us Texans better mobility to Mexico, to the north and many points in between. It will also provide a means to move traffic through the Houston region. It is unclear now how this new freeway will skirt around Houston. It is a good bet that it will not route over the downtown area. I suppose we will see more details soon.


    I69 Information Site

    I have not looked elsewhere in the archicture forum to see if this subject is being discussed elsewhere.

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