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  1. I have lost some confidence in the project. deferrals have been going on for several years now. Changing plans, changing scope, changing financing, and of course changing the schedule. Seems like Disney just did it it Florida but that was decades ago and he was probably self financed.

  2. Saw this in the paper--apparently Ritz Carlton has been eyeing The Woodlands as it's first attempt to re-establish itself in the Houston market. Unfortunately, due to the economic conditions, the hotel project may be a bit of a ways down the road....


    The begging question is where they will go. We have plenty of places left to build a hotel here, but along the waterway... limited time to get the right property. I can think of a few perfect spots right offhand.

  3. I have not heard a firm date. My understanding has been that the development company would like to get it done before 2010 but that sounds totally unreasonable to me. I see maybe 2014. There is only one other new development for The Woodlands, which is on 2978 where the Magnolia ISD will be the school system. That opens in 2009. That one will probably finish before Creekside Park Village but it may be a race. I am trying to think of its name but it isn't like the one you have stated. I will be looking for better answers to yoru questions. I have an article to write on the subject soon.

    Continuing on with this thread, there are a couple of things about the village to note. One, a new lower cost neighborhood is being started on the west side of Kuykendahl. Thatis due to the state of the economy. The village will continue to grow at a slower pace. This is part of the master plan; I believe it is being executed earlier than previously planned. Secondly, I wrote an article on the new YMCA. Not a lot of information but it is new information and will be of interest to residents of The Woodlands on both side of the creek.

    The village continues to grow.YMCA in Village of Creekside Park

  4. Woody-

    Is that your own blog that you list as your signature? If so, it's loaded with information, thank you!

    Yep. My goal is to give everyone who wants to know, the benefit of what I learn as I learn. When I came here, there were no answers to my questions. Today, there remain lots of questions but it is like going to the eye doctor. You don't know what yo can't see until you put on a pair of glasses and behold! There are strands on the carpet and the trees have leaves! And a deer is not a tree. lol

    My discoveries have recently led me into budgets and processes, along with women and children who cry behind closed doors (social things). I tried to open a huge book the past two weeks - how to find edible mushrooms here. I fell on my face on that one but intend to return to it. Never knew how big a subject that would be!

    It is unbelievable how much stuff there is to do and how much stuff is being done.

    Anyway, you are welcome.

  5. Although I am looking forward to the additional turn lanes and extra through lanes, the noise and dust will be increased. We go from one kind of pollution to another. To push the traffic down the road, we may have longer delays at intersections. This will complete the development of Woodlands Parkway. Next should be Research Forest. Since there are no funds for building new roads, I see us totally dormant after Research Forest for quite some time. The only way Kuykendahl will be cut through is if the developers make it happen. We can't get funds now to maintain our roads.

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  6. Actually is was not voted as the 14th best place to live. It was voted the 14th best place to relocate to. That is, people looking for relocating to this area, this is where they tend should look. I am not sure how international roles play into the voting, but my guess - it plays a large part. In the past, TW has been voted into the top group to live but not this time. This is how I understand this award.

  7. Lori,

    I can tell you that there are a number of patio homes/townhomes/condos or whatever you want to call them, previously sold and now for sale. They are mostly one story, and are in the Ashbury Square subdivision, all on Douvaine Ct. in Sterling Ridge, near the intersection of Lake Woodlands Dr. and Sterling Ridge Dr. They're not cheap, though; the lowest one of the three currently for sale is asking $210,000. The other two are in the $240s. They were built in 2004 and are very nicely finished inside. Of the 4 floorplans there, only one was a two-story (the largest one). These are legally structured as condos, I think, but many/most resales are marketed as single-family homes. I don't know why the Realtors do that.

    The other Life Forms subdivisions I looked at rarely had one-story single-family homes, which is why I pretty much ruled them out in my home search. The only one recently sold that I could find was at 78 Winter Wheat Pl. in the Reedy Pond subdivision (it had 1837 sq. ft.). It was last asking $181,900 before being sold; it closed in Aug. 2007.


    I have a friend who lives in Alden Bridge who has a one story., near SH242.

  8. full story

    it's a bit confusing how they (GGP) can be an owner and yet the woodlands is a "stand alone locally operated and managed company..." forgive my ignorance, but if someone wouldn't mind a brief explanation how all of these entities are related? thanks.

    This happens in many large corporations. When in a partnership, the partner usually wants protection from the other partner. I worked in one of these, an oil field of three partners. The company was totally independent. When it needed capital it could go to the parent companies and make a call, optional financing/investments in the partnership. Employees may be on loan from parent companies or may be employees of the partnership. I have been told that the operating company here is self sustaining financially and is able to provide contracted cash to parent companies and operate for this full year without any issues.

  9. I think the answer is your 2nd choice: they remapped the floodplain elevations. As the Chronicle article said, "The new flood map would be an upgrade over the one currently in effect, which was established in 1999, he said. The new version is digital, providing a more accurate representation of the flood plain." So blame it on newer technology. I just wonder now if this digital imaging will affect other areas near creeks elsewhere in The Woodlands.


    Thanks. Hey look me up when you get here. Have you decided where yet? I am betting you are not going to relocate on a creek bed.

  10. Hi Woody,

    That's pretty nice :D that you are doing this---whether it is for your job assignment, or not.............as I never really "felt" there was enough "transparency" about important issues such as this while still living there


    Celiene, thanks - discovery is an eye opener for sure! I had the same problem when I retired. I wanted to know information and the more i wanted to know, the more vague everything seemed to get.

  11. Yeah, I see your point. It has not changed much here. You get info and then think you have a handle on the subject but then something happens and everything changes. I am guided somewhat by what one of my readers told me lately about the home she bought a year or so ago. She got carbon monoxide poisoning, is totally upset about the noise and blames the real estate woman for her problems. Although I am not "sold" on her story, I do worry a little about what is said and what is withheld when selling a house here. I know my real estate agent did an excellent job in priming me for the purchase. I felt well informed and there were no surprises except for a gasoline station that was built here about two years after I moved in. Just keep the expectations aligned within reality and the buyer will be OK. No one likes surprises with such a large investment.

    I have started a series of articles on mobility. Two have already been published. There should be about seven before the series concludes. I am soliciting issues in the area now, looking for input so I get as many and diverse opinions as possible. The articles are on the main blog for anyone who wishes to contribute or comment.

  12. Does the Sierra Club have standing in court?

    I would be surprised if they can affect the outcome of this. I know there are some seemingly desperate people trying to get in the way, even to the point of perhaps putting their bodies in harm way when construction begins. Sound like the 60's?

  13. I really hate eminent domain, but the GP on the north side would be so huge.

    It is beginning to look like federal funds will stimulate this project!!! All the objections will probably fall through a crack in the scheme of things now. I see a bulldozer literally running over everything now. 2015 is not very far out but it looks like that goal could be met with the influx of this money. They have to get on the stick for the second segment to I-45 however.

  14. looks like it's east of i10 and 45. (w of n main)

    I'll look there. The reason I am asking is that The Woodlands is paying for some of the project and I would like to know what we are paying for. Houston consistently has followed the pattern with other projects we have helped pay for but this one escapes me entirely. The projects are supposed to be regional in benefit, mostly related to the medical center and parks.

  15. Hi all,

    Does anybody know how the East Shore development is going to fare in the current environment? There seems to be a lot of property for sale and a lot of development still planned.

    Best wishes to all for a healthy and happy 2009

    Properties continue to be sold but not at a fast pace. I do not have any specifics on East Shore. There is general future optimism that I have heard from folks in the development company. There may be some issues coming down the pike with high cost condominiums but does not look like it from my seat. Commercially in Town Center, there does not seem to be a big issue with the economy but the first quarter of the year will give us an idea when it is compared to last year.

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