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  1. Certainly interesting discussion. Teens are not any different than adults. The first person that tries to make me leave because I am an adult will not like my response, nor any required subsequent responses. I have been with my children as they mingled with the "loitering" crowds, where they sipped a cup of coffee and talked to friends and then maybe went to say hi to someone they know and then maybe to the ice cream place. So what is this hullaboo all about anyway? Yes, a crowd it is on weekends, and as with crowds, there may be some things happen that we do not want to happen. I have heard of people afraid of teen crowds and aggravation by some of their energy and other issues. Geez .... The Woodlands is a family place. Take it up with the developer and the community. If people do not like family life, then maybe this is not the place for them. I noted some folks noting a need for public places for teens. That is exactly what my teens tell me. "Where else will we go?" Want us to be jailed in homes? If you have a teen, you know you do not want them in another home, where there are likely issues with supervision. I was a teenager once, as I well know all of you were also. I am on my 5th and 6th teenagers and have had excellent success, but the home was not ever the issue. It was always the outside and lack of interest and bad influences in the neighborhood. What goes on behind closed doors .. ugh! As a parent I much rather them be socializing outdoors or in a place where there are sure to be responsible adults. These are really nice kids. And sterotyping them by dress codes? Shameful! Styles continously change. Get over it and get aboard. Let's not make the same mistakes parents did in the 70's. How terrible long hair was and those beatniks and drug pushers who did not wear belts! Had to punish them severely and boot them out if they did not follow the parents dress codes. I could write all day on this subject, but it already is boring. Sorry. Teens need socializing. Some are nerds and can live without people. My adult children managed to get through it all as outstanding citizens. I would like something better for my current ones, but adults never change. TW is the worst of any community I have ever lived for providing them a safe haven to live. It certainly has not lived up to its advertised "family community".

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