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  1. These maps of Houston murders, as well as the "top blocks" map, help give one an idea. 2007 Houston Murder Map 2006 Houston Murder Map 2005 Houston Murder Map 2006 Top 35 Street Blocks Map
  2. I'll try to keep it updated. I will be monitoring the number of visitors to see what the interest is. HPD released the May data this week. I should have the May maps out later tonight or tomorrow. -Eric
  3. I just came across this thread but it's funny that you mention that because I just did a Google Maps mash-up this weekend with the HPD crime data from April (the most recent available) for the Central Patrol Division. http://www.ericcarlson.net/crimestats/ -Eric
  4. The current Metro light rail build-out schedule is as follows (years listed are the years in which service is schedule to start, taken from Metro's web site): 2009: North Extension (University of Houston-Downtown to Northline Mall) 2010: Southeast Line (Downtown to Griggs at Loop 610) 2011: Harrisburg Line (Dowling to the Magnolia Transit Center) 2013: Westpark Line (Wheeler Station to the Hillcroft Transit Center) This is the "First 10-Year Program" of the 25-year Metro Solutions program. Nothing is scheduled yet beyond the four extensions above and of course this schedule is subject to change due to funding, litigation, etc. http://www.ridemetro.org/motion/solutions/plan/tenyear.asp -Eric
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