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  1. I wonder if it's still going to be the same development or value engineered down to a strip center...
  2. I lived on Wickersham directly behind there when I first moved down here and always liked that shopping center. Sad to see this one go. Used to go to the video store back in the day.
  3. It IS in the middle of nowhere. I live in Kingwood and take the beltway to Clear Lake and pass this along the way and it's pretty isolated. It probably won't be in 5-10 years but in the meantime, it's setting is pretty remote.
  4. So I assume the building(s) Uchi, Hue Salon, etc are in are going to stay and be incorporated into new development? As for the Freed Montrose Library, I hope whoever moves into that space when the library moves restores it because it's a great building and definitely worth saving.
  5. West Timer is correct. The animations and graphics not too mention awkward justified text are distracting and hard to read.
  6. I live in Kingwood...there's no way this is happening. I hope I'm wrong but Kingwood and the people that live there are boring and would never support this.
  7. Is this going to be built around that Subway or knock it down? Also, wasn't there a Hilton planned for this area? Same intersection? I work in UT tower so I will be able to watch this go up.
  8. Too bad it will be next door to that Walgreens.
  9. wont most of that rear of that building be blocked by Hines' new tower?
  10. I see nothing wrong with these buildings. Sure, they're glass boxes but not every project in town had to be high profile. The energy corridor is not really a hot bed for architectural wonder but I like the fact these created a new mini skyline.
  11. ^ You should have seen what the original design (post oak) looked like. 9/11 forced the developers to scale back dramatically. Was quite impressive.
  12. What a freaking waste! The existing building is only about 20 or so years old and of all the buildings in that area, the developers knock down a decent 20-storey building. There are countless older trashy 4-5 storey buildings all up and down that street, including the one I work in a few doors up where the elevator is dead every other day. Knock that POS down.
  13. Is this replacing park with mural on side of adjacent building? Across from Pennzoil? Is this replacing park with mural on side of adjacent building? Across from Pennzoil?
  14. Of all the crappy apartments knocked down to make way for newer development, sad to see these go. Was actually a very nice property.
  15. Randall Davis is unprofessional. 002 Magazine interviewed him a few years ago and one of the questions they asked him was what was his favorite instrument. His response: skin flute
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