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  1. Hi, A family member is considering contracting with a property manager to lease out their current home (gated, 2 story Tudor, 1 acre lot etc) with easy access to the energy corridor. Suggestions on which companies to go to - or to avoid? Also, what are the tax implications (property tax, etc) since this is currently a principal residence? (The person will be travelling for a while without any other principal residence). Thanks in advance!
  2. Some questions re HCAD’s land value (market/appraised) calculation. I understand that land value is set for an area, and not subject to appeal. 1. Anyone familiar with the algorithm used to calculate land value/sq ft? 2. What is the area over which the algorithm is applied? (neighborhood code, neighborhood group, market area, key map). 3. Is it usual that the same land value/sq ft is applied within a close geographic area, irrespective of the property location/amenities/best use? For example, land value per sq ft set the same for: a business center/gas station at the intersection of 2 major roads; unimproved vacant land on a small side street; land with and without: city sewer, natural gas access, road access – all within a few blocks of each other. Thanks in advance for any insights.
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