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  1. Living in Detroit has really put into perspective for me how bland a lot of the architecture in Houston is. Everything built is about maximizing profits and minimizing costs. None of these buildings are memorable, and they don't really add much to the character of the city.
  2. The inside looks nice, but good god that's some uninspired architecture. It just opened and it already looks 35 years old from the outside.
  3. It's a shame they knocked down the old quads instead of renovating them. This new building looks pretty soul-less and generic and isn't going to age well. From the sounds of it, they're going to make the same mistake with Moody.
  4. Pretty sure the plan is to move the COT to Sugar Land and turn that building to a food hall.
  5. I believe that's also the first look at the next parking garage that they're going to build.
  6. It's being put on hold for now. Instead, they're gonna focus on finishing tower 1 sooner, and they'll be making some upgrades to the current St. Luke's building in the meanwhile. They cited "uncertainty in the national healthcare landscape" as part of the reason why.
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