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  1. 10602 and 10607 olympia we're both in the 1960 parade. Unfortunately, and it breaks my heart, 10607 went into foreclosure, needed repairs and the integrity of the architectural detail was of no importance to those who "put the house back together." It was an amazing home. I had the opportunity to look at the house when it was in foreclosure in the early 90s. In the front yard there was a small water feature with a bridge leading over it to the front door. The water in the "pond" ran from the the outdoors to the indoors under a huge wall of glass. It was stunning. The front door was stunning too. Later that day after experiencing the home, I was telling my mother about it. I described some of the architecture and after rattling some of details off, she started telling me about the house. It turns out my father worked on that house and the one at 10602. He had been deceased for about 20 years at the time or I would have asked about the house. My father was an architect but i don't believe he was the main architect on those homes. I'm not really sure how that works.
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