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  1. Hi guys! It is me. You'll see because I truly don't understand very much about business however, me coming from a long way. I'm not going to get frustrated and I will be hoping to learn a lot here. I've got a business service that individuals are ready to pay me for, but I actually can't manage to spend for somebody to to operate my business. Here are some thing that I'm searching for assistance with and I understand that I will not be able to get help with everything all in one single place so I am joining a lot of small business newsgroups based on a listing that I was given by my cousin. How much bookkeeping am I going to need to master before I get in too deep with taxes as well as other business topics like that? Additionally what's the best way to collect payment? At the moment I'm simply accumulating check or money. Does not that cost money, although obviously like I could take charge card obligations, I would like to look? Before and I don't want a Wells Fargo to nickel and dime me as though they do when my personal consideration drops a little short, I haven't had a bankaccount for business. Nicely that's me and I am thrilled to start learning. Thanks!
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