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  1. I live in Austin and this one looks like everything that is going up here....Austin just gets excited when they get a tall building, they don't care what it looks like
  2. Does anyone know why they have chopped down all of the Oak trees in front of this development???
  3. Hanover will be moving its corporate offices the the first few floors of this building.
  4. I may be reaching, but you sort of sound bitter....even for someone from Dallas.
  5. From a good source....Morris Architects is still working on this and is finishing up the construction drawings within a few weeks. I'm not sure what that means in relation to actual building...
  6. That building at McKinney and Olive is very cool looking. I like.
  7. no experience with mondo grass but do have zoysia grass which does very well in shade and also grows much slower than st. augustine grass.
  8. I live very close to this development and I am excited. In fact, most of my neighbors are excited as well. There will always be a few folks that won't ever be happy...
  9. Stream doesn't have the best reputation in many circles in the industry...i believe they couldn't make the International Tower work either...
  10. Monarch, I like your posts and your excitement about things. Keep them coming!
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