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  1. My family moved here 19 years ago. Im 19 years old and i agree with what you say. Sooner or later people will get tired of the few stores that in the towne center. If you look at all of the new "master bland communities" in sugar land within the last 5 years, they have all been "upscale" in the sense of price. I honestly wouldnt be surprised if Sugar Land used eminent domain and forced all of the people behind the sugar factory to move out. Thats the likely plan
  2. With all of the new stuff thats going on, it seems like they are obviously catering to the higher class. What about the middle class? Everything is getting more and more expensive sooner or later Sugar Land wont be a good city anymore.
  3. I wonder if Telfair will be gated and whoever isnt a member will be shot to death. I agree, this sprawl-to-make-a-buck needs to stop. Whats the use of having this huge and most likley very expensive neighborhood here? Everyone knows the houses will be more than what everyone can afford. What is Sugar Land turning into? Wikipedia says Sugar Land is in talks to buy Greatwood, New Territory, and River Park, along with the subdivisions of Tara Colony and Tara Plantation to annex in the near future. Seems like Sugar Land wants to become an upscale city. What next? trading Sugar Mill/The Hill/Covington Woods/West to Houston because the homes arent worth $250k? Lets remember the master builder that built Greatwood and Cinco Ranch, yes, the same people that are going to build Telfair. Unless you are a doctor, you dont live in neither subdivision and i doubt you will live in Telfair either.
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