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  1. I received an email with a .pdf today from when I requested leasing information a while back. Look like units start to be available in August.
  2. It looks like this is what ZCA is proposing for Bayou Place. No clue what the status is on the project through, but it's being shared on the new website. It could have never left the concept stage or is still in play and is now okay to share publicly. https://zieglercooper.com/projects/bayou-place/
  3. The project is listed on the GC's website, but it looks to be the same rendering and some stock hotel room interior photos.
  4. Looks like something might be starting here. Wooden barriers are being built around the entrance right now. Though I guess it could be some increased security to keep Jon-Jon-Jives from tagging the roof again.
  5. Broad daylight again too. I rode here by myself two weeks ago and the last person getting jumped there was on my mind the entire time I was passing through. I really like the east end trail as a 5 mile add on to White Oak / Buffalo Bayou. It's pretty sketchy from McKee to the new pedestrian bridge to Jensen due to the encampments, but I've never been bothered by the homeless people directly. Hopefully they catch whoever is hiding off the trail and doing this.
  6. Bunch of renderings in this video from their site. https://jpmctowerhouston.com/
  7. Not to say that they shouldn't build a garage, but if they do, I hope it has a residential tower attached or on top of it.
  8. There are at least 5 public garages within 5 blocks of this project. Houstonians should realize they don't always have to park directly at the thing they're going to, and it's not always going to be free.
  9. Is SOM still the architect on this one? It's not listed on their website.
  10. Cloudy Sunrise Time-Lapse from Eleanor Tinsley Park
  11. This is a seriously cool expansion. I only made it up the first two floors, so I'll have to go back since I ran out of time. TIP: I found out the hard way if you wear a backpack, they will make you wear it on your front or carry it by the handle.
  12. Snapped this the other day. Slightly wonky since I had to photomerge a multiple photos to get the entire building in the shot.
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