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  1. The lower floors of the building were designed to deal with flooding.
  2. Yes, you can order to go at the counter. They are also on the Ritual app, so you can pre-order and pick up when it's ready. I'm right there with you on a convenience tax on their groceries. The more options we can have Downtown, the better. It's surprising how limited food selection can get late evening on a weeknight.
  3. It's been open for a few months. The food is pretty much the same as before the pandemic, and the groceries they have are expensive but super convenient if you need something last minute. For example, a six-pack of Spindeltap Houston Haze IPA is $18 bucks. The market portion has counter service, and the Cellar 7 Bar portion next door has table service, but both serve the same food. They also have some breakfast/brunch options and are open on the weekends. I wish we had more breakfast options with weekend hours Downtown.
  4. Awsome! I didn't even realize they were doing this. I hated crossing TC Jester on at bike a the bottom of that bridge, so I've always drove to visit friends in that area. This connector will make me reach for a bike instead of car keys from now on.
  5. Looks like a 6,500 SF pet hotel is going in on the Congress side of Market Square Tower / CVS.
  6. The old Prohibition location on prairie next to Underground Hall (formerly The Conservatory) is becoming Hamburger Mary's from Montrose.
  7. I also noticed new doors and work being done on the old TOC bar building (101 Travis across from Bayou Lofts) a few weeks ago. I asked the owner of One Arm Scissor up the block if he knew what was going in there, and he thought it was another bar.
  8. There looks to be a new restaurant or bar called "Bunga Low" where Live sports bar was at Main and Preston. There is some build-out happening in the opposite corner of the building too, but I don't know if it's part of the space since I never went inside live when it was open. 2nd floor patio looks re-done as well.
  9. I received an email with a .pdf today from when I requested leasing information a while back. Look like units start to be available in August.
  10. It looks like this is what ZCA is proposing for Bayou Place. No clue what the status is on the project through, but it's being shared on the new website. It could have never left the concept stage or is still in play and is now okay to share publicly. https://zieglercooper.com/projects/bayou-place/
  11. The project is listed on the GC's website, but it looks to be the same rendering and some stock hotel room interior photos.
  12. Looks like something might be starting here. Wooden barriers are being built around the entrance right now. Though I guess it could be some increased security to keep Jon-Jon-Jives from tagging the roof again.
  13. Broad daylight again too. I rode here by myself two weeks ago and the last person getting jumped there was on my mind the entire time I was passing through. I really like the east end trail as a 5 mile add on to White Oak / Buffalo Bayou. It's pretty sketchy from McKee to the new pedestrian bridge to Jensen due to the encampments, but I've never been bothered by the homeless people directly. Hopefully they catch whoever is hiding off the trail and doing this.
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