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  1. I wish this location was getting a lap pool. The YMCA is nice, but it can get crowded, and another pool downtown would help relieve that. Regardless lacking a pool having new amenities downtown will be exciting for a lot of people.
  2. The glass on the garage is starting to be installed.
  3. I've never paid attention to the size of it or how many cars it can park, but there is a garage behind P.F. Chang's in the back Highland Village. If that can accommodate the current lot capacity and parking minimum, is it possible they might not even need to build an underground garage? The icing on the cake would be if they ever built the multi-use path proposed under power lines that run next to the train tracks to Memorial Park. After that, if we ever get a future connection from the Memorial to Buffalo Bayou's , you would have this shopping center connected to all of the Allen Parkway developments, Downtown, and beyond. I like to bicycle dream that all those moving parts could come together sometimes.
  4. There's an RFQ/RFQ out again for the Architecture side of this project. https://www4.mdanderson.org/procurement/bids/index.cfm?pagename=viewBid&id=6858&name=Request for Qualification
  5. They also have a photo of Marin Zindler and his dog on the wall.
  6. It's not usually an error on your end (the user). It would be an error on their end or it may be a compromised site. Maybe your financial institution has let their SLL certificate lapse? This is the handshake between your computer and their server that encrypts whatever data is being passed back and forth. It's also possible you're going to http://www.yourbank.com instead of the https://www.yourbank.com/. The"s" in the second web address is which indicates you're visiting the secured side of their website.
  7. Good news! Now I'm curious if it will somehow incorporate the former prohibition space. I walked by last weekend, and workers were re-configuring the patio fencing at ground level to join the two areas. Previously the railing was separating the outdoor seating between the two establishments.
  8. The first rule of water feature rules is that we don't ask about water feature rules.
  9. Here's a shot of some workers on site. I would have taken something closer, but the dog seemed to have business elsewhere. On another note, there's ~10 trucks all along Texas St. from Caroline St. to Jones Hall servicing/upgrading the street lights.
  10. Renovations are coming along, but I guess they're not going to hit that November 2019 opening date. ;)
  11. I haven't been paying attention to see if people are on site, but I know It's further along than the photos above. I'll snap some updated photos when I walk the dog by there today or tomorrow. Edit: I just noticed those photos are from last friday. It's about that far I guess.
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