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  1. If this is a Phase 1 garage and Phase 2 tower project, Gensler has direct experience a few blocks away from designing the One Market Square garage (Minus the automated parking portion). I'm armchair speculating with you that there is a Phase two of some sort, and it'll probably beat One Market Square to completion at this point. 😉
  2. The Crystal Ballroom at The Rice may suit your needs. I don't know if it's "unique" because I see weddings and events there weekly, but that could be due to my proximity to it.
  3. Snapped a photo of some guys climbing on form work yesterday. They move so fast that it was already removed when I looked today.
  4. The restaurant build-out on the Main and Texas Ave. corner is looking like they will be finished soon. Exterior:
  5. It's basically a long-ass kiosk that makes a coffee when you order it. They have one on the mezzanine level of the George R. Brown near the Marriott skywalk. I'm not sure if it's any good, but there was a line of people waiting to pay tribute to their coffee-serving robotic overlord.
  6. Here's a night time mid-dogwalk cellphone snap shot. I was surprised the top floor appears very much in use still. I figured it was storage, but it looks to be some kind of office too. You could see a computer screen or TV and people moving around. It must be bizarre staring out of those old arched windows in to the back side of cladding. Wish I had taken the time to get better picture, but the dog had business up the street. This also solves the clock mystery. It doesn't look like the hands have moved .
  7. I was wondering the same thing. The timestamps on my photos are between 5:12 to 5:15 pm, so if we know when other people took photos we could figure out if the hands moved at all.
  8. "Welcome to TC Energy Center." 700 Louisiana was rechristened this morning via lobby kolaches
  9. When I previously worked for a General Contractor here in Houston they used daily/weekly drone flights, and a Ricoh 360 cam with Holobuilder to document job progress.
  10. BurgerIM on the Prarie / Milam side of the garage is now open.
  11. Shhhhhhh! Don't say this too loud. I think I can hear my rent going up! Kidding aside, all of this development near Market Square Park and the surrounding is great! This is also a stone's throw from POST HTX, and the whatever edible things end up in the Lyric Center garage retail space.
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