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  1. From Bovine and Barley to "Vinyls" and Crosleys. It'll be interesting to see if a decent amount of square footage is dedicated to records, or if they're just going to have a shelf of Taylor Swift and Tyler the Creator albums for sale to sell the concept. Snark aside, a well done concept that combines something like Sig's Lagoon and Double Trouble could actually be cool in that location.
  2. Looks like the Brava retail space closest to Prarie will be a Crisp & Green.
  3. https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/houston/2023/03/22/446987/houston-city-council-approves-permanent-outdoor-dining-options-for-downtown-restaurants/ The More Space: Main Street program was started in November 2020 to help businesses navigate the pandemic by blocking off portions of Main Street between Commerce and Rusk Street – stretching seven blocks – to expand dining services onto unused road space. Officials said the program has been very successful with helping businesses increase revenue, safety, and retain customer and employee retention, even after the pandemic.
  4. With More Space: Main Street set to expire "March 31, 2023 or until the end of all COVID protocols", I'm curious if the city will renew/continue it. Has anyone herd anything or have any information? Even though it makes deliveries difficult to my building, I really hope they continue the program. It's great to have the extra sidewalk space and not have to worry about cars on those blocks of Main.
  5. Does anyone know if the More Space: Main Street program is going to be extended again this year? The website says it "will last until March 31, 2023, or until the end of all COVID protocols". I hope it gets extended or they make it permanent.
  6. I'm just speculating, but if you build it, they will come to an extent. There's always flight to higher-quality / new buildings. It's not exactly highrise projects in demand. It's residential projects that are transit-oriented and near parks and other walkable places. The more people realize you can structure your life to be less car-centric, the more people here will do it. I'd much rather have things closer to me and allocate more of my money to housing instead of transportation costs than have a yard in the burbs, but I have no plans to have children, so my view is biased. Highrises/midrise buildings are just the vehicles to deliver dense housing near stuff at current land prices. If someone has access to Co-Star they could look lease-up / occupancy trends in newer Class A highrise apartments and determine if demand is still strong to give a less speculative answer to your question.
  7. From the bridge near UHD over Buffalo / White Oak Bayou Timelapse video of the sunrise.
  8. Came across the Preservation Houston video mentioned above on youtube.
  9. Looks like Lyric Market will open this week: https://secrethouston.com/lyric-food-market-houston/?fbclid=IwAR2gTjJRkG74Hy00Sx8DgHBIC2xk17Dc-F-1SKqAmGOP0Nf24PwYsj8kv0Q "Lyric Market officially opens to the public on Thursday, October 13, after which the market will be open from 7 am to 10 pm Monday through Friday, and from 11 am to 11 pm on Sundays."
  10. The lower pedestrian only section of buffalo bayou has a "Kinder Footpath". Not quite a road, but it's a start ..
  11. I don't think this place will be my scene, but I'm happy something is going into the retail space that will keep vagrants from camping and peeing in front of it. Plus, renting this place means another chance something I like can go in elsewhere, eliminating another empty retail space. I heard it is supposed to open in 2-3 weeks and didn't believe it at first, but they've had full construction crews working and making decent progress since last week.
  12. Pizza from the pizza bot was reasoably good on a walk home from a bar last weekend. It's not Franks, but there wasn't a giant 1am franks line either. It takes about 3 minutes to spit out an entire well cooked pizza.
  13. A resturant/bar called Victory Lounge is going in the former BirdDog Saint retail space at 711 Main St.
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