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  1. Snapped this the other day. Slightly wonky since I had to photomerge a multiple photos to get the entire building in the shot.
  2. The top rendering is old design concept. This has a rendering from inside the pool area.
  3. Demolition progress from last night 10/15/2020
  4. Fly through video rendering of the interior renovations.
  5. Photos from 10/8/2020. I'm curious what's going on here too.
  6. No idea if this is the design mentioned in the article, but it looks to be the same location. https://hinesad.com/portfolios/memorial-plaza/
  7. jermh

    Reve At Montrose

    I may be overthinking this, but wouldn't this tenant make the rest of the building less desirable? "Hey, want to go grab drinks at, Gibbs' used to be a boat store -- now is next to cough, cold, and COVID testing site Bar & Grill?". I guess you're happy to get any retail tenant right now. If I were to speculate using purely judgmental Houston strip-center bingo, I'd say there's' a boutique dental practice and Poke restaurant coming next.
  8. Skanska recently purchased that strip center, so If they move forward with development it's probably going to have to move if it survives regardless of the rent cost. Here's a link to the thread about the development.
  9. Sorry to get yalls hopes up, but I was wrong. It's actually Mia Bella not a La Madeleine. I'll post a picture of the permit on the door below.
  10. It looks like a La Madeleine is almost fully built out in the Rusk and Fannin corner of the building. Construction screening on the windows was removed, and when I walked by over the weekend I could see pallets of shrink-wrapped furniture ready to be unpacked.
  11. Inquire about a leasing a unit. When I did a year or two ago the tour included the pool deck and gym on the 39th floor.
  12. Looks like they aren't planning on opening until downtown pedestrian traffic picks up.
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