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  1. Timelapse of some construction on the tower yesterday.
  2. It looks like Oui Eats is going in on the Travis Street side of the One Market Square garage.
  3. I've asked around after posting here and I'm thinking it was just make-em-up. I now doubt there was any validity to the rumor. Mods feel free to delete if necessary.
  4. I've just herd Perkins + Will has acquired Kirksey Architecture. Has anyone else herd this rumor or have any information to validate it or invalidate it?
  5. We have to rest our heads somewhere when we're not busy killing industries.
  6. I had to drive today to work today, so I snapped a panaorama from the One Market Square garage.
  7. I'm pretty sure that's how Colina's boxes look, but they may just be some generic italian pizza box. I know Frank's Pizza downtown has red, white, and black boxes, but I don't remember if they are checkered.
  8. The rumor I've herd from a friend mine who's going to work at the club is that it should opening on September 12th. They're staff and not involved in the design/construction of the club, so I can't say for sure if that's a solid date, but they seem to think that's the opening day.
  9. There is tunnel access at the basement level of the One Market Square garage, and the tunnel was connected and functioning before they started the the Texas Tower construction. It's closed now, but here's a shot looking towards the garage from the texas tower end of the tunnel, and another from the lowest parking area up the stairs towards the Texas Tower site. I'm sure it'll be reopened when the Texas Tower construction finishes.
  10. They were running the generator and cooking some trees this morning.
  11. They had notices on the door stating that filming was in progress when I walked by at lunch today. I'd bet there will be video or tv spot popping up before they open. The place looked close to complete when I peaked through the glass.
  12. More demo shots from walking by last week.
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