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  1. Looks like a 6,500 SF pet hotel is going in on the Congress side of Market Square Tower / CVS.
  2. The old Prohibition location on prairie next to Underground Hall (formerly The Conservatory) is becoming Hamburger Mary's from Montrose.
  3. I also noticed new doors and work being done on the old TOC bar building (101 Travis across from Bayou Lofts) a few weeks ago. I asked the owner of One Arm Scissor up the block if he knew what was going in there, and he thought it was another bar.
  4. There looks to be a new restaurant or bar called "Bunga Low" where Live sports bar was at Main and Preston. There is some build-out happening in the opposite corner of the building too, but I don't know if it's part of the space since I never went inside live when it was open. 2nd floor patio looks re-done as well.
  5. Beer & Liquor notice posted on the door today.
  6. I received an email with a .pdf today from when I requested leasing information a while back. Look like units start to be available in August.
  7. It looks like this is what ZCA is proposing for Bayou Place. No clue what the status is on the project through, but it's being shared on the new website. It could have never left the concept stage or is still in play and is now okay to share publicly. https://zieglercooper.com/projects/bayou-place/
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