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  1. This gives a bit of context to the holes that they're punching.
  2. Don't tell anyone, but Phoenicia downtown was well stocked and even had toilet paper on sunday. It could have changed over the last two days, so buyer beware. Not my typical grocery haunt because I think the word Phoenicia is Mediterranean for expensive, but it was very nice to grab and go without having to fight people.
  3. Oh yeah, I've been to this since it re-opened. It's almost the same as it was during it's life as the conservatory, but with a new wood ceiling and bad caricature murals above the entry stairs. It's probably more of a my own internalized "oh no, change!" reaction to the changes rather than them really being out of place. Everything that used to be dark gray or black colored paint wise is now white. The arcade games are gone, but the back bar had a bigger, and welcome in my opinion, selection of local beers on tap. I tried an IPA by Brash there for the first time, and it was pretty good. Obviously most of the food vendors are new, but I think it's the same taco place that replaced El Burro & The Bull shortly before conservatory closed and it's for sure the same Tres Leches place. I'm happy this is open again.
  4. I'd be leery of the quality of any of those "bikes" posted on what's probably your blog with your amazon affiliate links. To answer your question, you'd be allowed to ride a bike at a bike event. The extra weight/loss of efficiency when the batteries are dead would deter me away from a cheap-o-E-bike, and e-bikes in general, but E-bikes are a good option if it enables someone to cycle who wouldn't be able to otherwise.
  5. It looks like they added some more official signage that will stay after these cardboard poles go away.
  6. These popped up over the weekend on Travis next to The Rice, Market Square Park, and Bayou Lofts. From what I can find, they are newly designated drop-offs for rideshares (Uber, Lyft, etc.), which will be interesting to see how this affects foot traffic near them on the weekends and a line of cars trying to drop/pickup at these locations.
  7. There was a truck on the Louisiana side of the plaza that looks to be pulling core samples as I walked by at lunch.
  8. Maybe impromptu detention pond is one of it's mixed-uses.
  9. I wish this location was getting a lap pool. The YMCA is nice, but it can get crowded, and another pool downtown would help relieve that. Regardless lacking a pool having new amenities downtown will be exciting for a lot of people.
  10. The glass on the garage is starting to be installed.
  11. I've never paid attention to the size of it or how many cars it can park, but there is a garage behind P.F. Chang's in the back Highland Village. If that can accommodate the current lot capacity and parking minimum, is it possible they might not even need to build an underground garage? The icing on the cake would be if they ever built the multi-use path proposed under power lines that run next to the train tracks to Memorial Park. After that, if we ever get a future connection from the Memorial to Buffalo Bayou's , you would have this shopping center connected to all of the Allen Parkway developments, Downtown, and beyond. I like to bicycle dream that all those moving parts could come together sometimes.
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