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  1. You're not the only one to notice. It seemed to me that the traffic didn't increase around school restarting, but daylight savings time. My theory is that people are driving much slower, with bigger gaps between cars because it's darker outside now. Either way, I'm not happy to find my drive inbound at 630 being much longer, and slower. It used to be that I could sail along and not worry about traffic. Not anymore.
  2. My girlfriend and I ate at Fu's Chinese restaurant on University St in Kirby Village and on the way back to the car we walked past a beautiful Tile Mosaic entry with the wording "Myers White Store" in front of whats now Half Price Books. Does anyone know the history of Myers store ? Any photos ? I absolutely love seeing the tiled entry ways of stores from long past. Cory
  3. Im used to using Comcast Cable modem, however Id like to know what else is out there that I can use. Ill be moving into a townhome in Rice Military in the next week or two and CANT have much internet downtime.. Btw, I looked and it seems as if ATT's Uverse isnt available in the neighborhood.
  4. That is really cool !
  5. If you do all that you say, decently sized car, recycle, ride bikes, then I commend you. Im just a little annoyed by so many americans driving massive trucks/suv's when theres little to no need for it. And, the numbers of people who feel they need a "large vehicle" just to keep their family safe.
  6. Your mentality, is exactly what has caused the gas crisis/i need the largest vehicle possible type mentality. How can we improve our overall gas mileage when our average driver, is a paranoid, "get me the largest fortified box i can get" type of driver? Gas is only going to get more expensive, and our society is only going to continue to downsize for better gas mileage. Its the right thing to do, but sadly its because of gas prices people are adapting, not because they are concerned about our planet..
  7. Heres what work the plumber is doing. Replacing gas shut off valve for fireplace Replacing gas shut off valve for furnace Replacing gas shut off valve for hot water heater Replacing two flexlines for furnace/hot water heater Installing hardpipe off furnace inlet line so that theres no flexline coming into the furnace Installing new 50 foot run of pipe for hot water heater drain pan that vents outside of the house Redoing hot water emergency release pipe from hot water heater Replacing twin insulated exhaust vent for hot water heater Replacing a few other various pipes/fittings that are leak
  8. Cliffs notes : Girlfriend smells gas, reports it to gas company gas company comes out, shuts off gas and removes meter $2200 later, plumber will fix everything, but then i have to deal with permits, inspectors, etc bs. recommendation: call a good plumber and bypass all of the inspectors, gas company removing meter, etc and save yourself money and TIME!! So my girlfriend comes home yesterday and finds that the house smells like natural gas. She freaks out, calls Centerpoint energy, and calls me. I come home from work and check it out. Centerpoint guy comes out immediately (to my suprise) a
  9. So, I decided to hang out on my back porch and enjoy this absolutely beautiful weather. I was reading my paper for a good 20-30 mins (around 545pm) until several Cicadas decided to make noise in a bush about 2 feet away from me. The noise was almost deafening! Now, normally I can put up with them because im indoors, but im wondering, is there anything that can be done, short of : 1) finding them, and crushing them with my foot 2) spraying them with gasoline and tossing a match into the bush That doesnt involve chemicals ? Anything natural that would make them move to a bush say 30 feet away
  10. Fascinating information. Thanks for sharing that !
  11. I guess it isnt. Thank you for your reply though. I edge/mow my own lawn, so, getting a referral from my lawn guy wont work. Im still in need of a referral, need some drainage work done, and im looking for a professional, because it wont exactly be a super easy job in my application.
  12. I asked for, and received a good recommendation for gutters to be installed previously on Haif. Now, I need some drainage pipes to be run/installed in my yard to take the water from the installed gutters out to the street. Can anyone recommend a good drainage company for this job ? Thanks for your input, Cory
  13. I live near the Royal Oaks neighborhood on the west side of Houston. Its a high end home development, from 300's to millions. They have a 12 foot brick fence around the neighborhood, and a security guard at their two entrances. I love it! Ive never had any problems with my house, because I have a big security gate around my front entrance, lots of lighting, and big sturdy fences around the sides and back of my house, but nothing would beat the security of Royal Oaks compared to my place.
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