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  1. Yes Ken is just changing his job. He left Houston Chronicle for CultureMap.
  2. You should try online accounting services software ZipBooks. I have tried several others. Some are pricey solutions like Xero, quickbooks. Some free like ZipBooks, Guncash etc. ZipBooks has the best reporting system. Very user friendly. You can entitled into a short AICPA course if you want to learn more about bookkeeping.
  3. Didn't notice that before. Thanks for this awesome post.
  4. One of my favorite was Kitirik returns to Houston!. Ah old times.
  5. $900 or $1000. Price could be lower now because I will love to recommend Ryzen processor from AMD which is comparatively low in price than Intel.
  6. As far as I remember Arlington Road (1999) was filmed in Houston. But my best choice is Robocop. The film was mostly filmed in Houston.
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