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  1. A growler is a container which can be refilled with beer. Usually in the half gallon size. It has a lid with a bit of a seal so the beer can last up to a week withou going flat.
  2. So we are getting a Whole Foods and a Sprouts in addition to the Stein Mart and World Market? Yea for more shopping options. But, that intersection is going to be a nightmare. It's already a mess on afternoons and weekends. I better start planning my alternate driving plans.
  3. The signs up so far are Stein Mart and World Market. I'd rather have a Whole Foods. My daughter needs to go gluten-free. World Market has some goodies from other nations but it's mostly imported home furnishings and nick-knacks. I like Stein Mart. it will give us another mid-priced clothing option.
  4. Are you ready for the bad news? We just had some contractors come out and give us bids for a patio. The Cinco restrictions require a minimum slope to all roofs (including added on patios). A 10' X 15' patio with stamped concrete would be about $10,000 with no extras. If you find another alterantive, let me know.
  5. We just moved out here to Katy last year. Some observations: Don't move too close to 99 or the Westpark. I grew up in Jersey Village close to the Sam Houston Tollway. You could hear cars day and night, inside and outside. Once that thing gets expanded, the road noise will be constant. People close to 99 are already asking for more barriers to be put up by to association to help block road noise.
  6. FYI Target and TJ Maxx opened this weekend. It's nice having shops closer to this end of the Woodlands, but I miss the trees that used to be on that land.
  7. Thanks for all the input. I was going to cout out Seven Lakes H.S., but we'll go ahead and look at homes that feed into S.L. Now, tell me about the shopping. I live up here in the Woodlands and I am begining to realize I'm fortunate to have access to this great shopping. Does Katy Mills Mall have any regular stores like Dillard's, Macy's or Sears? Do you have a Kirby's close? What about a Berryhill's? Thanks!
  8. We are going to be moving to the Katy area and I have some questions for those of you who are in the know. If you had to choose between Cinco Ranch High School and Seven Lakes High School which would you choose? Is there a Jr. High we should stay away from? Is there a problem with Seven Lakes H.S.? The reason I ask this question is we know some people who are moving so their kids won't have to go to Seven Lakes and will go to Cinco Ranch. I have also noticed that 7 out of 8 houses for sale in Cinco Ranch feed into Seven Lakes High School. What have you heard? What has been your experience? Thanks!
  9. Anyone know when Americas is going to open up? My husband has eaten at the Americas near the Galleria and said it was wonderful.
  10. Not yet. We are still getting things cleaned out and fixed up.
  11. We are selling our 2700 sq ft home on five acres. It's a two story, 4 bedroom 3 1/2 bath home. One of the bedrooms is a mother-in-law room with full bath and mini kitchen. We use it as an extra living room/game room. New granite countertops, lots of tile. The inside was painted last year. We fenced the entire property then installed two rod-iron gates and a gate opener. The sprinkler system keeps the yard looking great. There is ia large garage/shop with an RV storage on the side. The barn has three stalls, tack room w/AC, wash rack and water heater. There is a 120' X 90' lighted arena. This home is 5 minutes from The Woodlands and is close to great shopping, dining and hospitals. This home is in a subdivision that has deed restictions and allows one horse per acre. SOLD!
  12. We are moving and we are selling our full size sleigh bed along with the night stand, dresser w/mirror, desk and hutch. It's only 5 years old and in really good shape. It's dark wood and a really sharp set. I'm asking $950 for the entire set. Feel free to pm me for pictures.
  13. We went there yesterday and we were not pleased at all. I ordered a croissant with chocolate butter. They were supposed to heat the croissant so the butter would melt. Nope. I had ordered it to go and 2 minutes outside the shop I realized the croissant was not warm and there were four cold chunks of butter on my croissant. I waited 10 minutes for this? The chocolate was yummy but I was only able to enjoy it with 4 or 5 bites of my croissant.
  14. The satellite for the Houston Museum of Natural Science is open. As of the first day, they were about 85% complete. They have some great dino exhibits, geode/rock displays, a number of 'hands on' activities and a couple of other things. It's small but very interesting. Admission is free for the first week. Now, if we can just get the art museum to open something around here.
  15. I've never been to one, but the menu looks good and it seems like a fun place to have dinner and/or drinks.
  16. rps324, objections to the book has nothing to do with homophobia. It
  17. The criteria, from what I have seen, is over the top explicit, graphic sex or excessive use of profanity in the young adult section. Now, your definition of over the top and my definition of over the top may be different. That's why they usually ask that the very, very graphic books be moved, not the ones with a couple of bad words.
  18. Wait, wait, wait you guys. Library Patrons never listed 'Little House on the Prairie' or 'Little Women' and Library Patrons never said anything about censorship. Please. Take a deep breath. Who said anything about censorship? Not me. Not Library Patrons. Only informed decisions and age appropriate material. What is wrong with moving a book to a different side of the library or putting a rating on the front so parents AND kids can know if sexual of violent material are included? The pabbiss list is a list of books that have been challenged. By the way, I've never noticed the reference to that group or even heard of them until you mentioned it in your post but I will address it anyway. They compiled a huge list to give parents a resource so, if they see a title on the list, they may want to look at it before their kiddos do. If the book is found to have material the parent thinks is not appropriate, they are informed that they have a right to challenge the book. What's wrong with that? Some books are removed because the content is not age appropriate, some are moved to a higher grade and some are left on the shelf. The books are still published and available through the public library or stores. Many school libraries accept books and they go on the shelf before the librarian or staff have a chance to read them. That site recommend that each parent review the book to see if it is suitable for their child. They state, "This list of lists was developed in response to reader recommendations and requests for information. You should not determine that a book on this list is inappropriate or objectionable for your child without first obtaining more information. Find out what is in the book. Make the determination yourself. While a book on the list of lists can be an indication that you might find it inappropriate for your child, it should not be used as the sole reason to make that determination." The books they give excerpts from are books that are in public schools and contain graphic sex, incest, rape and murder. Reading material suitable for Penthouse letters is not necessary to teach our kids. As far as the book with every other word the 'n' word on the Library Patrons site, using that word that many times is why they want people to know what's in it. This has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat. I know a number of Democrats who don't think books that include graphic gang rapes or descriptions of teens having sex in public at a party are needed to educate our children.
  19. I would think you could have complete information without having to see what was blacked out. I think it was appropriate to black out the parts that they did. You might not mind, but there are many who would. Out of respect for them, they blacked out the private parts, while still educating people as to the accurate content of the book. As far as the books listed, there were many heterosexual situations listed: Fade
  20. I'm new to these forums, but I'm glad I glad I found them. I've gotten some great information from you guys. I had to add my two cents about the veterans and the books. I think shredding the books sends a wrong message. I have worked with a group called Library Patrons. We read books and if age inappropriate material is found in teen or youth sections, was ask the library to move the book to the adult section. I'm not talking about books with a bad word or two. I'm talking about books that graphically describe incest, hetero and homosexual acts between teens as well as teen and adults (statutory rape). Some of it would make the editor of Penthouse blush. We ask the library to move it to an appropriate age section. You would be amazed at the resistance to simply moving the book to the adult section. If adults want to let their kids check out from the adult section, that's their right. It's their kids. But when a child checks out book from a young adult section, most people assume their kids won't be reading about a man's lust and incest of his daughter or the steamy details about two boys having homosexual sex. I would challenge you to go to their web site. Now, remember, some of the books are VERY graphic. The veterans did their thing, in part, because the library and the county don't want to move the books and the vets think these events bring publicity to the issue. librarypatrons.org
  21. Does anyone know where I can see a map of the proposed expansion of Woodlands Parkway to FM 149? We live just off of FM 2978 and, if it's going where I think it's going, the expansion will be just behind us.
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