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  1. Thanks for the help I will put the Retro TV Schedules on my list for further research. I did try to do a search for tv schedules in the Houston area but nothing jogged my memory. I'm pretty sure it was a Saturday morning show but I may have some faint memories meshed together. Thank you for the Retro link. I am currently trying some other family members but memories are hard to come by as time takes its toll. I had a relative suggest Bozo the Clown. I have read that individual stations were putting on their own Bozo the Clown shows but as of tonight, I haven't found if Houston had the show. Iif Houston did have the show, I'm not sure whether it is the answer. More digging needed. I found this site that lists a "partial" list of Bozo shows: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bozo_the_Clown and found this listing of shows for Houston but none ring a bell right now: Houston/Galveston[edit] Cadet Don (with Al Eisenmann) Happy Hollow (with Mary Jane Vandiver) Kiddie Troopers (with Don Mahoney and Jeanna Clare) Kitirik (with Bunny Orsak) (1954–71) Mary Jane's Magic Castle (with Mary Jane Vandiver) No-No the Clown[citation needed] I have another relative to ask later this month.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I wish my memory was better or my family remembered I am pretty sure the time frame was 1966-1970 which would put me 5-9 years old. So Uncle Bert would have been before this time. And with the comments to my original post, I am wondering if I have the clown part wrong. What I do remember is the contest - 3 children given a balloon and had to blow them up so much they burst in our faces before this large clock reached a certain time - 30 seconds maybe. It was a sadistic type of contest. I was competitive at the time but I also remember being scared. I also remember the host vaguely - just his expression. He seemed to give off the impression that he was enjoying watching in a mean sort of way. Oh well. Maybe one of these days a relative will recall something. If I ever find out, I'll post here and most likely the show will be much different than the little kid in me remembers. Thanks for the comments!
  3. Thanks for the information I asked some of my elder relatives if they remembered but so far, no luck. I have a couple more to ask when I drive down for a visit in the future. If anyone remembers from my family, I'll post here the answer to my quest. Found these sites too in case someone wants to peruse: https://bill37mccurdy.com/2010/08/21/early-houston-tv-programs-personalities/ http://wateringholdclubhouse.blogspot.com/2012/10/uncle-bert-lynn-host-of-looney-town-on.html
  4. I have found some videos of KiTiRiK on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=KiTiRiK but from the videos I watched, I get the feeling KiTiRiK wasn't the show that I was on. Based on my memory of the particular contest, the show seemed to be more edgy. My original guess was possibly Bozo because I watched the show on television but if local in Houston, I can't find a running series based in Houston. Maybe the show travelled to Houston briefly and somehow I was able to be selected then. Have no clue. But I appreciate people helping. It may be an impossible task.
  5. Thanks! I remember being on a children's show in Houston. I was selected to participate in a contest with a clown as MC. The contest was 3-4 children were given a balloon and when the clown had us start, we would race the clock by trying to blow up the balloon until it popped in our face. LOL - pretty sadistic in a funny way. Anyway, I just can't recall any details and no family members can help. Not sure if KiTiRiK would have had this type of contest on her show. It sounded more like a Bozo the Clown type of event but I can't find anything about whether there was a Bozo show in Houston during the mid to late 60's. Cheers for the help.
  6. Today, I watched a short mix of old Houston shows and the clip showed Kitty KiTiRiK with a short clip of her and a clown. Was there a clown on the show? Would her show or this clown do any type of contest where kids compete against each other? Sure wish my memory was better.
  7. In the 1960's, I was under 10 years old living in Houston. My parents arranged for me to be on a children's show. It was not KiTiRiK. From what I remember, I was in the audience and was called onto the stage to compete with several other children. I think the contest was each of us was given a balloon and raced against the clock to blow up the balloon until it popped. Not sure but I thought the host was a clown - I may be completely wrong here. I searched Bozo the Clown but didn't see any mention of the show being in Houston. Searched all sorts of combinations plus read many comments from this site to see if anything jogged my memory to the name of the show. The show was probably a 30 minute show. This portion may have been part of a children's variety show or just had a main host character. Any ideas? I appreciate your efforts to help.
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