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  1. He'd be insane to not build residential immediately. That gives me pause. The last thing we need is another Green Street. I cannot believe those morons nixed the residential component and went with an boutique office building instead.
  2. The height mystery seems solved. This looks like 26 residential floors over at least 10 floors of garage space. This is much closer to a 40 story tower than a 30.
  3. The real crime is the surface parking lot taking up a fourth of the lot. Yuck.
  4. There's a Lexington Street in Upper Kirby/Montrose that runs from Chew Park/Dunlavy to Greenbrier. But it's adjacent to the feeder but I guess that's similar to their projects in "Westcreek" (Galleria east of the Loop).
  5. Are we getting a spire or anything with a non-flat roof? Recent 30 story residential buildings are usually around 350-400 feet.
  6. These are great but I especially love the MFA with downtown in the distance. Wowzers.
  7. My Mom lives close by. She has home health care now so cannot host me and there's a need for some new hotel blood in the area. I've chosen the Med Center for the most part because of the better/newer options. Greenway options are a bit stale and you'd think with the growth of Upper Kirby and proximity to Greenway, Rice, Uptown, Museums, River Oaks, Montrose, that the right brand could pull a nice combo of business and leisure travel.
  8. The LA Times has a really cool map of LA County density broken up by neighborhood and all the various cities and towns in the County. Koreatown, about two miles South of me, has over 42,000 per square mile. My hood, Los Feliz, is around 13,500.
  9. Tower 5040 is a private development. It's apartments geared towards students. I'm still thinking this is a possible Moody Towers replacement because it speaks of beds (dorms) rather than apartments.
  10. It's interesting to see a building marketed to college students with actual balconies. Drunk students are dumb. I used to be one.
  11. Not having Uptown connected to the light rail is a travesty. It's 100% Culberson's fault and the big money donors who bought him off.
  12. Those poor houses that will back up to that exposed garage in the back.
  13. A friend of mine moved into her office today. Views are pretty nice.
  14. I wonder if this will be taller than Moody Towers? 16 floors of residential might bring it to 180-200 feet or so.
  15. Modera Waugh, Fairfield Waugh, Hanover Autry Park II, and possible Icon M will add to that skyline soon. Is Houston getting a "gold coast?"
  16. Not sure how I got on their list but I just received a text with several things; 1) Link to article for topping out ceremony 2) 55% of units "sold" 3) Several floor plans are down to 1-2 units left
  17. I cannot believe we lost character filled art-deco for this hot mess.
  18. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I wanted so much to like it. I don't hate it but it's a "its better than a parking lot" addition IMHO.
  19. I stayed here over the Holidays because my Mom and sister live close by. It's got a great vibe. I LOVED the room, especially the bathroom. And a big thumbs up to a real air conditioner that lets you actually control it. It's a bit isolated but when TMC3 opens, it'll be right in the heart of it.
  20. If you live and work downtown or anywhere along the rail line, you could save a lot of money by not having a car. There's also Lyft/Uber when needed and plenty of places to rent one. I know a handful of Houstonians that don't have cars and they live happy lives. I couldn't do it even though I drive about once a week these days because I'm still working from home in LA.
  21. I walked almost daily at Memorial Park over the Holidays. I was a bit worried that it would be over programmed but man, did they knock it out of the park! Everything is looking so nice. Next step, tunnel Interstate Ten!
  22. I just got back from my first trip to Houston since 2019. I stayed at the Blossom Hotel. What a quirky place. I really liked the rooms and that bathrooms and the air con was top notch! FYI, the views from the 13th floor pool and deck of the TMC3 are quite nice. You really get a sense of the scale of the entire project.
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