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  1. Oooh. I like that office tower. And it has a nod to The Wortham Tower just up the road to the East. The Wortham Tower has always been a favorite of mine.
  2. No to NRG. The Tech/UH crowd last week would have easily fit inside TDECU and been a much better environment. Personally, I love the pulsating LED lit uterus in Austin even if it is off-centered.
  3. I say no to expansion. TDECU is larger than Cincinnati's stadium and basically the same as Baylor and within 10,000 of TCU, Kansas, K State, and UCF. Expansion talk should only happen after 4-5 years of season sellouts. UH needs to finish the press level with more suites (there's room for 4-6 more suites) and add more chair backed seats. I'd like to see the entire lower bowl outside of the student section with chair backs and most of the 200 level. The biggest need is to add ramps to get to the upper deck and add restrooms and concessions on that level. The stairs are a brutal climb.
  4. Oh Wow. LA Live is really really really well done. Every time I've been there I think what could have been for the Toyota Center. Excited the design firm behind it is involved with the hotel and residences here.
  5. Ah, man. This makes me sad. I am old enough to remember this Holiday Inn. As a kid, our family used to go on long road trips and I would beg to stay at Holiday Inns because they often had indoor pools. Whenever we'd drive along Memorial to downtown (my dad's office was in the old Humble Bldg) I'd get excited and ask if we were going to this Holiday Inn. It was the gateway to downtown in my mind and the huge world that existed outside of the Tanglewood bubble. RIP, cute gal.
  6. Is that the old EMOS/Club Some across the street? Man, has that area changed. I remember being held up at knife point walking to my car from Some one night!
  7. My parents moved to Candlewood in the late 1950s but I wasn't born until 1969.
  8. I grew up in Tanglewood back when a two story house was not allowed. My house and those of all of my friends are long gone. Onwards and upwards.
  9. According to US Census, SF had 805,150 residents in April 2010. Current estimates for 2021 by world population stats lists SF with 893,589 residents. It's a shame 2020 numbers will be so off with an administration that ended the Census early and took no effort in accommodating the pandemic in trying to get an accurate numbers. Cities will suffer big time over the next decade with massive undercounts.
  10. San Francisco has grown by about 100,000 people in the last decade. Pretty amazing considering there's nowhere to go but up and SF is full of NIMBYs. Now, metro SF did lose population last year (less than .5% loss) but the city itself grew. Very similar to other metro areas in California wherein cities continued to grow but exurbs so population loss.
  11. Investor purchases represent just 12% of sales in Los Angeles County. It jumps up to 13% in Orange County, 25% in the Inland Empire (Riverside and San Bernardino) and 34% in Ventura. It's part of the story but not the only one. The pandemic has caused people to want to move up and out. Combine that with low lending rates, and there are way more home buyers than houses. That's the main issue. The median home on the market in LA is on for just 8 days. Lastly, Los Angeles (city) grew by around 200,000 this last decade. It did so without annexation and new development. California grew by over 6% year over year. Growth has slowed but it is still growing.
  12. People are definitely leaving California but you'd never know it looking at the market. My house has increased in value by 24% in three years. I get all cash offers to buy in monthly. The demand might not be there in the Inland Empire, but the LA Basin, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, and San Gabriel Valley are booming.
  13. Very similar to the affordable housing that replaced the public housing along Allen Parkway. It also discourages schemers from buying and flipping.
  14. I am glad you mentioned that. I've been very worried they had value engineered covering the garage out of the equation. Fingers crossed they haven't.
  15. Check out the Catalyst downtown. Slightly more expensive to get in than Skyhouse but I think the location is MUCH better and so are the potential neighbors. It's a walkable location to all the best things but also 2-3 blocks away from being right in it noise wise. Solid amenities and amazing views if you look west or south.
  16. I just looked on my laptop. How funny, on my phone I've thought it was brick this entire time. Thanks for the heads up.
  17. I don't know what it looks like in person since it's been about two years since I've been home but this thing looks great in your photos. The brick ties it to the area with a nod to history but the ground floor retail, amount of glass, and balconies give a nice nod to the future of East Houston.
  18. Is there one person building this? It is moving so slowly.
  19. This is great for Rice and for the city. I'd like to see Rice become the size of its peers like Duke, Northwestern, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Wash U St Louis, etc... It'll still be quite a bit smaller but moving in the right direction. Rice used to be concerned that enlarging the student body, especially undergraduate, would cause their profile to drop. The largest thing holding Rice back in attracting out of state kids was the image of Texas and the city.
  20. Amazon must be creating hoarders everywhere or else these places house the mattresses for the mattress places on every third block.
  21. OMG- I rented a furnished two bedroom unit on the 36th floor of The Spires for thousands less from 2011-13 while I renovated a tear down into my dream house (and then got relocated for work). The Spires had valet service, tennis, a great pool, and more. These people are insane.
  22. They've lost a ton of revenue when they tore down the existing apartments before they had permits in hand. If they were smart, they'd flip the cleared land and move on or propose a super high end for-sale condo project full of 3-5 story buildings like those on Sunset Boulevard a few blocks away. Those sell for well over $1.3m and they could pack two dozen or more on the lot.
  23. These will be very narrow floor plates due to the lot. It could very well be that the back is hallway/elevator landing space for each floor. My sister lives at One Park Place but it has been almost two years since I've been there but the Embassy Suites will be very close to this tower. I hope you are right. Just voicing a concern. You can see in the new render that the texture seems to chance from glass wall to something else.
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