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  1. Hanover has 10 + story buildings in Rice Village, West Gray, two in BLVD Place, and is building along Allen Parkway. One of their towers would look great by Market Square or Discovery Green. I'd be ok with a 55 story giant from these guys.
  2. I'm so glad this building is being repurposed but holy moly, they need a designer. Just checked out the website and the renderings/photos look so dated. It's mid 1990s in there.
  3. You bring substance and have a proven track record. You could be a lot ruder (you're not rude at all) and you'd still be my new favorite poster.
  4. Just googled Skanska residential. Mostly midrise but a new mixed-use high rise in Seattle is going up. Their projects look safe. Nothing bad but nothing great.
  5. I'm old. I went to college before the amenity race took off. My freshman year all-male dorm had cinder block walls. Pretty sure they just used a firehose to wash the joint when Spring term was over. Sophomore dorm wasn't much better but there were coed bathrooms. Junior year I "won" a lottery and got a newer dorm (from the 70s) that had bedroom suites. Two doubles and two singles that shared a bathroom and a common room that had one couch and a table. That was considered luxury.
  6. Calhoun Lofts was built by the university and is university owned. These new apartments are off campus and privately owned. You don't make money off of student apartments by using expensive materials considering they'll be trashed in short order by people pissing off of balconies and setting fires in the halls as pranks.
  7. I grew up over in tanglewood off of Woodway but we went to church at Palmer in Hermann Park. Every Sunday meant Butera's or Felix's for lunch. I am old.
  8. Is that a Magnolia Hotel possibly? Looks great. Great location for live + work spaces especially with the new HEB open.
  9. Count me as one for team glass. That said, this tower has the potential to easily be the best residential tower in town in terms of architecture in my mind. The bar is low.
  10. I am. Job moved me out here about a year and a half ago but my whole family is still in Texas so back and forth a lot.
  11. The floor plans are not great. I toured right before I moved from Southampton to L.A. and the units are just odd. The views are not great unless you are on the top two floors and even then they are moo. Quite honestly, the interior finished at the apartment across the street seemed nicer.
  12. The Morrissey interviews from Record Rack can be found on youtube. The anchors having no idea what to make of the scene make me laugh every time.
  13. Has anyone found the height for this one? I'm hoping it gets in the 500 foot range as a grand hotel lobby floor plus for-sale condos tend to have higher ceiling heights than rentals. The AIG tower needs a tall companion.
  14. Looks like a mini-Randall Davis garage mahal with little interaction with the street. At least it's lacking the Davis theme. Too bad. That area of town has the potential to become something truly special with its location, Hermann Park, cultural facilities, and access to transit but not if it gets too many projects like this.
  15. I currently an owner/investor in multiple hard retail businesses in several markets (Boston, Houston, Denver, and Los Angeles) but please continue...
  16. It's the termination of the Spur not a corner of 610 and 59. Nobody is randomly driving by on the Spur.
  17. If Whole Foods was relying on fly-by traffic to stop in while people were zooming through Midtown to get to US 59, then they didn't hire a good local consultant. Houstonians do NOT think parking garage grocery shopping is convenient. Nobody who lives in in SW Houston/Fort Bend is going to pull over, navigate a garage, deal with getting back on the freeway with Midtown one-way streets just to pick up some bananas. Lets get real here. Houstonians are a lazy-assed people. If there's no convenient parking people aren't doing it. That Whole Foods was built for local folks and foot traffic from all the rooftops nearby. That'll take time to build. I am sure Whole Foods knew they'd have to grow into the market slowly. Trying to blame poor results on a freeway entrance closure is a stretch.
  18. LOL that lower Westheimer was sketch and risky 8 years ago. Montrose has thrived for 60 years and it has always been sketchy. I'd argue that's why it thrives. The issue facing retailers is AMAZON/Delivery and high rent. Why stop at Whole Foods and deal with a garage when you can just order stuff to your door? Retail is changing. There will be a lot of consequences. People that want ground floor retail and no surface parking tend to also be the types to order stuff off of Amazon daily. Can't have it both ways.
  19. The Intercontinental has two restaurants on the ground floor with doors to Main St and outdoor seating. There's a railing to protect from the street and some decent planting. I thought it was well done. I was there for two weeks with my dog so we walked the area a lot. It is one of the better developments in the TMC. The main problem is it is surrounded on the West side of Main by suburban hotel types that basically just use the street and sidewalks for utilitarian purposes.
  20. You are 100% right. Property taxes are absurd in Houston. I paid 3 times more in Houston than I do in Los Angeles despite my home being of higher appraised value here. It's a real issue. If I ever move back home, I've already decided I wouldn't own.
  21. Landlords are in for a rude awakening. The market is/has changed and Amazon, First Dibs, etc... is killing hard retail. If they chase off restaurants as well they'll be in big trouble. Retailers are hurting in every market but rent keeps rising. What I noticed most about the Rice Village was that in the two years since I moved away, there are vacancies everywhere where there used to be none. It's the same in LA's upscale neighborhoods. Vacant buildings sitting with outrageously high rents. Something has to give.
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