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  1. I find looking at pictures of this fascinating. I have zero clue what the final product might look like even though it's pretty much topped out.
  2. Man, I hope your knee heels up. I think the thing I miss most about Houston is riding my trike around all over the place. It's too hilly here and Houston is much more bike friendly than my area of LA.
  3. Was worried that you had been hit by a car and I was missing your updates. Glad you are alive! When Hines announced these two towers I thought the office tower was fine if not a bit boring but that I'd love the residential. It's the exact opposite. This office tower is really a nice addition. I don't really like the residential one. Don't hate it but don't like it either.
  4. Buffalo Bayou University. Ditch the Gators and become The White Oaks.
  5. I'm not big on cookie cutter builder stuff but Toll Brothers is pretty nice out West. I'm surprised though, because they usually play it safe with suburban stuff in Orange County, Scottsdale, or Vegas.
  6. My Bad. It's two blocks west of the elevated 44 Due North of 64 And just to the West are two overhead flyover ramps into downtown. I was in the back of an uber and I am old. That said, Minute Maid feels more connected to downtown Houston than Busch does to downtown St. Louis.
  7. This is the newer rendering they're still shopping around for a lead tenant. It is so much better than the Hines clone notched tower. I hope this gets built eventually but it's been around for years.
  8. Was just in St. Louis this summer for the first time ever. I'd love to have something like that. It's a similar footprint as Minute Maid with the only difference being the ballpark in St. Louis is just on the other side of a freeway from the rest of downtown similar to Dynamo Stadium. St. Louis was a fascinating place. So much potential. So many grand brick buildings. So much decay. You can really tell it used to be an "it" city 100 years ago.
  9. 1) Houston Center development tore down a lot. It was going to be much bigger than it ended up. 2) Parking makes more money than most tiny buildings or old houses that were torn down. 3) Zero preservation laws. We are a developer's wet dream and a preservationist's sad tears town. 4) Lots of land speculation that bombed with oil crash. Nothing of note was built in Houston, especially downtown from the time I was 12 until the time I was 25 or so. Edited to add 5) 1970s Houston was much different than today's city. The inner loop, especially the East side, was seeing population loss with a ton of white flight. Most things East of Main was seen as the ghetto. This magnified with the oil bust.
  10. Sorry, didn't mean to imply a full service hospital. However, it is my understanding that with a heavy focus on producing primary care physicians that the new facility will include patient care services. Most faculty will be primary care physicians who will run practices out of the new building. So there will be waiting rooms, exam rooms, and patient care rooms at a minimum.
  11. That could be part of the answer. Medical classroom space is not the same as advanced biomedical research lab space. I bet the hospital will have patient rooms, doctor/professor offices, and classroom space and the BioMed Building will have advanced labs. Labs can cost tens of millions to build out.
  12. This is from memory and I am officially old so it's not reliable, but I think UH built the building but several floors were not built out. Could this be funding to actually build out different labs in shell space?
  13. So Rice is creating a new residential college! Makes sense since the plan is to add 800-1,200 undergraduate students bringing Rice to 4,500-5,000 undergrads. Great move, especially if they can keep the academic profile the same. My dream for the city is to have Rice get to 10,000 or so undergrads and have UH improve to be a top 30-50 public institution.
  14. Good photo but I hate this angle. It looks like a market square II without balconies.
  15. I don't understand the top. I don't mind the materials change but it feels like it requires setbacks or a pitched roof or something. Overall, it's the best Davis building I've seen rendered. I'd actually really like it if it was all painted brick and simpler.
  16. Looks like tower that is currently rising on screen left. Tallest building looks to be the office tower. New residential to its right. There also appears to be a new midrise office in the back of the project or has that always been there?
  17. The world's first Dollar General, Dollar Tree, 99 Cents Only Store, and Family Dollar combo megaplex.
  18. Time to bring an old fashioned street car down Dallas from Shepherd to Downtown.
  19. Near Town/ Midtown needs about 20 more these, please.
  20. Looks like twice weekly service to Provo, Utah this winter. Interesting. I guess it works for ski travel but Park City folks are not flying Allegiant and SLC is closer.
  21. Sorry to hear about your Dad. May his memory be a blessing. My best friend lived in Pine Shadows neighborhood and I was off of Green Tree. I used to ride my bike by that building 3-4 times a week and even as a kid I thought it was cool.
  22. Whoa. A single ground lease tenant for 50,000 square feet is a huge space. Trader Joe's? Also, since when has a 40 story residential been a part of this plan? I
  23. Are your parents in the circular-ish building with great patios? I've always liked that one. I grew up off Sage just South of Woodway.
  24. From TDECU Stadium, this building appears to be attached to the Southern tip of downtown. It along with 800 Crawford really appear to extend the skyline from that vantage point.
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