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  1. Amazon must be creating hoarders everywhere or else these places house the mattresses for the mattress places on every third block.
  2. OMG- I rented a furnished two bedroom unit on the 36th floor of The Spires for thousands less from 2011-13 while I renovated a tear down into my dream house (and then got relocated for work). The Spires had valet service, tennis, a great pool, and more. These people are insane.
  3. They've lost a ton of revenue when they tore down the existing apartments before they had permits in hand. If they were smart, they'd flip the cleared land and move on or propose a super high end for-sale condo project full of 3-5 story buildings like those on Sunset Boulevard a few blocks away. Those sell for well over $1.3m and they could pack two dozen or more on the lot.
  4. These will be very narrow floor plates due to the lot. It could very well be that the back is hallway/elevator landing space for each floor. My sister lives at One Park Place but it has been almost two years since I've been there but the Embassy Suites will be very close to this tower. I hope you are right. Just voicing a concern. You can see in the new render that the texture seems to chance from glass wall to something else.
  5. Overall, I am very pleased but I am more nervous about the garage after seeing two new renders. Additionally, is this going to be a mullet? What does the back look like? The new render that teases the back view is a bit frightening. Are those blank walls?
  6. I'm going to need to see more views and perspectives. Right now I'll give it a solid potential. Only big pet peeve I see right now is the garage is glaring. First floor retail is a plus but seeing those ramps is a downer.
  7. That opinion has never been expressed here before. Wow. I never thought about it this way. I will never have an opinion on something I do not own ever again. Thank you for the brand new perspective.
  8. Ugh. Amazing art deco with so much potential. Those casement windows are beautiful.
  9. I tell you what I missed when I lived in Boston... spring in February. Houston sure looks good with azaleas in bloom and trees budding. You had to wait until May for Spring to hit Boston. I tell you what I miss living in LA, rain. We've had one day of rain since April. One. It is dirty AF here despite street cleaning efforts. Sure, the mountains look great and the Pacific is there (I live by downtown so it isn't really there) but I miss live oak canopies, the smell of fresh rain, and having mother nature giving the city a good rinse. I also miss the trails along Buffalo and Braes
  10. The worst part of the Marlowe is that sales aren't great and it might lead other condo developments to only view downtown as a rental market. I looked at units with my sister who was thinking of buying after years of renting in One Park Place. She ended up renewing her lease because One Park Place is a better building with better amenities so why buy?
  11. Didn't mean to turn this into an Austin conversation. Sorry. Last word on that, Austin is great because of it's location to some of the best geography in Texas. Highland lakes, natural springs, Hill Country, even the blossoming wine industry. Swimming at Barton is something Houston will never have. As for HPE, they're moving from San Jose. San Jose is one giant suburb for the most part. It is no San Franc or Oakland. So it isn't surprising they'd be attracted to similar here.
  12. Great news! Also, suck it, Austin! Just kidding. I like Austin (I love Houston) but the number of Californians who say "We love Austin, are you from Austin?" after I say I moved from Texas annoys me. Especially when I say 'No, Houston" and there's silence because they've heard Houston sucks or think that it does. Sorry, quarantine rant.
  13. One of my favorite things about living in LA is discovering how much funky old stuff is here. People think LA is all Beverly Hills and the Sunset Strip but my neighborhood has two vintage movie theaters (Los Feliz and The Vista) as well as several really cool 1920s era apartment buildings. And it seems as if most neighborhoods have walkable "town centers" like Franklin Square, Los Feliz Village, Larchmont Village, Echo Park and Silverlake along Sunset Blvd. Houston is losing too much of it's soul. If the River Oaks goes bye-bye, I'll be very sad. A city is more than just buildings
  14. Yep, you're right. The two 10 story-isn brick Landmark existing buildings are there. Much clearer in these renders. Also, the base makes more sense now as it'll make the "campus" more cohesive from street level. I kinda like it.
  15. Back Bay, South End, North End, and much of Southie (South Boston) was mostly brick but a lot of triple deckers in Southie, Dorchester, and Jamaica Plain neighborhoods were wood framed. Across the river, Cambridge is a mix of brick and wood but Somerville (Slumerville) is almost entirely wood.
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