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  1. The lack of the subtle setback and balconies on the penthouse levels is what kills me the most. What we got is a cheap EIFS box.
  2. Auckland? UA already has a JV with the Air New Zealand flight. I cannot imagine there'd be room for double daily flights to Kiwi and connections to Oz.
  3. We've gotten Spokane. Ontario used to be served multiple times a day with 737s and then vanished. United brought it back with a once daily flight on a regional jet. Personally, I miss seeing the 757-300s at IAH that used to serve LAX, DEN, SFO, EWR, SAN, MCO, etc... but now are exclusively at other hubs.
  4. All cities that United has either dropped or cut flights to. It's nice to see another airline at Hobby. Bring back Muse!
  5. Grew up in Houston. College in upstate NY. Returned to Houston for work and grad school. Job took me to Boston for 13 years. Back in Houston for 7 years. New job has me in Los Angeles.
  6. I had a chance to stay at the Intercontinental over the Holidays. The place was packed out and there were a ton of special events/parties hosted over the two weeks I was there. The rooms were very nice and the service was excellent. A huge upgrade to the offerings in the TMC. I also noticed lots of walking activity next door at the apartment tower and most of those folks were in scrubs. I'd imagine demand is there. Hope this proposal rises because the first project knocked it out of the park. This one might just build a new park.
  7. River Oaks has VERY distinct boundaries and this ain't it. There's no part of River Oaks South of Westheimer much less Richmond. But River Oaks has clout so developers love to stick that designation on projects from the Galleria to Downtown.
  8. No, it was written like it was focused on local issues because it is a local paper. Why would the Houston Chronicle be writing about Boston, Minneapolis, Denver, or Seattle?
  9. That damn flower store needs to go back to being a Mr. Gattis Pizza delivery/pick-up joint. If you know, you know.
  10. That's a beautiful livery. Hoping for good things for ET.
  11. Freeways are being torn down, removed, and buried in many cities that we aspire to be more like. Cities we compete with for jobs, corporate home and regional offices, and more. It's a quality of life and HEALTH issue. Expanding freeways is a last century solution. Texas needs to learn that expanding freeways does nothing for the people who live adjacent to them in the city. But I suspect the people that run the state don't really care about people who choose to live IN cities. Their constituents are the companies that get the contracts followed by the folks in the burbs.
  12. Continental had 3 hubs; Newark, Cleveland, and Houston. United now has those hubs minus CLE plus Washington Dulles, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. That is the reason. Denver and Chicago are better East-West hubs, LAX and SFO cover Asia, and EWR and IAD cover Europe. It's geography. Our biggest hope was for growth in the Southeast and LATAM/Mexico but United has actually retreated a lot in those regions. We've lost quite a few smaller Mexican cities and United has basically handed Texas (to American) and the Southeast to Delta. Our best hope for new international service would start with domestic hub spokes being added. We've been the ugly duckling compared to DEN, SFO, IAD, and ORD lately. We've seen Del Rio, Texarkana, Tyler, Waco, Beaumont, Montgomery, Chattanooga, Augusta,Tallahassee, Sarasota, Palm Beach (year round), Asheville, Columbia, Lexington, Charleston WV, and a handful of smaller Mexican cities cut. Most of those cities are still served by AA to DFW. That allows DFW to offer connection opportunities that United would rather funnel elsewhere or not compete for to IAH's loss.
  13. This would be unbelievable if it were also not the most Houston rumor ever.
  14. Another garage-mahal. Hopefully he doesn't go cheap on the garage but not holding my breath. Betting it'll be stucco/EIS.
  15. In my 20 years or so on this site I've ignored two people. It's a great feature. It doesn't work when folks quote them though.
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