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  1. I'm confused. 250,000 square feet on 2-3 floors over retail would make it a massive structure.
  2. My guess is Jet Blue struggled to survive at Hobby because Hobby is essentially the airport for Southwest while everyone else is up at IAH. Yeah, Delta serves Atlanta from HOU and American flies barbie jets to DFW but that's it. JetBlue is a GREAT airline. I hope they find success at IAH. I travel to Boston (I lived there for 16 years) a lot but one flight a day does not a good schedule make. Jet Blue's current schedule is one daily to Boston and one daily to New York JFK. That's it. Hope those go at least double daily and I'd love to see Long Beach and Fort Lauderdale added.
  3. I have work that takes me to LA a lot. The Mendocino Farms on Santa Monica BLVD in West Hollywood is great. Really fresh sandwiches with funky ingredients. It's a great spot.
  4. Trump branded twin towers; The Moscow Mule and The White Russian.
  5. No, They plan of using a 787-800. However, do to the grounding of the 737-800 Max they've had to use widebodies on routes they used to fly with the narrow body.
  6. Apparently Ethiopian will begin service to IAH in December with twice weekly service. ET flies a lot of 738max on long-thin routes and with that plane grounded they had to rework their current schedule which put expansion on hold.
  7. I don't know, the original deed restrictions had this rule "no part of the property should be conveyed to, owned by, or leased to, used or occupied by any person other than of the White or Caucasian race, except that owner's servants..." That was amended in 2002. TWO THOUSAND AND TWO. So, luckily, changes can happen.
  8. Wow. Horrible news. They did quite a bit of work and then it all stopped and the house has just been rotting in the elements. A real shame. Same guy owns this house that donated to the baseball facility at UH that isn't finished because he couldn't pay his donation. I'm guessing he was hit hard with the O&G downturn.
  9. I was born on Candlewood right off of Tanglewood Blvd. I didn't read the deed restrictions as a kid but I'd be very surprised if the deed restrictions haven't been ignored over the years. I remember people being pissed when the first two story house was built but now the monster mcmansions are everywhere and there are very identifiable third stories "hiding" as gables or pitched roofs. I get that this will be much taller and multi-family but just saying. Today's Tanglewood looks NOTHING like the original version.
  10. Sadly, ET's service is no longer bookable. Looks like it was pulled even before it began.
  11. During daylight hours there is really nowhere in Houston I feel unsafe. Baltimore is a different animal. I've had uber drivers refuse to take me to certain parts of town in Baltimore. Some of it was also unfamiliarity and the differences in the built out environment, but Baltimore is one of the few places I've turned a corner and been afraid. So much abandonment and abject poverty. It's really sad.
  12. Any more news on the home robbery? I find it odd that gang banging guys with only drug convictions in their past were able to pull off a major art heist and not trip an alarm or be spotted on any camera... on River Oaks Blvd at Del Monte where everything is on camera. Something smells off...
  13. Ethiopian is loaded in the system. Looks to start with 3 times per week in early July but quickly moving to 4 times a week using a 788 with a IAH-LFW-ADD routing. Departures from IAH will be 1-4-6-7.
  14. I am not against parking garages but I sure do wish we had some design guidelines. This thing is an eyesore. Period. It doesn't have to be. We just accept it because developers in this town are free to go cheap.
  15. Nope. f Amazon. As a small business owner it pisses me off as more and more of the multi billion dollar companies actually end up getting returns and paying NOTHING. It's about time the people wake up to what has been happening.
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