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  1. One of my favorite things about living in LA is discovering how much funky old stuff is here. People think LA is all Beverly Hills and the Sunset Strip but my neighborhood has two vintage movie theaters (Los Feliz and The Vista) as well as several really cool 1920s era apartment buildings. And it seems as if most neighborhoods have walkable "town centers" like Franklin Square, Los Feliz Village, Larchmont Village, Echo Park and Silverlake along Sunset Blvd. Houston is losing too much of it's soul. If the River Oaks goes bye-bye, I'll be very sad. A city is more than just buildings
  2. Yep, you're right. The two 10 story-isn brick Landmark existing buildings are there. Much clearer in these renders. Also, the base makes more sense now as it'll make the "campus" more cohesive from street level. I kinda like it.
  3. Back Bay, South End, North End, and much of Southie (South Boston) was mostly brick but a lot of triple deckers in Southie, Dorchester, and Jamaica Plain neighborhoods were wood framed. Across the river, Cambridge is a mix of brick and wood but Somerville (Slumerville) is almost entirely wood.
  4. When I lived in the South End of Boston, the entire neighborhood was made of Victorian era housing that were essentially this size. It was great.
  5. Interesting. Does this mean they'll tear down the two twin Hallmark Towers that already exist?
  6. If they really wanted to honor the gayborhood then they should have put a rainbow beam on the bottom too.
  7. I received a UH newsletter in the mail and saw this was voted by student's as the best on campus (but off) housing option. It's the ugliest and by far the cheapest looking but it's on the rail (downtown/midtown bars), has a pool, a game room, and even a lounge they let the Greeks use.
  8. Because it isn't 2018. Because the entire industry has shrunk by over half. Because travel isn't predicted to return to normal until the end of 2021 and that's if there's a vaccine. Southwest's answer is to try and stimulate O&D in existing markets by serving alternative airports (IAH and ORD) and expanding service to the few vacation destinations Americans can travel to (PSP, MIA, and Mexico).
  9. 1) Deadly pandemic 2) Airlines have slashed number of flights (United is well under half of what it was in 2018 at IAH) 3) United is slashing costs and laying of tens of thousands so gate hoarding is no longer a thing it can afford to do.
  10. I used to skip the Memorial Drive section for that very reason. Back when I ran a lot, I'd run semi-circles from light to light multiple times. Besides my fear of cars jumping, during jogging rush hour, I was always afraid I'd watch someone fall/get bumped into the street on the "hill" section by the ditch.
  11. Horribe. Prayers for the family and can 2020 end already?
  12. Yep, Statler, the Merc, the Mosaic I and II, Gables Republic Tower, and later this year, a Thompson Hotel with 300+ residences will open in the 628 foot tall First National Bank Bldg built in 1965.
  13. I can think of at least 6-7 residential conversions in downtown Dallas of major towers built between mid 1940s and 1970ish. The Merc with its iconic clock tower is my favorite. The old Exxon has been empty for years. It is not in prime office territory and it cannot compete with newer builds. It's obsolete unless they just want to have a lower class B or even C tower going forward.
  14. I get jealous of Dallas from time to time because they've converted several of their mid-century office towers to residential. I think the Exxon/Humble Tower would make a great apartment tower. Just needs an amenities level somewhere or a nearby garage/amenities facility with skybridge.
  15. Does the old mansion turned hotel look out of place or the two towers? I love that they kept it. It's one of the last grand Montrose ladies. And I know from living in Boston that many new projects built around or integrated old structures.
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