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  1. I didn't see any reference above to the Downtown District plan for this area (Warehouse District Vision Plan)


    and then scroll down to to PUBLIC WORKSHOP #2 PRESENTATION

    Most (all?) of their plan is based on a post North Houston Highway world. The thread's subject property is in the middle of their proposals. There's is even a survey if you want to drop your 2 cents.

    I can't get past my overwhelming objections to the highway plan to give their proposals a fair review. But hopefully, you are a better person than I.

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  2. I think the green walls is the Fanin facing side. The complete build out will have a new building in front of that. I went to the sales office a while back and they described the future there as "mid-sized" but when pressed they admitted they didn't really know the actual plan.

    My guess is the green is more artistic license than an actual design element.

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  3. 49 minutes ago, thedistrict84 said:

    If you are in a row of vertical single-family homes, with no part of any other home above yours, you are in a townhome development, not condos.

    Condos typically feature units above each other and common areas, similar to multi-family apartments.

    (Have to draw the line somewhere lol)

    Condo is not an architectural term. It's an ownership term. A condo can be a single family house, a row house or an apartment. Or even a commercial structure or a multistory parking garage. It is routinely misused and misunderstood.

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  4. This project was using the long vacant bank across Travis for a field office etc. They seemed to have left that space as the fence was taken down and the building closed up. The Fairfield project is still a ways from topping out. Is this usual practice to close/move a field office as work continues? I really don't know. Or is something else going on?

    My fantasy is that the Holiday Inn site is getting ready for something. I stress the fantasy aspect of that statement.

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