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  1. My architectural knowledge is significantly less than many on this board, but isn't the Singapore example a giant covered garden with tall mushroom like supports; and the Thai example a glass tower over a giant upscale shopping center (with more in common with many Singapore towers)? I might be wrong on the Bangkok building. My usual trusty imagination fails trying to merge the two concepts. I look forward to seeing the designs. With all the new residential construction on or planned for Montrose Blvd, are there plans for improved public transit beyond the 56 bus?
  2. Is there a reason that METRO doesn't get the project up and running early - on a much simplified scale - and then spend the next bunch of years building it fully out? One of the benefits of BRT is that is supposed to be relatively quick and easy. Even a low scale BRT - basically a glorified express bus - would show that something is happening now rather than waiting for years for a full scale project to be built out. I had a boss who would always quote the saying "The prefect is the enemy of the good".
  3. I couldn't find a thread about this block (just north of the Downtown YMCA) but feel free to move it as necessary. A new fence just went up for the entire block (Main, Leeland, Milan, Pease). It could just be that the old fence needed to go, or more optimistically, something is brewing.
  4. Reminds me of the Stalinka Apartments in Moscow. https://images.app.goo.gl/pjr8ARoPcKz9Gnzp6
  5. A new chain link fence is being installed around the currently unfenced - and homeless encampment - at this location.
  6. 3824 Fulton Street at Beggs I passed this a couple of weeks ago on one of my walks. As far as I can tell - not much - it'll be 18 units of residential.
  7. I don't think they'll hit their opening date of Summer 2022 : )
  8. I'm sure the engine SP 982 wouldn't have it any other way.
  9. I didn't see any reference above to the Downtown District plan for this area (Warehouse District Vision Plan) http://www.downtowndistrict.org/programs/planning-capital-projects/ and then scroll down to to PUBLIC WORKSHOP #2 PRESENTATION Most (all?) of their plan is based on a post North Houston Highway world. The thread's subject property is in the middle of their proposals. There's is even a survey if you want to drop your 2 cents. I can't get past my overwhelming objections to the highway plan to give their proposals a fair review. But hopefully, you are a better person than I.
  10. I have found that early architectural renderings are seldom reality.
  11. Maybe... (The picture was taken from indoors behind a window which was reflecting the outside lights)
  12. It's open (with an ambulance and HPD first in line)
  13. Looks like a party or something inside (taken about a week ago, before the freeze)
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