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  1. Besides the density and proximity to the light rail, how is this different from the abandoned project in Eado called Ivy Towers (or something like that) on Leeland?
  2. I saw a mobile office trailer parked at the Wheeler Light rail station site today. Any idea what this is for? ION related or MetroRapid or something else?
  3. The two top floors were apparently planned for a single tenant per floor. The question came up because the top floor terrace is set up for just that single tenant. But if they subdivide that floor, they'll need to figure out if/how to allow other tenants to use that amenity.
  4. On an AIA tour a few months back, the guide said that they were having trouble renting the entire two floors and we're considering options, including dividing the floors up to multiple tenants. But that 'news' is a few months old.
  5. The survey map has two different Main Street intersecting each other. It doesn't generate a lot of confidence.
  6. This may be old news for a lot of you, but I just noticed the paint job underway at the Houston House.
  7. There have been a lot of wildlife crossings before Tulsa. Here's a sampling. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/man-made-animal-crossings-from-bat-bridges-to-toad-tunnels
  8. Pix are from near Tony Marron park and heading east and ending at Turkey Bend.
  9. There was an AIA bike tour of the proposed eastern portion of the Buffalo Bayou. Some before pix (come back in a decade plus for the after pictures)
  10. Looking towards downtown from near to Tony Marron Park. The dirt in the foreground is the East River project (golf course?)
  11. I had an Eventbrite 'invitation' and no one checked. But I didn't park, I just walked up. My guess is its not a big deal. But you could still probably do an eventbrite sign up if you want to be sure. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/post-soft-opening-nov-6-tickets-203265200687?aff=erelpanelorg
  12. I thought someone else would have beaten me to these pix. There was a 'soft' opening tonight (and tomorrow). Only about 15 of the vendors were open and the site is still very much a work in progress. But it is an interesting space and, as promised, the roof views and gardens are spectacular.
  13. Community Benefits Agreement on hold ... Houston City Council delays vote on Ion investments amid opposition https://www.houstonchronicle.com/politics/houston/article/Houston-council-delays-vote-on-Ion-investments-16588655.php
  14. Scaffolding is going up all along the north side of this property. Not sure what the repairs are for but I think the building is just 4 years old.
  15. Between Central Cadillac, the bank lot on Milam and now possibly the bus terminal, there will be a lot of large lot developable property in midtown between Gray and Travis.
  16. Does Grayhound own the bus terminal? If so, this quote seems especially interesting: " Greyhound properties with an estimated net market value of c.$176m will be retained by FirstGroup; they will initially be leased back to Greyhound at market rates but are expected to be sold over the next three to five years"
  17. I live in the building in this picture. This lot has been empty since early summer (but mostly full during the height of Covid). The lot on Milan is also empty. Even the main facility on Main and McGowen is less full. I have no idea as to longer term plans here, though Cadillac has stated a national intension to significantly reduce the number of dealerships.
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