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  1. I wouldn't take an offhand comment from an employee at the dealership as anything approaching a real plan. Considering the general lack of imagination, it could certainly happen. But I'd just consider the source. The Cayden bankruptcy certainly hurt the area, but covid did a lot of damage to a lot of plans. In my view of a perfect world, the Cadillac lot as well as the used car lot across Main and the old car storage lot on Travis/McGowan get developed as a large transit friendly commercial/ residential project. I forget the exact location, but I seem to remember something like that in Austin. But yeah, another club is the more likely scenario ☚ī¸
  2. I think the Fire Department is the next building over, going west. Along with the county DAs office. I'm not sure if it is a Brazzos or Jefferson address.
  3. I'm not sure how long this sign has been up but I just noticed it this week
  4. https://www.houstonpress.com/news/will-texas-dreams-of-light-rail-ever-become-real-13615274
  5. It seems 'cornice' ultimately derives from 'crown', so you are both right. "cornice (n.) 1560s, "a molded projection which crowns the part to which it is affixed," from French corniche (16c.) or directly from Italian cornice "ornamental molding along a wall," perhaps from Latin coronis "curved line, flourish in writing," from Greek koronis "curved object" (see crown)..."
  6. is that scaffolding going up on the north side?
  7. The west side continues to be unwrapped and the building's name is now peeking out.
  8. I wonder if this project will spur some activity at the long vacant Holiday Inn site just two blocks away? Hope springs eternal.
  9. Looking back at the pictures in the thread, it seems the scaffolding topped out around October 2021. About 7 months ago. I wonder when most of the scaffolding will be down. Labor Day? Thanksgiving?
  10. Some of the scaffolding on the right (west) side is starting to come down, but still a very long project.
  11. I just got this link in an email for shorter - and less expensive - cruises. In case you just want to "test the waters" 🙂 https://buffalobayou.org/event/buffalo-bayou-boat-tours-3/2022-05-21/ Remember to share your pix.
  12. I've done a couple of cruises. The pix I posted were from the Port to Port cruise. About two hours. I forget how much it cost. As an aside, and as a new comer to Houston with a small addiction to walking and boat tours, I am often surprised at how little the 'locals' know of downtown's history.
  13. A bunch of newer stadiums are going towards the entertainment adjacent commercial hub, moving away from the older stadium surrounded by parking. But from what I've seen, the Cardinals and Texas Rangers and Diamondbacks etc set up is very game day centric. They tend to be as almost empty other times. But the San Diego Petco Stadium is very interesting. Very little stadium parking and adjacent to an existing entertainment district. Even the Tony Gwynn Park shifts from a neighborhood park to part of the stadium with the opening and closing of gates. So it is available to the community. I hope whatever Crane does is not just a Minute Made asset, but is a city asset.
  14. On the Bayou with a Buffalo Bayou Partnership cruise. A nice day, highly recommend it.
  15. I saw a bunch of Ion logo construction fencing going around the parking lot between Stuff'd and the Wheeler Light Rail station. I didn't get a pic. Is anything close to happening there?
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