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  1. Meanwhile, the sign goes up. I am looking forward to the place.
  2. I went by this the other day and the dump trucks were using it for a queuing area for the excavations at the Fairfield residential site (sorry for the run on sentence). So I am assuming that this is just lay down area and a construction site office (there was a new generator hooked up for the old bank building). Sadly, probably nothing of permanent value. But hopefully interested eyes might be turned to the old building now...
  3. Something is happening here. Construction fencing is up and there were workers on the roof of the ancillary building in the parking area. I'm not sure if it is related to the construction across the street (Fairfield Apartments) or just the parking area or something larger.
  4. Some pix from today: And like its namesake, the sign has fallen on hard times.
  5. Brooklyn173

    801 McGowen

    It was an outdoor concert site before so I expect it will be again - with a retractable roof. I'm interested in what the walls will be. Enclosed or screened or mostly open or what. It will be loud, I am almost positive about that.
  6. I think there already is a lot more than just this proposed project. Southmore has a lot of units. The Mondrian and the Venue add even more. The redone Holocaust museum should generate trips. Add the riders from/to the Museo Plaza project and I think rather than the additional 3 minute dwell time at a station, the connectivity to TMC and downtown would actually increase overall ridership. Then again, I've been wrong before.
  7. Looks like they are installing the kitchen for the new Bonchon at 2100 Main.
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