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  1. Just a reminder of what they are aiming for: https://ionhouston.com/
  2. Could the difference be from counting or not counting parking levels? I'm just guessing.
  3. As long as it's Craftsman Weatherbeater paint šŸ˜
  4. I went by this yesterday. There was a bobcat on one of the roofs taking away debris, the window openings were being widened, lots of noise inside. A veritable bee hive of activity. Very exciting.
  5. Fencing is now also going up a block north of the Art Square. Almost two full blocks (not including the empty Greensheet building) now will have construction fencing. Though this picture isn't the best, you can see the fenceposts being drilled into the sidewalk.
  6. They've sprayed the grren hydroseed over the proposed restaurant site. While that isn't very expensive, my guess is that development of that piece is not imminent
  7. I'm very excited about this. I thought the building would fall down before anything was done. Still need to close and get financing for whatever is next, but hope springs eternal.
  8. I see a maintenance intensive concrete pad. Even with ping pong tables. And the sidewalk on McGowen is still closed for residents.
  9. I thought TCH bought the the Oā€™Quinn Medical Tower at St. Lukeā€™s (the hypodermic looking building). Would this be in addition to that or instead or completely unrelated?
  10. I'm a neighbor and I love what they've done. My concern though is that the phase II towers may block this building (and its pool etc). But I'm hopeful that they know what they are doing.
  11. My guess when I saw it was that they were laying out the contrast paving blocks and will cut them into the base paving blocks for a flat surface. Unless someone there is looking to subsidized the local lawyer community, you can't leave it as is now.
  12. With all of the rain this Spring, they've been pumping water out of the garage entrance on Main almost every day. I wonder how bad the structure is with all of that water. It can't be a good thing.
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