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  1. My understanding is that the plan is to have most of the buildings privately developed under the project urban design guidelines. And last I saw of that, the guidelines are largely aimed at the sidewalk environment (the first 3 floors or so of the building). I don't believe that there are minimum or maximum height requirements (but I'm not sure about that). And I'm very confident that the endowment will not be throwing around a lot more money for Ion. There has been a significant start up investment and the project will eventually have to start rewarding the University.
  2. Not as impressive as the above but... Peekaboo artsy shot
  3. This is embarrassing. I always thought that the "Kinder Footpath" was a child-friendly walkway. Oops
  4. I walk by there on occasion. It's in pretty bad condition, though I don't know if it's just lack of maintenance or real structural issues. Taking it down MAY be a safety concern.
  5. This is in the infill site next to the old Greensheets Building. I was never sure what could be done there. This isn't impressive but something in that lot is better than nothing. The full block site just south of Dennis,where the old art supply store was, is hopefully a premiere building site. Higher rise and higher quality. I've lost track. Are there any current rumors for this site?
  6. They have been doing concrete repairs around the site for a week or so. I was talking to one of the foreman today to see if it was for the planned retail/restaurant site. It is not, but part of their contract is installing electrical connections for food trucks etc. I suppose that is the temporary use until a brick and mortar facility is someday built.
  7. "Just like a butterfly in its chrysalis, the Cockrell Butterfly Center is having a transformation of its own. Starting September 12, the center will undergo some exciting changes to make your future visits with the butterflies not only better, but more accessible for all! Before the transformation begins, Members will have exclusive access to the Cockrell Butterfly Center on the mornings of September 9, 10, and 11 from 9-11am. Beat the heat and the crowds, and remember- it’s not a “goodbye”, but rather a “see you later”. Make sure to keep an eye (or antennae) out for future announcements about the center’s reopening and events in early 2023." Besides of widening the walkways to meet code, I haven't heard of any other changes (besides the new glass). But I'm used to not knowing everything.
  8. I heard that the HMNS butterfly exhibit will be closed for a few month the end of this year. The heavy equipment is already starting to show up. The old glass panes will be replaced with new glass. Also some minor interior reconfiguration but, as far as anyone has said, nothing major.
  9. I'm wondering if the dark glass cladding on the lower levels will remain. It sort of looks like a late add on to the current building.
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