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  1. This is a picture from today of a maintenance crew buttoning up the outside of the building. When I took the picture I ran into a sort of supervisor who shared some of what is going on (at least as much as he knows). According to this guy, "everything is on the table" as for the next use of the building. Even some major hotel chains are showing interest. Or possibly turning it into condos such as those across the street at 2016 Main Street. Or maybe a plan more similar, smaller rental units, to what was shown to the City. The major problem with the building wasn't the homeless as "No one really cares about them. They get in, one or two at a time, and do what they wanted but didn't impact anyone else." The problem is what, when I was a kid, were called juvenile delinquents. They get in with groups of a dozen or more and party and break things and then got into the habit of throwing rocks from the top floors. One projectile hit a HPD cruiser and the City quickly became very involved. The guy talking to me said that's why things are happening quickly now. "Either take care of it or the City will take it." The company behind the recent activity is not the Chicago company but a company that has developed hotels in Houston. I don't know if they are working with the Chicago company or on their own or something in between. I don't even knows who really owns the building. The guy says that a decision on what to do has been slowed by the COVID world but a final decision is likely before the end of the year. The long strange history of this building continues.
  2. Taking their time but the front walkway is going in and a notice re an alcohol license.
  3. As promised, a picture of the water being pumped out. And notice the new particle board on the garage gate. I walk past here on my way to the YMCA and the gate has been open every day this week and i've seen 3-4 guys working there. Even the graffiti on the tower has been painted over. Looking at the Fairfield going up across the street has me wondering how the renovation will stage their job. Lay down areas and all. The adjacent lot is now taken by a field office and parking lot for the Fairfield project. But within a relatively short time, a METRO parking lot and a zombie tower will be bustling with new residents. Kind of exciting to me.
  4. Brooklyn173

    801 McGowen

    They are still working on the inside.
  5. The chain link fencing and the temp wall on the parking ramp is brand new. Today they were pumping water out of the basement. I spoke to a worker briefly but he didn't have much to add. But stuff is happening.
  6. I checked the Phoenix Development Partners site and it seems they have a lot of experience renovating older buildings in the Chicago-Milwaukee corridor. I noticed a renovation of theirs for student housing, and considering the small size of the units discussed here, I wonder if that market that might be their focus? https://phoenixdevelopmentpartners.com/#home
  7. 100 years anywhere in the US (or most places) for an apartment building is very aspirational. 50 years seems a little more realistic, though still optimistic, and I'd guess many will meet that criteria.
  8. Probably the best/easiest/safest way to serve pedestrians in Houston is to not close both sides of the street to pedestrians. Capital at Bagby on July 18. 2020.
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