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  1. Scaffolding is going up all along the north side of this property. Not sure what the repairs are for but I think the building is just 4 years old.
  2. Between Central Cadillac, the bank lot on Milam and now possibly the bus terminal, there will be a lot of large lot developable property in midtown between Gray and Travis.
  3. Does Grayhound own the bus terminal? If so, this quote seems especially interesting: " Greyhound properties with an estimated net market value of c.$176m will be retained by FirstGroup; they will initially be leased back to Greyhound at market rates but are expected to be sold over the next three to five years"
  4. I live in the building in this picture. This lot has been empty since early summer (but mostly full during the height of Covid). The lot on Milan is also empty. Even the main facility on Main and McGowen is less full. I have no idea as to longer term plans here, though Cadillac has stated a national intension to significantly reduce the number of dealerships.
  5. My architectural knowledge is significantly less than many on this board, but isn't the Singapore example a giant covered garden with tall mushroom like supports; and the Thai example a glass tower over a giant upscale shopping center (with more in common with many Singapore towers)? I might be wrong on the Bangkok building. My usual trusty imagination fails trying to merge the two concepts. I look forward to seeing the designs. With all the new residential construction on or planned for Montrose Blvd, are there plans for improved public transit beyond the 56 bus?
  6. Is there a reason that METRO doesn't get the project up and running early - on a much simplified scale - and then spend the next bunch of years building it fully out? One of the benefits of BRT is that is supposed to be relatively quick and easy. Even a low scale BRT - basically a glorified express bus - would show that something is happening now rather than waiting for years for a full scale project to be built out. I had a boss who would always quote the saying "The prefect is the enemy of the good".
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