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  1. I have found that early architectural renderings are seldom reality.
  2. Maybe... (The picture was taken from indoors behind a window which was reflecting the outside lights)
  3. It's open (with an ambulance and HPD first in line)
  4. Looks like a party or something inside (taken about a week ago, before the freeze)
  5. I think the green walls is the Fanin facing side. The complete build out will have a new building in front of that. I went to the sales office a while back and they described the future there as "mid-sized" but when pressed they admitted they didn't really know the actual plan. My guess is the green is more artistic license than an actual design element.
  6. Condo is not an architectural term. It's an ownership term. A condo can be a single family house, a row house or an apartment. Or even a commercial structure or a multistory parking garage. It is routinely misused and misunderstood.
  7. I think I prefer the trees
  8. Thanks. I can now turn my fantasies back towards Claudia Shiffer 🙂
  9. This project was using the long vacant bank across Travis for a field office etc. They seemed to have left that space as the fence was taken down and the building closed up. The Fairfield project is still a ways from topping out. Is this usual practice to close/move a field office as work continues? I really don't know. Or is something else going on? My fantasy is that the Holiday Inn site is getting ready for something. I stress the fantasy aspect of that statement.
  10. The Central Bank branch on Milam closed on January 8, 2021 (according to their website). The gates around the parking lot have not been opened since then. Not surprisingly, the local homeless population have moved into the covered area under the drive thru. Does anyone know if a new project is coming along or is this just a case of a bank closing a branch?
  11. Looks like they are getting close to open with "Training in Progress". Even the TVs over the bar were on.
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