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  1. I went to the meeting and the bus terminal was not discussed. I asked about it after the meeting was over and was told that the City was discussing a move but there wasn't anything to add just yet. But there is likely to be more information/discussion at a future meeting. It sounded to me to be in the very conceptual phase right now. Now that's my read and I've been wrong before.
  2. The moving truck was backed up to the art supply store on the phase 2 site, so that area should be available soon.
  3. I don't know if it has anything to do with the Greyhound Bus Station or the new bar going up at Webster and Travis, but the block between the two (with the car rental place) is being cleaned up. The dirt and rubbish are being swept out. Does anyone know what's going on here?
  4. With the in ground sidewalk lights, the artwork looks great at night too.
  5. I walk by almost every day and on most days there are contractors. But nothing ever gets finished. It reminds me of the lousy painters I had a while back. The worst part is that the sidewalks are out of service forcing people to walk in the street. Also, the new tenants have taken to slipping under the light rail divider as they rush out of the building to catch a train. An accident waiting to happen.
  6. I was in the art store next door yesterday and they said that they had to be out by the 31st. So, when do you think demolition and the new foundation will start for tower 2? My guess is that they'll want to do it as quickly as possible to maintain the construction economies of being established next door. No idle time could mean serious cost savings.
  7. I passed the site today on the light rail and it looks as if the northeast corner of the building is already being torn down. There were lots of bricks flying as some equipment was tearing down the wall.
  8. Page 19 has some details http://ridemetro.granicus.com/MetaViewer.php?view_id=5&clip_id=1651&meta_id=37658
  9. I'd like to see what the other blocks are going to be filled with. While the renderings are encouraging, it will take the whole development to 'make the neighborhood'. But, like those on this board, I am very optimistic.
  10. I wonder how long Randalls will last here. With Whole Foods coming and the very limited size of the grocery and their larger corporate issues, I don't think this Randalls is long for the world. I read a while back about Golds Gym (and the other gyms part of that company) looking to expand into vacant retail spaces. I think that would be a nice addition to the community.
  11. On a Sunday stroll, I noticed a drilling rig doing what looked to me like soil samples in the Central Bank parking lot between Milam and Travis (2217 Milam but the drilling was closer to Travis) in Midtown. The bank occupies the entire block. Pix attached. This is across the street from the new bar, Pour Behavior, that is supposed to open this winter at 2211 Travis St. I’m not sure what is going on there. Does anyone have any insights/baseless rumors?
  12. I too would love for this building to be saved and possibly even used as a focal point for whatever replaces the Pierce Elevated. As for Gracie Mansion, I'm not sure what you mean "in modern times", but it has only been the mayoral official residence since the 1940s. though George Washington did have a command headquarters there for a while in another building near the site. And, as far as my memory goes, all mayors (including DeBlasio now) have lived there - except for Bloomberg. The City took advantage of that opportunity by doing extensive renovation and modernization during that relative downtime. The building was still used for official functions during the 12 years of Mayor Mike. And, while a car dealer owner has apparently bought the site, and owns lots of other property around the area, why is everyone just assuming it'll be a car dealership? He (they?) are business people and may be positioning themselves to take advantage of the increasing interest in Midtown. As an aside, much of the high rise development on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River is owned and operated by a trucking magnate who just happened to own a lot of waterfront property when the waterfront was 'rediscovered'. Suddenly he realized that he was also now in the real estate development business. Now it is all highrises and new parks and homes. And Ed "How am I doing" Koch, was never married.
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