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  1. hello, can someone tell me about this place located on the corner of Harrisburg and 75th i know it obvious its or used to be a clinic i have heard story's about being a hospital at some point. can someone give me more info.
  2. wow what a difference from then to now..
  3. Wowwwwwww this looked like it was a fun place to be.!!!!
  4. where can i find more info on this i would love to see pictures
  5. hello this building is located on the corner of lawndale and telephone... can anyone tell me what this building was used for? since i moved here in 04 this place has always caught my eye its a lil run down now compared to years ago when i first saw it.
  6. Hello, i don't know is this topic has been mention before but i'm curious about this huge mansion. looks very unique and actually looks like it was very beautiful when this home was being used. the home now looks abandon and covered in larges trees. does anyone know anything about this place? I've heard story's about being a fraternity but not clear. thanks
  7. i live not far from there.. her home was up for sale a while back from pictures that i have seen her home still looks the same now.
  8. Hello everyone, i moved in to Houston back in 2004. when we first came we were stayed with my uncle that lived in the lawndale apartments. that are right next to the dollar store (or were back then it was the fiesta store) and and across from a small shopping center and gas station. Well i have heard story's about the apartments were used by soldiers during the war era. does anyone know anything about this?
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