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  1. Randalls on Voss and 1960 were both built as Handy Andys. I worked at a couple of Handy Andys and the interiors were identical. When I worked at the 1960 Flagship, I kept looking around thinking something looks familiar.
  2. Was wondering where that Weingarten went to. My ex always said her house used to sit on the spot where the store was to be built and was moved a little south to its present location in the Heights.
  3. Blvd theater (6633 Harrisburg) burned down 12-21-1962. Fire in the projector room.
  4. Thank you for the fast response on Mackie Dee. The flickr link to the newspaper article was the closest I got. If Mr. Lew who owned the grocery store at the corner of Canal didn't know, I thought it was a lost cause. I will also keep looking.
  5. Mackie Dee Avenue in Magnolia Park. First time poster. In the 1913 map of Houston, present day 76th street was called Mackie Dee Avenue. It ran north from Harrisburg Blvd to present day section of Avenue P, ran west for one block and then north on present day 75th Street to the Turning Basin of the Ship Channel. The Central Park/Magnolia Park Map verified this. Around 1950, the street names were changed to the names of today. I have spent countless hours online trying to research and find out who Mackie Dee was with no luck. Never had the time to visit the Texas Room at the library t
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