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  1. I agree! Would love it if there's a "thumbs down emoji" for that suburban crap.
  2. Camp Logan tends to interchange with Rice Military.
  3. The answer to your question, SSP is "SkyscraperPage.com"check it out, it's a pretty good forum.
  4. Yep the lack of progress is baffling, what is odd about this project is there's isn't an artist rendering or coming soon signage,a complete mystery. Too add injury to it all, they've ran off the Adult Novelty store.
  5. This is good newsfor rail fans with Culbertsong gone. Metro can proceed with the expansion of the light rail to the westside.It can only get better from now on.
  6. Thank God that thorn in the back side of Metro is gone. Metro now can proceed with rail to the west side.of town. Very good night for rail fans in Houston.
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    201 Fannin

    Hopefully, they'll salvage the building materials, recycle the old bricks in other parts of downtown. Perhaps Old Market Square area or the new proposed park.
  8. Excellent site, not far from the Light House for the Blind. The view of Downtown is spectacular and Hanover projects are equally magnificent. The highrises lining Buffalo Bayou are creating a Houston version of Central Park. Centrally located in equal distances from Downtown to the Uptown District,as well Montrose and the Heights. Its a winner for Hanover.
  9. I agree with you, when in the area I'll drop in buy something, thankful for it's easy access. I'm betting tenants living across the street are missing their late night runs. Knowing that the little hole in the wall was always there for a quick snack or a six-pack. RIP Westcreek Market.
  10. Agree, take the required surface parking equation out density by default will increase exponentially.
  11. Sophie has a nice retail mix there on Memorial all they need is a HEB Market or Whole Foods. Starbucks & the usual suspects are already there, along with some local flavor.
  12. Did they ever build that proposed 50 story skyscraper downtown? I remember reading about it about decade ago in HBJ.
  13. I believe that's probably the direction they're moving in, pushing tenants out of key intersections.Drexell is highly desirable location for a multi-family developer.Barbouti more than likely fields constant offers from them weekly if not daily. Watch and wait for a major changes in HV's evolution.
  14. In face of powerful and more urban style competitors, for example the River Oaks District. Highland Village dated suburban model is now a hindrance. Maybe its as they know the need is to "keep up with The Joneses" rising land value and prices. Along with people demanding a more genuine street experience is perhaps pushing HV towards making changes.
  15. Impressive late night hours it a firm acknowledgement of the growing residential population downtown. I'm impressed.
  16. The great architect Frank Lloyd Wright when ask of his opinion of Houston, he said Houston is like being in a pinball machine _it's so different from other cities. That's speak volumes of the city's uniqueness. Houston can proudly hold it's own with these so called esthetic cities.
  17. The hotel probably will revamped the interior as well, the Four Seasons remained open during the extensive renovation it under went a few years ago. They continue to book tenants through out the build out.
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