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  1. Anyone remember the Old Plantation? I think Thursday was rock night, and it was disco the rest of the time, but I could be wrong. We all had fake IDs and usually were late for school the next day, lol.
  2. Yes. It was still a family run business back then, and they were from LA. You probably did not get good service because they were short staffed, due to firing servers for stupid reasons. Lol. They never had enough servers on the floor, front of the house was very poorly managed. The kitchen, however, was run like a well oiled machine. Only the the finest equipment and ingredients-the food was excellent, and a bit pricey. Then it's hurriedly dropped off at your table by a stressed out, sweaty waiter in green polyester.
  3. Let's take a moment to comment on Don's Seafood, one of the first Landry joints. Great food. Between Hillcroft and Post Oak, or thereabouts. In the early 80s, I was running late to work my dinner shift- couldn't get to work from the Gessner area, where l lived- Intersections were all flooded, cars just kind-of floated thru till tires got traction again. Of course no one had brakes going thru that much water. The underpasses were 4-5 feet deep. I didn't realize that till l looked at the stop the sign, and it was only about a foot above the water level. I gunned my little Firebird in reverse, (no brakes) and luckily didn't wind up underwater, or stalling out. They fired me for not covering my shift. Yall stay safe, Houston.
  4. Was it off Gessner near the Woodlake apartments? And, if your in that area now, is it flooding?
  5. Ah yes, Cardis, met my first love there......And The OP(Old Plantation)...on West Alabama, I think?
  6. Texas Cattle Company? Near Hillcroft?
  7. Sharpstown mall was THE BEST. I do remember Princes and Hamburgers by Gourmet. Spoons, on Westheimer made good burgers. I worked there. We actually thought we could compete with Chili's. HA. You see whose still on business and who isnt.... I have vague recollections of Dirtys. BEST burgers, real casual. No one else seems to remember it, though
  8. I think so. But Chi-Chi's was the best. 3 for 1 drinks with free food. I rarely cooked dinner during the week, when l lived in Houston in the 80s
  9. Oooooooohhhhh Tokyo Gardens, sat on the floor.....so good. Such awesome decor.
  10. Will check them out on my next visit to my old hood. I'm ALWAYS ready to find the next great enchilada.
  11. Late 70s l think, maybe 1980. I don't think anyone's memory of the 80s is perfectly clear...
  12. If it was anything like the Austin Cardis, I'm sure you miss it. We were a pretty tight group. Most of us stayed friends a long time after they closed. Rock bars were nothing like the two faced, back stabbing, environment at most other clubs. Confetti was the worst.
  13. Thank you UtterlyUrban, mkultra, l need a shot before watching this!!!! --and Tumbleweed _TX. Did you request that specific booth? I would have had to spill a few memories. At least the smirk would have been explained .... Not only the walls, the asphalt on the parking lot could tell a few stories too!! I met my first love there. Lol What band were you in?
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