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  1. Justin Bieber is a lesbian. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    1. ricco67


      what's REALLY wrong is that I'm slowly beginning to think that he actually has talent!

  2. Did anybody happen to see the B-17 bomber flying directly above the centerline of the North Loop yesterday morning? What's the occasion?

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    2. Porchman


      I saw it over the Katy at Shep on Wednesday. It's large wing span and slow movement really stands out.

    3. TheNiche


      No kidding. Can you imagine dozens of them flying high over the city in formation?

    4. Porchman


      Do you know something?

  3. Try this: take a Kroger-brand pepperoni pizza and top it with chorizo, bacon, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and extra cheese. Drizzle with Sriracha sauce, dip in chorizo/bacon grease.

    1. JLWM8609


      I can just imagine the combination of stomach pain and acid reflux that would follow from that. Goodbye esophagus!

  4. Experiment failed. The bitches prevailed.

  5. OK, I'm officially back. Some addictions can't be broken. But there's no way in hell that I'm going to be so prolific a poster as I once was. I forsee dishing out more sharp one-liners and occasionally shutting out an especially asinine thread now and again. Not much else.

  6. Most likely not. My sabbatical caused me to understand that I've already discussed everything worthwhile. And if I'm not even willing to post links to my old discussions, I'm certainly not willing to write up new material. ...that, and I'm bored of debating with people whose only comprehension of logic has been gleaned from popularized secondary sources and that they use it u...

  7. Otto needs a muzzle.

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