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  1. A friend of mine told me that the last time he was there, the service was horrible, and it took forever for them to get their order. I guess I would go just for the comedy, not for the food.
  2. Thanks for sharing this link. The RentCafe site really has some great information on it and I got to see some really nice images of some of the buildings in Houston.
  3. I totally agree with you UtterlyUrban. It was a huge error in judgement, but maybe not enough to classify it as a crime. I do believe that Hillary wasn't necessarily the best 'man' for the job, but maybe what she did wasn't as bad as it was made out to be.
  4. A friend of mine just got mugged a few hours ago in broad daylight and in full view of other people who just stood by and did nothing to help her. Is this what the world has come to? Would you help someone if they were being mugged right in front of you?
  5. I personally don't think that Trump is the best man for the job, but seeing as Hillary belongs more in a jail cell than she does in the White House, I guess I'd prefer to have Trump in the seat.
  6. Yes, totally. In fact, it's amazing just how fast some people have come to believe that the world owes them for something that they didn't even know existed ten minutes ago. Now they just take it for granted that it should always be there.
  7. I also believe this to be true. You do get what you give. I was taught that whatever you put out into the universe goes along a curved line, and not a straight line, which means that it eventually comes right back to you.
  8. Are you stuck with the same address that came with your computer or is there a way to permanently change your computer's IP address? If so, how do you go about doing it?
  9. It's possible to customize your browser by going to the settings. You can set Edge to start with either a new Tab page or My Previous tabs or even a web page.
  10. There are lots of Sci-fi movies that accurately predicted the future. In addition to Back to the Future, but my favorite is Total Recall and the driverless car. I heard Uber might have those pretty soon so they got that right!
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